I’m going to keep posting for as long as I can, but there are limits to that.  The 2001 Adapted Screenplay post will go up in a week or so but I can’t go past that because I don’t have the books I need and all the libraries are closed.  I have a 2019 specific post ready to go (probably going up Saturday) but it’s a different one than normal and I have to make a decision about the Year in Film / Best Picture posts.  Do I use our $15 in Fandango money to watch Uncut Gems and Bombshell and be in a position to do the post?  Or do we spend it on Emma which we would much rather watch and costs $20?  I would gladly spend $20 to see Portrait of a Lady on Fire (the only film other than Uncut Gems and Bombshell with more than 3 award nominations that I haven’t yet seen) but I’ve seen nothing to indicate that Neon will be making it available anytime soon.  Or should I just do the post without having seen those films?  I have a few other posts I am working on that don’t require anything that I don’t already have but we’ll see how long they take.

I don’t have unlimited time these days to work on posts because I am lucky enough to be working from home, joining Veronica who always works from home.  We’re keeping ourselves very isolated, only venturing out to buy groceries because Thomas is diabetic which makes him high risk if he came down with COVID.  So I’ll try to keep posting because maybe it will give something for people to read and escape from the shitshow of the world.

So, please, remember to follow the advice of Neil Diamond above.  I’ve sang “Sweet Caroline” during who knows how many Red Sox games and I’m glad he’s taking this seriously enough to adapt his lyrics.  So remember:

  • Wash your hands like you have a club stamp you don’t want your mom to see
  • Wash your hands like you were cutting jalapeños and have to change a contact lens
  • Wash your hands like you just convinced your husband to murder the king of Scotland
  • Love like Jesus but wash your hands like Pontius Pilate

note:  A little addition here.  From when I published it in February of 2011 until last month, my review of Camus’ The Plague never had more than 259 hits in a whole year.  It’s had 290 so far this month (with four days to go).  And my review of Love in the Time of Cholera, posted even earlier had only surpassed 100 hits in a month twice (one of which was the month Garcia Marquez died) and it’s up to 140.  So I guess we know what people are reading while stuck at home.