If you are unfamiliar with the story, then where have you been?  It’s the greatest thing in the history of television.  Dave Barry wrote about it 30 years ago (which is where I heard about it for the first time and probably the same goes for lots of other people) and rightly said about it “I am probably guilty of understatement when I say that what follows, on the videotape, is the most wonderful event in the history of the universe.”  That column is available in his book Dave Barry Talks Back.

And Oregon has embraced the story more recently with the naming of the park where it happened.  There’s even a whole website about it.

In these troubled times where the world’s worst man is actively undermining democracy with the help of a national political party, where new COVID records are set everyday, you need something to laugh at.  Laugh at Oregon and their decision that the best way to get rid of a dead whale was to blow it up with a whole lot of dynamite.  And this Thanksgiving, rather than risk COVID spreading by visiting your relatives, visit them on Zoom, be thankful that Zoom exists for this and be thankful that KATU sent a reporter to cover the story when the Oregon Department of Transportation made the most awesome blunder in history.