October 2020

A Century of Film

Art Direction

It depends, I suppose, on what you want to call it.  That also makes it harder to determine which person should be credited unless they earned an awards nomination (and sometimes different groups disagree on the nominees).  It’s been known by two completely different names in the history of the Oscars (three according to Inside Oscar but it turns out that’s not true, though it reflects the different aspects of who was eligible).  Many groups call it Production Design today (which is probably a better and more accurate name) but it was Art Direction for decades and that’s what I’ll call it.  But the confusion also lends to the credits, not being certain who to nominate (and different groups nominating different people for the same film) which I’ll get into more with the Oscars and the Nighthawk Awards. (more…)

A Century of Film

Film History Through 1939

There’s not much to say here except to point to my original post that covered things through 1929 and the subsequent post that covers film history through to 1939. (more…)

It was heartwarming to have so many people comment that they will miss the blog.  And I would miss writing it.  So we’ll see what happens.  There are qualifications I need to meet before I know this will continue, including whether it’s more difficult for new posts than the ones already created but not finished, how much of a pain this new editor is and how much of a timesuck this creates.

But I didn’t want to just write a post to say that.  Since all the COVID stuff (and now the WordPress issues) caused such delays in posts, I have finished other stuff, including my giant box office spreadsheet.  So I’m willing to offer a version of it to people, though I am going to charge $10 for it, because I spent a lot of time on it and I think it’s rather unique. (more…)

So WordPress has switched to a shitty new editor. I can’t do most of what I used to be able to do. They gleefully tell you that you can continue to use the “classic editor” but don’t bother to tell you that you can only do that with a $300/yr business plan. So fuck them. I don’t have the time or energy to deal with their shit. So instead of putting up a post about the 70th anniversary of the first appearance of Peanuts, the Beatles of comic strips, this is a post saying the blog is on hiatus. At some point I will either decide to figure out their new editor, switch to some other platform or just say fuck it and give up the blog altogether. At the moment I honestly don’t know which I’ll do. It’s taken four tries just to get this post up, so it’s not looking good for option #1.

So, stay safe, wash your hands, wear a mask and vote Biden / Harris (because the other option is a vile racist, bully, scumbag, moron who deserves the disease he’s gotten).