Good riddance to 2020.  As I write this, there are 21 days left in the year and 41 left in the administration that made this year much worse than it needed to be.  But both are on their way out and so comes our annual holiday letter, pushed to the internet because I can’t go in to my office and print out copies.  So, let’s see what this year brought us.

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 9.52.31 PMSurprisingly, not as bad a year as it could have been.  Yes, we had to skip a planned trip to Europe for my sister’s wedding (hopefully in 2021!) and Thomas has been mostly out of school since March.  But we’ve been very lucky in terms of health and finances and in terms of friends and family.  Indeed, one of the few benefits of the lockdown for us has been a couple of different groups of friends online, giving us a game night with people over 1000 miles away and a new friend we’ve never met in person who lives on the other side of the country.  And you never know what can happen in game night!

121615281_3501921653193846_3144066862921026373_oIt is true that Thomas has been mostly out of school since March.  At the end of September he did return to school one day a week but the rest of time he’s still attending on Zoom, which has been a challenge to balance with work.  But he’s been working on a lot of art projects, for school, for outside classes and just for fun and he’s been loving it.  And what with the move and all, it means that he has his own bathroom and a bit more privacy, which a 16 year old needs.  Yes, he’s 16!!!

128251808_10220383308386850_1596309755649444973_nAs mentioned, we even found time to move in the middle of all of this.  If you missed Veronica’s announcement on Facebook or haven’t talked to us, we discovered that a bigger apartment down the hall was opening up and so we moved to #365 back at the end of June.  That means we have enough room to actually have the dining room table leaves in.  It also means we have room for my collections to spread out a bit, what with a dining room and all.  It also means a much larger office area just inside the front door which means we can both have desks without crowding each other too much.

86346735_3019834791368178_7407561899644026880_oYes, Veronica and I have both been working from home.  Well, as you all know, Veronica has been working from home since we moved to California back in June of 2018 because her job was still in Massachusetts.  Well, no more!  On December 4, she started her new job as the Records Manager-Archivist in the Recorder/Clerk’s Office of San Diego County.  So, after nine months of me driving her nuts as we work, not at the same job, but much physically closer than when we worked at the same place, she gets to get out of the house.  Or at least that’s what she thought until she went in for her first day and lasted until noon because the county was shutting things down again because COVID is apparently the gift that keeps on giving.  So she’s home for a few more weeks (taking us through Thomas’ holiday break), but then she gets to escape the house for her new job which she is very excited about.  And while we may have missed out on ComicCon this year, she and her sister, Andrea, got to head to LA in February for Gallifrey One.  Veronica was insanely proud of Andrea for sewing her “Fashionista Dalek” dress (pictured here) and for participating in the convention’s Masquerade. All and all, she is immensely grateful for the privileges we have that have allowed us to weather this year relatively unscathed.

thumbnailWait, you’re thinking.  Did he say up above that he has an office?  Does Erik have an actual job?  Well, yes, I do and I love it.  I have a great boss and a fantastic co-worker.  I even have an office and I would love to someday get back to it.  My part-time position at the Digital Library for San Diego State became a full-time position in February.  I even got an office as you can see.  I am now the Metadata Librarian for the Digital Library.  Sadly, I only got a month in my office before I went home on a Friday afternoon in March and haven’t been back (though, sadly, my porg has fallen off the window).  But I continue to work from home, hope I still get to be a groomsmen in July and continue to write a lot about movies for this blog.

We hope you’re doing okay as the year ends.  We hope you even survived 2020 because a lot of things and people didn’t.  I turned several older posts into memorial posts this year, I might do a post about the amazing baseball talent that died this year and things aren’t looking so good for democracy.  But things can cheer you up.  This video cheers me up every single time.  And remember – things get better.  Believe in it.  The world only spins forward.