This is the start of my Top 1000 Countdown, the 1000 best films made in the first Century of Film (1912-2011).  A reminder that the introduction should probably be looked at first and will answer any questions about abbreviations.

Every film in this group of 50 earns an 86, which is high ***.5. (more…)

The brilliant ending to the film that isn’t in the novel but fits the novel’s post-modern metaphysical style.

My Top 10

  1. The French Lieutenant’s Woman
  2. Ragtime
  3. Excalibur
  4. The Lady from Musashino
  5. Superman II

note:  That’s it.  My original list did have six films but I ended up cutting Buddy Buddy after watching it again (which is unlikely to bother anyone since it seemed I had a higher opinion of it than most). (more…)

“The probing fingers continued to move up and there was no way to stop them. Helplessly I stood there as his hands settled firmly upon the packets taped under my arms.” (p 7)

My Top 10

  1. Midnight Express
  2. Heaven Can Wait
  3. Watership Down
  4. Superman
  5. The Chess Players
  6. California Suite
  7. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  8. Conflagration

Note:  There were originally 10 films on this list but after re-watching them (which I had to do anyway because they earned nominations from the WGA and Oscars), I cut both Same Time Next Year and Bloodbrothers. (more…)