Before I get into the song list, I’ll go ahead and throw out my favorites from the other decades that I won’t be writing long comprehensive posts about. (more…)


Without doubt, my #1 album of the decade.

Introduction:  I once had the thought of doing a Top 100 Albums of All-Time post.  But, the problem with that is that, aside from the large swaths of music that I don’t listen to that would have earned me crap from various people who like that music (and since this is an 80’s post, I’ll go with Prince fans as an example), there is the fact that since leaving Borders in 2009 (where we sold music) the new music I have listened to (other than a few artists) has gone drastically down.  So, there will never be a post of my Top 100 Albums.  I will give a brief list here though for a few other decades.  Please note that these lists are all studio albums only, no live or compilation albums.  For top examples of live albums or compilation albums from the 80’s, please look at my original 80’s music post. (more…)

Revisiting Childhood Movies Part XXI:

La Bamba

  • Director:  Luis Valdez
  • Writer:  Luis Valdez
  • Producer:  Bill Borden  /  Taylor Hackford
  • Stars:  Lou Diamond Phillips, Esai Morales, Rosanna DeSoto, Elizabeth Peña
  • Studio:  Columbia
  • Award Nominations:  Golden Globe – Picture (Drama)
  • Length:  108 min
  • Genre:  Musical (Biopic)
  • MPAA Rating:  PG-13
  • Release Date:  24 July 1987
  • Box Office Gross:  $54.21 mil  (#15 – 1987)
  • Ebert Rating:  ***
  • My Rating:  ***
  • My Rank:  #30 (year)
  • Nighthawk Nominations:  none
  • Nighthawk Notables:  Best Soundtrack
  • First Watched:  on video when first released
  • Number of Times Watched as a Kid:  5 or so

As a Kid:  I wasn’t that much into music yet in 1987.  Yes, I had been watching videos on MTV for a few years but I didn’t know that much, especially about older music.  In fact, I had a tendency to believe that any song that I didn’t know who was singing it (“Eve of Destruction”, “American Pie”, “The Longest Time”) that it was being sung by The Beatles (when my brother John corrected me on these, he explained that he could understand if I had thought “Eve of Destruction” was sung by Springsteen, but by The Beatles?  I explained that I assumed every major song was sung by The Beatles.).  I hadn’t yet seen The Buddy Holly Story but I had a vague notion of The Day the Music Died because of growing up with “American Pie”.  Then this film came out.  More importantly, since I didn’t see this film in the theater, the soundtrack came out, a soundtrack that my brother Kelly bought during a summer that he and I shared a room. (more…)

*:  Or, fuck me gently with a chainsaw, depending on your 80’s movie frame of reference.


Introduction:  This wasn’t intended to be a multi-part post or to be so damn long.  In fact, it was originally just going to be a list of my Top 100 Songs of the 80’s.  Then it grew and grew and Veronica kept saying I had to post it or I would never stop adding new lists.  Well, I finally got to writing the most significant part, the first list (the top albums) and the last list (the top songs).  Then, as I added more details in those lists and made them both countdown lists (ending with #1 instead of starting with it), I realized each of those really needed to be their own posts, for length reasons, if nothing else.  So, those two have been spun-off into their own, more detailed posts.  This post is mostly just lists, though there are a lot of them. (more…)

They may have passed up my recommendations, but they got it right.

They may have passed up my recommendations, but they got it right.

I have been asked by several people for my reaction to Bob Dylan’s recent Nobel Prize for Literature.  Part of that is because I have written about the Nobel Prize before.  Part of that is because I am a fan of Bob Dylan.  Part of that is because I write a lot about literature and know even more because I’ve read my way through all the great books lists and have made my own lists.  Part of it is just because I’m really opinionated (“the most opinionated of my children” my mother says on days when she forgets that this description also fits three of my four siblings). (more…)

With three appearances (twice solo, once as a member of Genesis), Phil Collins deserves this place of honor at the top of the post.

With three appearances (twice solo, once as a member of Genesis), Phil Collins deserves this place of honor at the top of the post.

80’s music has been on my mind lately.  To be fair, it’s taken up a considerable portion of my brain since the 80’s.  But I just made a pile of CDs for my sister’s birthday, all of them 80’s.  And then, driving to work, a song came on the radio which reminded me of a conversation from college:

“Lyrics today just aren’t very deep,” said one person at our table.  “Songs used to have so much more to say.”

“De do do do de da da da is all I have to say to you,” replied someone else at the table, very slowly.  And that was all that needed to be said. (more…)

I have this poster.  It's not currently on one of our walls because it's enormous.

I have this poster. It’s not currently on any of our walls because it’s enormous.

Surely he’s insane, you think.  Top 100 Songs?  Do they even have 100 songs?

Well, to be precise, they have 223 235 songs that I considered for this list.  That includes the 131 142 different songs on the band’s 12 13 albums, 40 b-sides from the various singles over the year and 52 rare songs that have either been on soundtracks, tribute albums, compilations or were unreleased until the box set in 2006.

Note:  This update is coming in July of 2015, and all the updated bits are in red (except the links, which are in blue because of some formatting issues).  I could have done one much earlier – in October of 2014, say, when Songs of Innocence and Experience was released.  But, first, I wanted to give more time to listen to the album.  Second, I just saw U2 in Boston and have now had the chance to hear all the best songs off the album live.  So, I am reposting this with updates since the original post came out.  The list now covers 107 songs because I didn’t want to just lop the songs off the bottom of the list.  So, my Top 100 really begin with “Kite”.

So why would I waste my time with such a list, certainly some people are thinking.  And for those people who want to just trash on U2 or say how much they dislike them that’s fine, but I’m going to delete your comments.  Feel free to comment on something else.  Just skip the list.  If you disagree with my choice, if you say, like the band but don’t like my #1 song, well, feel free to comment.  I’m always up for the discussion. (more…)