My mom’s copy of the San Francisco Chronicle from July 21, 1969 which I now have, showing the event of the day before.

I haven’t been working much on posts the last week because I’ve got some work to get done on my summer job before I start my new job and because of ComicCon.  Yes, now that I live in San Diego I can finally make it to the annual event that’s geared right towards me.  I don’t have pictures yet (ADDITION – a picture is now down below), but, thanks to Matthew Pearson at the IMDb, I managed to get an invite to the IMDboat on Thursday and got a chance to meet Kevin Smith and get him to sign my Clerks poster (which he was thrilled to learn I bought at his comic shop during mine and V’s honeymoon).  I also got a chance to meet Col Needham and, hilariously, discovered that I have seen over 6000 more films than he has.  I guess what that says is I have more spare time than someone who both founded and has been the CEO of one of the world’s greatest websites.

But I wanted to say something about today since I do have that copy of the San Francisco Chronicle up above.  Also, I wrote a review of First Man when I saw it (in IMAX) which didn’t end up with a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars (idiots) so it hasn’t run yet.  Rather than wait until the 2018 Adapted Screenplay post, if I even continue all of this that long, I decided today was the appropriate day to post it, especially since HBO, with some great planning, starts airing it tonight.  It was my #2 film of 2018 and won seven Nighthawk Awards including Best Director and my review explains why. (more…)