Get ready for Series 10 with our Doctor lists.

Veronica’s Intro: I started watching Doctor Who because of Harry Potter.  I was rewatching Goblet of Fire for the umpteenth time and found myself thinking, “Barty Crouch Jr. is a really horrifying character, but the guy playing him is really compelling.” Okay, I may not have used the word “compelling,” but you get the idea. All I really knew about him was that he played Doctor Who and that a new season (or series if we want to be British about it) was coming to BBC America. Ironically, it was 2010, so the first episode I watched was The Eleventh Hour featuring Matt Smith, not David Tennant. And while I still have a huge crush on David Tennant, I don’t actually love his Doctor, but I appreciate that he’s what drew me in. I do, however, love Smith’s Doctor because he is a clown and all of my favorite Doctors are clowns: Troughton, Smith, and McCoy. Granted, they are clowns covering up deep pain and immense power and intrigue, but you never doubt they care for their companions and that they trying to make things better, even when they are running away.

Erik’s Intro:  I wrote more on the Doctors than Veronica did because writing is my thing.  I first started watching Doctor Who when I was a Freshman at Brandeis and I met a group of like minded geeks and we would gather to watch that and Black Adder on Saturday nights.  I never really took to Adder like I did to Who.  Watching those Fourth Doctor adventures, with Sarah Jane Smith as a companion was great fun and nights like those were really the only things I missed when I decided to leave Brandeis after just one semester.  It was after Veronica got into watching Matt Smith that I insisted we should do it right.  We started with the halfway measure, watching from the start of the new series, but after catching up (in 2012), we bounced all the way back to the beginning and began everything with Hartnell and did it right.  And long, as it took us five years. (more…)


The Five Doctors

Eventually, once Veronica and I have watched our way through all of Doctor Who, there will be a variety of lists to go up, much like we did with Star Trek.  It’ll take quite a while. We were on Season 10 when I did a very small bit on it back in March of 2013.  The other day we finished Season 20.  That leaves us six more seasons and the movie before we finally get the lists up.  Quite probably the trickiest will be the list where we rank all the Doctors. (more…)

stktosSo, it’s the 50th anniversary of Star Trek this year, with the first episode having aired on 8 September 1966.  Veronica and I have finished re-watching the original series.  There were several episodes that either Veronica had never seen or had forgotten.  I watched every episode at least once as a kid, what with my Uncle Steve having been an original fan and having every episode on tape (albeit, on Beta).  Also, KCOP, channel 13 in LA, used to air them every night at 11.  I remember watching them every night in high school, although, guaranteed, I would fall asleep in the middle of Spock’s Brain every time, and with good reason. (more…)

This is the poster I remember so well because it was also the cover of the novelization.

This is the poster I remember so well because it was also the cover of the novelization.

Revisiting Childhood Movies Part VII

Battlestar Galactica

  • Director:  Richard Colla
  • Writer:  Glen A. Larson
  • Producer:  John Dykstra  /  Glen A. Larson
  • Stars:  Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Lorne Greene, Maren Jensen, Herbert Jefferson Jr, John Colicos
  • Studio:  Universal
  • Award Nominations:  none from groups I track
  • Length:  125 min
  • Genre:  Sci-Fi
  • MPAA Rating:  PG
  • Release Date:  18 May 1979
  • Box Office Gross:  unknown
  • My Rating:  ***
  • My Rank:  #47  (year)
  • Nighthawk Nominations:  Best Original Score
  • Nighthawk Notable:  Best Guilty Pleasure
  • First Watched:  on television
  • Number of Times Watched as a Kid:  20+


Daria - one of the greatest television shows in history

So the Emmys are tonight.  Unlike various other sites that follow awards, I really don’t care about television awards.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  Here are a few:

  1. I don’t watch much television.  By much, I mean, at all.  With Thomas we watch kids shows, I watch sports, though not as much as I used to and we watch Stewart and Colbert.  Every show that Veronica has watched with any regularity since we moved to Boston was canceled in the same week earlier this year (no joke – “Scrubs”, “Better Off Ted”, “Heroes” and “FlashForward” were all axed in the same week).  And I never watched much television.  I went through four years of college, when people often watch a ton of television and basically only watched “The Simpsons” and “Seinfeld.”
  2. Television shows that I like either don’t last long (“Sports Night”, “Dream On”, “Titus”) or last so damn long I eventually lose interest (“The Simpsons”, “South Park”).
  3. The Emmys seem to give the same damn awards every year.  When I was a kid, it seemed like you could always count on Susan Lucci losing and Michael J. Fox winning.  And when they don’t win, does that mean the show lost something?  It just seems like a retread of the year before.
  4. I hate most television shows and I really can’t take watching shows with laugh tracks.  Even shows I remember liking, I can’t go back and watch when I realize they have a laugh track.  You know what the truly great thing about single-camera comedies like “Scrubs” and “Better Off Ted” are?  They don’t have a “live studio audience” with a laugh track to try to tell me when to laugh.  I can’t go back and watch “Seinfeld” because of the damn canned laughter.
  5. The Emmy’s never give out awards to the shows I truly love.
    1. Case in point – “Sports Night”, which might be my favorite show of all-time, won three Emmys – Cinematography in Season 1; Directing and Editing in Season 2 – nothing for the acting, the writing or the series itself
    2. Other case in point – “Daria“, which might be my second favorite show of all-time, was never nominated for an Emmy (more…)