It is worth remembering that this blog began 13 years ago tomorrow.  It grew out of a project that Veronica had to do in library school (create a website) that she designed to allow the family members who we weren’t seeing very often (which was all of them as we had recently moved to Boston) to watch Thomas as he grew up.  So the Welcome to our new blog. was filled with pictures from Thomas’ third birthday.  Sadly, we’re about to move again (just 50 yards down the hall to a bigger apartment), so this is the fourth of his last seven birthdays with most of our stuff in boxes (not to mention all the stuff we normally do for his birthday – the Zoo, movies – closed because of COVID).  But today we are celebrating our boy (who’s not learning how to drive so don’t even ask) by taking a look through the years. (more…)

Thomas opens his birthday present.

So, Thomas turns 13 today.  Good lord.

We celebrated by going out to eat for the first time since his diagnosis.  Conveniently, the Cheesecake Factory has a “nutritional guide” that you can ask for that lets you know the carbs (and other dietary info) in all their dishes.  So, we actually did the blood test there and gave him his insulin and we were able to get a very nice dinner.

He’s got three more days of school and then Friday is the last day and Auntie Alison arrives for a visit (and the U2 concert).

2015-12-25-bestWe hope you had fun.

As ever, still my favorite Christmas song.  Thank you, John Lennon.

We are not roasting chestnuts on an open fire, because 1 – I don’t particularly like that song, 2 – we don’t have a fireplace, 3 – I don’t like nuts, and most importantly, 4 – because it’s too friggin hot!  It was 70° yesterday!  70!  On Christmas Eve!

For once, all the presents haven’t been opened yet, which is causing Veronica much consternation.  We combine various Christmas traditions – there’s no way she’d go for my family’s old tradition of actually spreading things over 12 days but this is the first time in years I’ve managed to keep some of the presents until after lunch.

So, a Happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates it.  Happy late (C)Hanukkah to others.  If your thing is not one of those two, we hope you enjoy that as well.

We got Christmas Eve on Sesame Street watched last night.  We watched Mickey’s Christmas Carol (which we gave to Thomas this year so we wouldn’t have to keep checking Disney every year to find out when it will air).  I’ll be cueing up A Charlie Brown Christmas after I post this.  We also headed to the theaters to watch The Good Dinosaur, a fun movie but one of Pixar’s weakest. (more…)

This picture is the only one where 1 - am not squinting from, 2 - am smiling and 3 - don't look like I'm standing apart from the rest of the family.

This picture is the only one where 1 – I am not squinting, 2 – I am smiling and 3 – I don’t look like I’m standing apart from the rest of the family.

It’ll be a while before I can get another post done.  Last weekend I flew out to the Bay Area as a surprise for my oldest brother’s 50th birthday. (more…)

2015-02-08-w:Mama-Daddy-Alison-skating2015-02-08-w:Alison-skatingBeing so miserable in our current apartment (yellowjackets, ants (twice), piece that fell off the bathroom ceiling, leaking bathroom ceiling, busted furnace, leaking radiator, and that’s not all of it), we had put the kibosh on anyone visiting until after we are able to extricate ourselves from this place.  However, since my sister came to town for a job fair, I wasn’t going to make her stay at a hotel.  She came in just in time for the third snowstorm in less than two weeks – though we basically had a snow-free winter before the blizzard that descended just twelve days ago, we have already had a whole winter’s worth of snow and we might have up to two feet arriving before Tuesday morning.  Still, we found time today to get over to our local ice rink; Thomas has been taking skating lessons for a while now and Alison’s been skating for over 20 years, so it was good for the two of them to be on the ice together.  Now, we can just wait to find out if Thomas will have his fifth snow day in the last 10 school days.

Yes, we went somewhere over the weekend.

Yes, we went somewhere over the weekend.

We managed to hit the first night of Zoolights at the National Zoo.

We managed to hit the first night of Zoolights at the National Zoo.

More astute readers may have noticed that it’s been a while since the last post.  Things keep getting in the way of finishing the Nighthawk Awards for 1956.  One of those things was that we decided to get out of our nightmare of an apartment for a few days and headed down south on I-95, braving all the snow (there really wasn’t much) and traffic (not too bad either). (more…)

wakefield-benchAs you know if you are friends with Veronica on Facebook, we are enjoying some time in San Diego at the moment.  I’m hoping to have a little bit of movie stuff later in the week, after I get a chance to make a trip and finish up some stuff, but I don’t want to say what yet.

While that is on hold, I wanted to put up something.  And through some nice serendipity, I had the perfect shirt on when we went to Coronado, and after playing at the beach, took a walk over to my grandfather’s bench.  So, here are Thomas and I at the bench.  And thanks to my knuckleballer, Timmy, for playing for the Sox for all those years and providing a shirt for me to buy and wear.  It was total chance that I had the shirt on and that we managed to find a parking spot and that this picture, which was completely unplanned, worked so well.

Thomas and I on a snow pile.  Veronica took the picture and stayed far from the pile.

Thomas and I on a snow pile. Veronica took the picture and stayed far from the pile.

Well, for once the weathermen in Boston were right.  We got a blizzard.  The picture on the left is partial proof.  This powerpoint (BlizzardFeb13) is more proof.  We got closer to three feet of snow rather than two.  But, with the drifts, as you can see when you get to the first picture of the car, it went closer to five feet.  Also, our upstairs neighbors did a timelapse video which you can see here.  But, two days in a row home with Thomas and Veronica – can’t remember the last time that happened.  I love the snow.

IMG_1493Well, it’s Christmas.  I suspect you might have already known that.

That pile under the tree has now pretty much been devoured.  We have eaten our eggs, coffee cake and sausage and we have our croque monsieurs and chicken cacciatore to come.  We are watching Pixar Shorts Vol II (though last night we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas and Christmas Eve on Sesame Street and we watched Mickey’s Christmas Carol while opening presents), which Thomas got for Christmas.  And tonight it will be all about the new companion on the Christmas episode of Doctor Who.  Though before that, we’ll go out in the snow (yes – we actually have received the gift of a white christmas – at least it’s a gift to Erik).

Thanks to everyone who sent Thomas things – except for the pile in the back, everything under the tree was pretty much for him.  And he has been enjoying it all this morning.


Veronica teaches Thomas to milk a fake cow. I take a picture and refrain from Wisconsin cheese or cow tipping jokes.

So we went to Story Land to celebrate Thomas’ birthday.

Thomas in Cinderella’s coach.

If you’re not from this area, Story Land is a nice little amusement park that happens to be in the middle of nowhere.  Well, in the middle of the White Mountains.  Yet, somehow, even though I am roaming everywhere in the Fox Cities (pop. 360,000), in this valley tucked up in a mountain range in northern New Hampshire (pop. 185,000), I had perfect phone reception.

To get back to the point, we had a nice time.  It’s an amusement park based around fairy tales.  Well, the older parts of the park are based around fairy tales.  We went on some rides, played with some water, had a nice Sunday out.  (I don’t know which surprised me more about the park though – that they let people bring in outside food or that they actually have designated smoking sections inside the park.)

The Cinderella aspects of the park (there is a castle and a pumpkin ride – the picture to the right is not the ride, it’s a designated picture spot – the actually pumpkin ride coach holds something like 8 people – it was quite sizable) worked nicely – Thomas and I have been slowly watching our way through the Disney Animated Films and we just finished Cinderella on Friday.

There is also a video here of Thomas and V on the flying shoe ride.  There’s not much action to it, so you are forewarned.