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  • Line 1:  the title, as it appeared on oscars.org for the first three parts of the list
  • Line 2:  alternate titles, including original language title if applicable; if a title on the alternate list is in bold, it means it’s the title I generally use, including on the full ranking at the bottom
  • Line 3:  U.S. release date (BoxOfficeMojo as primary source, IMDb as secondary, any other source if available – my list is based on the Oscar list which was based on L.A. release date, so some BOM release dates may be from 1993), length (as listed on the IMDb), MPAA rating, genre (my decision unless I wasn’t able to see it, in which case I go with the IMDb), U.S. distributor (if available / applicable), original country (if not the U.S. with original language in parenthesis if not English)
  • Line 4:  director, as listed on the IMDB – for the list and the next two lines, I use just the first initial and last name for space and time considerations and I list it as listed on the IMDb which is why certain Asian names might not fit listings for how they appear elsewhere
  • Line 5:  writers, as listed on the IMDB with source in parenthesis following if applicable
  • Line 6:  primary actors as listed on the IMDB; because I can’t remember who all the people are in a film, I generally go with the first three names as listed on the IMDb, but because the IMDb goes by credit order (which is sometimes in appearance or alphabetical order), sometimes that might not be the main people
  • Line 7:  my review of the film – these reviews were written over the course of a year and many reference specific events that often ironically happened around the time I wrote that specific review
  • Line 8:  my rating (four star scale), metacritic rating (with link), Rotten Tomatoes rating (with link), Ebert rating (with link), IMDb voter rating with total number of voters in parenthesis following (IMDb rating and votes pulled on 9 October 2019); if any of those parts aren’t there it means that film isn’t listed with that particular group
  • Line 9:  the U.S. box office gross followed by the world box office gross, all from Box Office Mojo unless noted; if the box office is in bold that means that some of that money was mine
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Oscar Eligible Films (alphabetical)

note:  These are the films that were on the reminder list for the 67th Academy Awards.  That made them eligible for the 18 feature film awards (Foreign Film eligibility is done separately and Animated Film didn’t exist yet).  The full rules for that year can be found here.

À la mode
8/12/94, 92 min, R, Comedy, Miramax, France (French)
d: R. Duchemin
w: R. Morgiève, R. Duchemin (from the novel by R. Morgiève)
a:  K. Higelin, J. Yanne
Can you be a pale imitation of something that hasn’t even come out yet?  It’s not really fair to compare this film to Chocolat, which wouldn’t be released for six more years, but this tries to do for fashion what it did for chocolate, except the main character is younger, so it comes off less mature.  An orphan becomes an apprentice clothes designer and his fashions become the rage.  Not all that interesting or funny.  Its U.S. release was apparently small enough that BOM doesn’t list it but it is readily available on DVD, unlike a lot of films in this year.
me:  **.5  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  5.8  (185)

Above the Rim
3/25/94, 96 min, R, Crime, New Line
d:  J. Pollack
w: J. Pollack, B. Medina, B.M. Cooper
a:  D. Martin, Leon. T. Shakur, M. Wayans
As a film about basketball it suffered badly because of Hoop Dreams and as a film about trying to use sports to escape the inner city, it can’t even remotely compare to Boyz N the Hood.  A decent basketball movie about a guy trying to escape to Georgetown is helped by a charismatic performance from Tupac but almost killed by a horrendous one by Marlon Wayans and a stupid ending.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  53  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.6  (12,765)
B.O. gross:  $16,192,320

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
2/4/94, 86 min, PG-13, Comedy, Warner Bros
d:  T. Shadyac
w:  J. Bernstein, T. Shadyac, J. Carrey
a:  J. Carrey, C. Cox, S. Young
Not only a bad film but also bad for film in general as it introduced Jim Carrey’s manic persona to film audiences and then, because they laughed at it and bought tickets, it kept going.  Has one of the least funny scenes ever purported to be comedy (the scene where he talks out of his ass), an idiotic overly complicated plot and a performance from Carrey that is nightmarish.  By today’s standards, downright offensive in its transphobia.
me:  .5  /  MC:  37  /  RT:  46  /  E:  *  /  IMDb:  6.9  (245,567)
B.O. gross:  $72,217,396  /  $107,217,396

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
8/10/94, 104 min, R, Comedy, Gramercy, Australia
d. S. Elliott
w: S. Elliott
a:  T. Stamp, H. Weaving, G. Pearce
A fabulously entertaining film that unfortunately helped kick-start an ABBA craze in the mid 90’s that won’t seem to go away.  Terrence Stamp gives the best performance of his career as an aging transgender person who goes on a bus trip with Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce (who were both mostly unknown outside of Australia at the time) to the Outback to do a stint at a casino.  Funny, charming, entertaining, endearing, a great example of Australian cinema.  Kudos to the Globes for recognizing it as one of the best Comedies of the year.
me:  ****  /  MC:  68  /  RT:  95  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  7.5  (41,675)
B.O. gross:  $11,220,670

The Advocate
aka:  The Hour of the Pig
8/24/94, 112 min, R, Drama, Miramax, UK
d:  L. Megahey
w:  L. Megahy
a:  C. Firth, I. Holm, D. Pleasance
Bizarre little film in which Colin Firth plays a 15th Century lawyer who defends animals.  One of the hardest to find Miramax films which was released as Hour of the Pig in the U.K..
me:  **.5  /  RT:  75  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.8  (1717)
B.O. gross:  $602,329

The Air Up There
1/7/94, 107 min, PG, Comedy, Disney (Hollywood)
d:  P.M. Glaser
w:  M. Apple
a:  K. Bacon, C.G. Maina, Y. Vazquez
Dumb Comedy about Kevin Bacon as a basketball coach who goes to Africa to recruit someone.  You’ll notice that the distributor is listed as Disney (Hollywood).  In 1990, Disney expanded beyond its Buena Vista (mostly Kids films) and Touchstone (other Disney films, more teen oriented usually) and created Hollywood Pictures which had more “adult” fare.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of Hollywood Pictures films are terrible (not all as you’ll discover below) which prompted the phrase “If it’s the Sphinx, it stinks” because the Sphinx was the logo for Hollywood Pictures.  This is a good example of that.
me:  **  /  RT:  21  /  E:  /  IMDb:  5.5  (7874)
B.O. gross:  $21,011,318

8/5/94, 92 min, PG-13, Comedy, 20th Century-Fox
d:  M. Lehmann
w:  R. Wilkes
a:  B. Fraser, S. Buscemi, A. Sandler, C. Farley, M. McKean
Given that Adam Sandler is 1/3 of the band that takes a radio station hostage to get their demo played, you would think I would hate this.  But Brendan Fraser and Steve Buscemi provide a nice dumb charm to the film and there are moments that are entertaining (even if I did drop it from a low **.5 to a high **).  The biggest disappointment of this film is that it apparently introduced Buscemi to Sandler meaning that one of the best and most interesting character actors of our times would continually have small roles in truly awful films.
me:  **  /  MC:  46  /  RT:  21  /  E:  /  IMDb:  6.1  (41,779)
B.O. gross:  $5,751,882

8/19/94, 94 min, PG, Kids, Paramount
d:  G. Miller
w:  D. Baratta (from the book by H. Goodridge and L. Dietz)
a:  T. Majorino, C. Field, S. Meier
Dreary, predictable true-life story about a baby seal that is adopted by a harbor master in Maine and his young daughter to go along with all the other animals living in their house.  Predictable problems with someone who wants the seal dead and a cliche ending.
me:  **  /  RT:  47  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  5.7  (5782)
B.O. gross:  $16,820,893

Angels in the Outfield
7/15/94, 102 min, PG, Kids, Disney (Buena Vista)
d:  W. Dear
w:  D. Kingsley, G. Wells, H.G. Sloan (from the 1951 film by D. Kingsley, G. Wells, R. Conlin)
a:  D. Glover, T. Danza, C. Lloyd, B. Fricker, J. Gordon-Levitt
Sadly, 1994 was a plentiful year for baseball films; sadly because while baseball had its stupid strike, the baseball films pretty much sucked so baseball fans got hosed twice.  This one is a remake of a 1951 film that is far better and at least didn’t use the actual California Angels because they didn’t exist yet.  Not the worst baseball film of the year, not even the worst Kids film of the year about baseball, but not a winner either.
me:  **  /  MC:  44  /  RT:  33  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.1  (25,401)
B.O. gross:  $50,236,831

3/4/94, 107 min, R, Comedy, Disney (Hollywood)
d:  M. Coolidge
a:  T. Graff  (from the novel by A. Wing)
a:  G. Davis, J. Gandolfini, S. Rea
Geena Davis gets knocked up by a future Tony Soprano and decides to keep the baby but not the guy.  Fairly standard rom-com that gives nothing new but keeps from sinking below low **.5 because of Davis.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  40  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  5.4  (1893)
B.O. gross:  $9,398,308

Baby’s Day Out
7/1/94, 99 min, PG, Kids, 20th Century-Fox
d:  P.R. Johnson
w:  J. Hughes
a:  J. Mantegna, L.F. Boyle, J. Pantoliano
Roger Ebert nailed this one right on the head when he described it as a live action version of the Baby Herman cartoons from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  A baby crawls around and everyone but the baby ends up getting hurt.  Works great in a cartoon but it’s crap on film where nothing about it is funny.
me:  *  /  RT:  20  /  E:  *.5  /  IMDb:  6.0  (39,208)
B.O. gross:  16,827,402

5/4/94, 109 min, R, Comedy, Rainbow Releasing
d:  V. Foyt / H. Jaglom
w:  V. Foyt, H. Jaglom
a:  V. Foyt, M. Salinger, F. Fisher
A mockumentary about a couple that are going to have a baby.  It’s not exactly a Christopher Guest film either in its attempts at humor (it’s not very funny) or its quality (the acting frankly isn’t very good).  Given the total lack of box office and votes on the IMDb this is perhaps the most surprising film of the year that I was able to get from Netflix.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  36  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  5.4  (101)

4/15/94, 100 min, R, Musical, Gramercy
d: I. Softley
w: I. Softley, M. Thomas, S. Ward
a:  S. Dorff, I. Hart, S. Lee
Would the Beatles have been a different band if Stu Sutcliffe had lived?  Unlikely, because as this film shows, he was more interested in art than in being in a band.  The real treats of this film are Ian Hart’s performance as John Lennon and the solid soundtrack of early Beatles songs (the covers they did before they really started writing their own songs) covered by an all-star band of indie artists.
me:  ***  /  RT:  71  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.7  (5206)
B.O. gross:  $2,392,589

Bad Girls
4/22/94, 99 min, R, Western, 20th Century-Fox
d:  J. Kaplan
w:  A. Ruddy, C. Finch, G. Frederickson, K. Friedman, Y. Turner
a:  M. Stowe, M.S. Masterson, A. MacDowell, D. Barrymore
Imagine Young Guns but without as much of a motivation to the characters and, and I can’t believe I’m writing this, without nearly the acting talent.  Four women end up as outlaws in the west and for riding all day and doing battle with those who have wronged them, they always come out looking pretty sexy.
me:  **  /  RT:  9  /  E:  *.5  /  IMDb:  5.1  (10,596)
B.O. gross:  $15,240,435

7/29/94, 101 min, PG-13, Comedy, Fine Line
d:  W. Stillman
w:  W. Stillman
a:  M. Sorvino, C. Eigeman, T. Gibson
Like Woody Allen, Whit Stillman’s films are often just people talking.  The difference is that Stillman’s films are boring because his characters are uninteresting and the actors aren’t very good (ironically in this film since Mira Sorvino, a year later, directed by Allen, would win an Oscar).  Especially grating as a character (a Navy man in Barcelona preparing for the arrival of a fleet and alienating everyone in the city) and an actor is Chris Eigeman who Stillman used several times and is just awful.
me:  **.5  /  MC:  74  /  RT:  82  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.0  (5095)
B.O. gross:  $7,266,973

Being Human
5/6/94, 122 min, PG-13, Drama, Warner Bros, UK
d:  B. Forsyth
w:  B. Forsyth
a:  R. Williams
In the 80’s, Bill Forsyth made interesting little films like Gregory’s Girl and Local Hero that showed an interesting side of humanity.  Here he uses Robin Williams as his everyman through the entire history of humanity and it just never works.
me:  **  /  MC:  33  /  RT:  50  /  E:  /  IMDb:  5.4  (3547)
B.O. gross:  $1,519,366

Beverly Hills Cop III
5/25/94, 104 min, R, Action, Paramount
d:  J. Landis
w:  S. de Souza (from character created by D. Bach, D. Petrie, Jr.)
a:  E. Murphy
The law of diminishing returns really applies to this trilogy.  The first film was clever and funny and action packed.  The second film had some funny moments but became too much about Eddie Murphy’s schtick and didn’t hold together.  This one is a complete and utter disaster, with a stupid plot taking place at an amusement park that nobody can be bothered to care about.  It’s always a bad sign when supporting people don’t return for the sequel as John Ashton and Ronnie Cox refused to do with this one.
me:  .5  /  MC:  16  /  RT:  10  /  E:  /  IMDb:  5.5  (68,083)
B.O. gross:  $42,614,912  /  $119,208,989

Bitter Moon
3/18/94, 139 min, R, Drama, Fine Line, UK
d:  R. Polanski
w:  R. Polanski, G. Brach, J. Brownjohn, J. Gross  (fromt he novel by P. Bruckner)
a:  P. Coyote, E. Seigner, H. Grant, K. Scott Thomas
Roman Polanski’s film, originally released in 1992, takes a young British couple (Hugh Grant and Kristen Scott Thomas before Four Weddings) and puts them through the ringer with an older, sexually messed-up couple.  Well directed and interesting but no higher than a mid ***.
me:  ***  /  RT:  63  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.2  (29,917)
B.O. gross:  $1,862,805

Black Beauty
7/29/94, 88 min, G, Kids, Warner Bros
d:  C. Thompson
w:  C. Thompson  (from the novel by A. Sewell)
a:  A. Cumming, S. Bean
This could have been a standard decent Kids film about a horse that goes through various hands but unfortunately the Alan Cumming voiceover narration really works against the film, making it too maudlin and cutesy to really work very well.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  80  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.6  (8203)
B.O. gross:  $4,630,377

Blank Check
2/11/94, 93 min, PG, Kids, Disney (Buena Vista)
d:  R. Wainwright
w:  B. Snyder, C. Carr
a:  B. Bonsall, K. Duffy, J. Rebhorn
Of the number of “kid wish fulfillment” films in this year, this is the one with the biggest lack of imagination, unless you count a pre-teen lusting after a hot bank clerk (who happens to be an undercover FBI officer).  Lame Disney movie without much to offer about a kid who ends up with a million dollars and the escaped convict who is after it.
me:  *.5  /  RT:  11  /  E:  /  IMDb:  5.2  (16,311)
B.O. gross:  $30,577,969

8/19/94, 92 min, PG-13, Comedy, Columbia
d:  M. Binder
w:  D. Wayans, J.F. Lawton
a:  D. Wayans, D.A. Grier, R. Givens
Rather dumb comedy about a man (Damon Wayans) who has trouble adjusting to real life and decides to become a super-hero.  Utterly predictable throughout with any real redeeming qualities.
me:  **  /  RT:  13  /  IMDb:  4.9  (8389)
B.O. gross:  $7,941,977

1/28/94, 106 min, R, Suspense, New Line
d:  M. Apted
w:  S. Stevens
a:  M. Stowe, A. Quinn
Don’t get suckered in by Ebert’s review – it’s as much about his love for Chicago as any fondness for the film.  Solid performances from Madeline Stowe and Aidan Quinn can’t overcome a typical Hollywood film about a serial killer who happens to be stalking someone who used to be blind.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  65  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  6.2  (7043)
B.O. gross:  $16,696,219

Blown Away
7/1/94, 121 min, R, Suspense, MGM
d:  S. Hopkins
w:  J. Rice, J. Batteer, J. Roach
a:  J. Bridges, T.L. Jones, L. Bridges, F. Whitaker
It’s hard to write this but clearly Speed is the better summer “bomb” movie with an overacting villain.  Tommy Lee Jones shows how far over the ham line he can go as a former IRA bomber going after a former comrade who’s now a cop in Boston (Jeff Bridges).  Was very strange to watch this, not because of the Boston scenes (I had already been in San Diego for months before I watched this for this piece) but because I re-watched it on October 26, just hours after the pipebomb mailer was caught.  And, as always, feel the need to mention that this film plays the songs on Joshua Tree out of order.
me:  **  /  RT:  32  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.2  (25,454)
B.O. gross:  $30,156,002

Blue Chips
2/18/94, 108 min, PG-13, Drama, Paramount
d:  W. Friedkin
w:  R. Shelton
a:  N. Nolte, S. O’Neal, A. Hardaway, M. McDonnell, J.T. Walsh
Better than reviews might lead you to expect.  It’s not Hoosiers, but it’s not bad, namely because it got real basketball players (even if Shaq and Penny couldn’t act) and Nick Nolte was a good choice for a Bobby Knight type coach.  Interesting Drama that resonates still about whether college players should be paid (my opinion is no – they got paid, it was called the free tuition they got that allowed them to leave college without the crushing student debt so many people of the last two generations ended up with though I am okay if they get paid for their likenesses, just not for actually playing).
me:  ***  /  MC:  54  /  RT:  37  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.1  (10,686)
B.O. gross:  $23,070,663

The Blue Kite
3/25/94, 140 min, Drama, Kino International, China (Mandarin)
d:  Z. Tian
w:  X. Mao
a:  T. Yi, W. Zhang, X. Chen
In all honesty, the kind of film I least like to review.  That’s because it’s a good film but there’s nothing about it for me that rises above *** while it is widely considered by others to be a great film.  Like Ozu’s films, it seems to lack a certain passion and seems to be inert.  The story of a family during 1950’s China, the film was banned by Chinese authorities after its release.
me:  ***  /  RT:  100  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  7.6  (2296)

BIue Sky
9/16/94, 101 min, PG-13, Drama, Orion
d: T. Richardson
w:  R.L. Stagner, A. Sarner, J. Leichtling
a:  J. Lange, T.L. Jones
I honestly think that everyone got so tied into Jessica Lange’s performance, the way it invokes Marilyn Monroe, and the story behind the film’s delay (filmed in 1991 before director Tony Richardson died but held back because of Orion’s bankruptcy) and ignored the fact that the story is utterly absurd from start to finish and that most of the performances outside of Lange’s aren’t very good.  Lange plays a mentally disturbed house wife of an army major who works on nuclear testing (played by Tommy Lee Jones).  Overly melodramatic and not very good.
me:  **  /  RT:  77  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.4  (6020)
B.O. gross:  $3,359,465

Body Snatchers
1/14/94, 87 min, R, Horror, Warner Bros
d:  A. Ferrara
w:  S. Gordon, D. Paoli, N. St. John, L. Cohen, R. Cistheri  (from the novel by J. Finney)
a:  T. Kinney, M. Tilly, G. Anwar
I can’t fathom what Ebert (or other critics, given its RT score) saw in this film.  It’s a terrible remake of a film that had been made brilliantly once and very good a second time.  This time it all takes place on a military base and the acting is simply appalling.
me:  *  /  RT:  71  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  5.9  (14,899)
B.O. gross:  $428,868

The Browning Version
10/12/94, 97 min, R, Drama, Paramount, UK
d:  M. Figgis
w:  R. Harwood  (from the play by T. Rattigan)
a:  A. Finney, G. Scacchi, M. Modine
A solid Drama lead by a solid performance from Albert Finney as the teacher who is being bumped from his job and being shafted by the school while his wife is being shafted by a fellow professor.  The second film version of the acclaimed play.  There is a full review of the film available on the Adapted Screenplay post.
me:  ***  /  RT:  78  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  7.2  (2729)
B.O. gross:  $487,391

Bullets over Broadway
10/21/94, 98 min, R, Comedy, Miramax
d:  W. Allen
w:  W. Allen, D. McGrath
a:  J. Cusack, D. Wiest, J. Tilly, C. Palmentiri, J. Broadbent, R. Reiner, M-L. Parker
The first Woody Allen film I ever saw in the theater is still a favorite and one of the very few Woody Allen films I can get Veronica to sit and enjoy.  I very much identify with David Shayne, the poor playwright who think he’s a genius and his play is art and can’t stand the changes made by a gangster hitman (Chazz Palmentiri) who knows how people really talk.  Features what I ranked as the greatest Supporting Actress performance of all-time from Dianne Wiest (she was actually my #1 for Actress in 1994 until the awards started coming out and she ended up in supporting).  Still brilliantly funny with fantastic technical work across the board.  Earned 7 Oscar nominations and would earn more Nighthawk noms if the year weren’t so strong across the board.  This film will actually get a full review in an upcoming post as the best Comedy I have never reviewed.
me:  ****  /  RT:  97  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.4  (32,418)
B.O. gross:  $13,383,747

Cabin Boy
1/7/94, 80 min, PG-13, Comedy, Disney (Touchstone)
d:  A. Resnick
w:  C. Elliott, A. Resnick
a:  C. Elliott, J. Gammon, M. Walters
I shall quote from the DVD case: “Get ready for over-the-top hilarity when comedy original Chris Elliott goes overboard in this hysterical high-seas misadventure that’s sure to keep everyone laughing!”  If that sounds like they’re trying too hard to sell this film that’s because they know it’s dismally unfunny (namely because Elliott is dismally unfunny).  The only bright spot is an adorable redheaded Melora Walters in an early film role.
me:  .5  /  MC:  21  /  RT:  46  /  IMDb:  5.2  (7496)
B.O. gross:  $3,662,459

11/25/94, 95 min, PG-13, Drama, Miramax, Canada
d:  D. Mehta
w:  A. Jennings, P. Quarrington
a:  J. Tandy, B. Fonda, H. Cronyn
A tired, cliched plot about a young singer-songwriter who befriends her older violin playing landlady and they go on a road trip together.  It’s saved from total mediocrity by a winning performance from Jessica Tandy (not her last performance, though she did die before the film opened) who gets to team with her husband Hume Cronyn and because Bridget Fonda is, as always, so utterly adorable.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  40  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.1  (891)

Camp Nowhere
8/26/94, 96 min, PG, Comedy, Disney (Hollywood)
d:  J. Prince
w:  A. Kurtzman, E. Wald
a:  J. Putch, P. Scolari, R. Windsor
Is it just churlish to chide a Kids film for a having an utterly ridiculous plot and not having a single minute that’s even remotely believable?  After all, the film was designed for kids to see kids getting their own way and having fun.  But none of the kids are very good (it’s not a good sign that the most successful acting career to come out of this film is Jessica Alba who makes her film debut).  For me, the most enjoyable thing about this film was the cameo appearance by Genie Francis and Jonathan Frakes as a married couple (probably because the main kid played Francis’ son on General Hospital).  Remember – if you see the Sphinx it stinks.
me:  **  /  RT:  18  /  IMDb:  6.0  (7903)
B.O. gross:  $10,475,705

Car 54, Where Are You
1/28/94, 89 min, PG-13, Comedy, Orion
d:  B. Fishman
w:  E. Tarloff, E.R. Smith, P. McCarthy, P. Crabbe  (from the television series created by N. Hiken)
a:  D. Johansen, J.C. McGinley, F. Drescher
I don’t watch “classic” television, so this isn’t a case where I don’t feel that the film lives up to the original show.  It’s just an appallingly bad comedy that makes use of the show’s concept.  One of a number of Orion films pushed back in release due to the studio’s collapse, this one should have stayed in a vault.  It was apparently made as a Musical then released without all the songs.  They should have kept them in; it could hardly have been worse.  Astoundingly, in the last year the rating of this film on the IMDb has actually gone up.
me:  .5  /  RT:  0  /  IMDb:  2.5  (4081)
B.O. gross:  $1,238,080

Caro Diario
aka: Dear Diary
d:  N. Moretti
w:  N. Moretti
a:  N. Moretti, G. Bozzolo
9/30/94, 100 min, Comedy, Fine Line, Italy (Italian)
If you’re like me, you’ll start to get tired of Nanni Moretti (the star, director, writer) long before the film ends.  It’s not a bad film, basically autobiographical chapters about him, but it’s rather narcissistic.
me:  ***  /  RT:  58  /  IMDb:  7.3  (6148)

The Chase
3/4/94, 94 min, PG-13, Action, 20th Century-Fox
d:  A. Rifkin
w:  A. Rifkin
a:  C. Sheen, K. Swanson
Given the thin premise (car thief kidnaps rich girl, they fall in love) this film isn’t as bad as it should be.  But, with Charlie Sheen and Kristy Swanson in the leads, it’s also not good by any means.
me:  *.5  /  RT:  37  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  5.9  (15,737)
B.O. gross:  $7,924,955

4/22/94, 102 min, R, Comedy, Warner Bros
d:  D. Hopper
w:  J. Batteer, J. Rice, D. Gilroy
a:  T. Berenger, W. McNamara, E. Eleniak
Tom Berenger and some bad young actor whose career died after this are Navy patrol who go after some generic blonde.  If you thought this would be good, you deserved to have seen it.
me:  .5  /  MC:  /  RT:  33  /  IMDb:  5.1  (5013)
B.O. gross:  $1,596,687

China Moon
3/4/94, 99 min, R, Mystery, Orion
d:  J. Bailey
w:  R. Carlson
a:  E. Harris, M. Stowe, C. Dance, B. del Toro
Another Orion film that got dumped into this year, this is one of those noir mysteries that are so complex in plot that it takes 15 paragraphs to describe it on Wikipedia.  It stars Ed Harris and Benicio del Toro but it’s confusing and not very good.
me:  **  /  RT:  40  /  IMDb:  6.2  (5042)
B.O. gross:  $3,038,499

Ciao, Professore!
aka:  Io speriamo che me la cavo
d:  L. Wertmuller
w:  L. Wertmuller, A. Bencivenni, L. Benveunti, P. De Bernardi, A. Longo, D. Saverni  (from the novel by M. D’Orta)
a:  P. Villaggio, I. Danieli, G. Morra
7/15/94, 100 min, R, Comedy, Miramax, Italy (Italian)
A Lina Wertmuller Comedy that’s rather mediocre (which, sadly, describes a lot of her films outside of Seven Beauties) that managed to score a U.S. release thanks to Miramax two years after it came out in Italy.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  57  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.9  (1647)
B.O. gross:  $1,113,435

City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold
6/10/94, 116 min, PG-13, Comedy, Columbia
d:  P. Weiland
w:  B. Crystal, L. Ganz, B. Mandel  (from characters created by Ganz and Mandel)
a:  B. Crystal, D. Stern, J. Lovitz, J. Palance
I have always greatly enjoyed the original, which I was why I wrote about it for the Columbia Pictures piece and had always avoided this because it looked stale and pointless and dumb.  I only finally watched it for this specific project and it turned out it was indeed stale and pointless and dumb.  Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern again head west, this time with Jon Lovitz as Crystal’s idiot brother and Jack Palance is back as the twin of the man he played in an Oscar winning performance in the first film.  Totally unnecessary and at 116 minutes, way longer than it needs to be.
me:  **  /  MC:  43  /  RT:  18  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  5.5  (16,524)
B.O. gross:  $43,622,150

Clean Slate
5/6/94, 107 min, PG-13, Comedy, MGM
d:  M. Jackson
w:  R. King
a:  D. Carvey, V. Golino, J.E. Jones
This wasn’t the final nail in Dana Carvey’s film career as a star (that wouldn’t come, amazingly until 2002 with Master of Disguise) but this film just about wrapped it up.  Another dumb Comedy that shows that Carvey, while great on SNL, wasn’t meant to be a movie star.
me:  *.5  /  RT:  19  /  IMDb:  5.7  (3361)
B.O. gross:  $7,355,425

Clear and Present Danger
8/5/94, 141 min, PG-13, Suspense, Paramount
d:  P. Noyce
w:  D.E. Stewart, S. Zaillian, J. Milius  (from the novel by T. Clancy)
a:  H. Ford, W. Dafoe, A. Archer, J.E. Jones
Tom Clancy adaptations got rolling just as the Cold War ended, so they had to take a different turn (which had already been taken in the books) and instead of the Soviets, we get the drug cartels.  We get a solid thriller with Harrison Ford again playing Jack Ryan and introducing Willem Dafoe as John Clark, the mysterious man in the field trying to take down the cartels while also working against the nastier elements of our own government.  This was Ford’s second go as Jack Ryan and his last but through today he’s still the only actor to play him more than once.
me:  ***  /  MC:  74  /  RT:  80  /  IMDb:  6.9  (78,463)
B.O. gross:  $122,187,717  /  $215,887,717

10/19/94, 92 min, R, Comedy, Miramax
d:  K. Smith
w:  K. Smith
a:  B. O’Halloran, J. Anderson, M. Ghigliotti, K. Smith
I regret not having seen this in the theater.  But I saw it right after it arrived on video, bought it on video, bought it on DVD, bought the 10th anniversary edition on DVD.  It made me a big fan of Kevin Smith (who, remember, I got to meet this past summer) which I remained for a long time.  It still holds up hilariously (“What do you mean you don’t have any ice?  You mean I gotta drink this coffee hot?” is still funny and shows that all of you who drink iced coffee are fools) no matter what Smith has done since with the characters or his other films.  One of the funniest films ever made and every time I get to the end, with the brilliant “Can’t Even Tell” blaring off the screen as Dante finally is done with work, it just feels great.
me:  ****  /  MC:  70  /  RT:  88  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.8  (197,051)
B.O. gross:  $3,151,130

The Client
7/22/94, 119 min, PG-13, Drama, Warner Bros
d:  J. Schumacher
w:  A. Goldsman, R. Getchell  (from the novel by J. Grisham)
a:  S. Sarandon, T.L. Jones, B. Renfro, M-L. Parker
I got briefly into John Grisham in 1993.  I bought The Pelican Brief (and Jurassic Park) at the airport during Spring Break to try and read more popular fiction.  I enjoyed it and then read A Time to Kill, which I enjoyed more, so I read The Firm which had a really dumb ending, then The Client came out and it was just awful (I would late give The Chamber a try but it was so bad I never read another Grisham novel).  So I wasn’t looking forward to this film and skipped it in the theater, catching up to it later because of Sarandon’s Oscar nom (and perplexing BAFTA win).  It’s really a dumb film with a dumb premise that is saved from total trash by Sarandon’s entertaining performance though it didn’t remotely deserve its nominations.
me:  **  /  MC:  65  /  RT:  78  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.7  (52,705)
B.O. gross:  $92,115,211  /  $117,615,211

4/1/94, 90 min, PG, Kids, Orion
d:  P. Flaherty
w:  W. Porter, S. Kampmann
a:  M. Short, C. Grodin, M. Steenburgen
For a long time, I honestly thought this was a live action Clifford the Red Dog film.  Pretty much up until the moment I saw it (I mean why not?  There was another Lassie film this year and Charles Grodin had been in the Beethoven films).  Turns out it’s a terrible film with Martin Short as a priest telling a story about when he was young and being given every opportunity to overact in the worst kind of Martin Short ways.
me:  .5  /  RT:  9  /  E:  .5  /  IMDb:  5.4  (6070)
B.O. gross:  $7,408,745

12/2/94, 128 min, R, Drama, Warner Bros
d:  R. Shelton
w:  R. Shelton  (from the book by A. Stump)
a:  T.L. Jones, R. Wuhl
I was surprised to discover the Metacritic score because I have always viewed this film in the same way that Roger Ebert did.  It’s a dour tale of a racist, reprehensible person who happened to have been a truly amazing baseball player.  The irony is that Cobb just wants to talk about baseball but the film doesn’t give hardly anything to baseball, instead focusing on the aged Cobb telling his story.  Tommy Lee Jones is solid as Cobb but to what point?  Just another terrible baseball film in this ironic year.
me:  **  /  MC:  66  /  RT:  65  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.5  (6467)
B.O. gross:  $1,007,583

Colonel Chabert
12/23/94, 110 min, Drama, October Films, France (French)
d:  Y. Angelo
w:  Y. Angelo, J. Cosmos, V. Lagrange  (from the novel by Balzac)
a:  G. Depardieu, F. Ardant
One of several versions of Balzac’s classic novel, this one is actually French and stars Gerard Depardieu and Fanny Ardant.  It’s a pretty solid Drama set in 1817 about a man who was supposed to be dead and is just high enough that it makes my list for Best Foreign Film.
me:  ***.5  /  RT:  83  /  IMDb:  7.0  (1561)
B.O. gross:  $464,284

Color of Night
8/19/94, 121 min, R, Suspense, Disney (Hollywood)
d:  R. Rush
w:  B. Ray, M. Chapman
a:  B. Willis, J. March
What the hell was I thinking giving this a 34 the first time around?  Was I so blinded by Jane March’s epic sensuality?  This film is insultingly bad, with ridiculous notions of mystery, cops, psychiatry, disguise and even color-blindness.  A disaster in theaters and a big winner at the Razzies, it was a hit on video because you could fast-forward to one of the best sex scenes ever put on film, a masterwork of sensuality and nudity that moves from the pool to the shower to the bed.  It’s about halfway through the film.  That’s all you need to know.  The rest is laughable.  The third, “if you see the Sphinx, it stinks” film on this list.
me:  .5  /  RT:  21  /  E:  *.5  /  IMDb:  5.1  (20,663)
B.O. gross:  $19,726,050

Cops & Robbersons
4/15/94, 93 min, PG, Comedy, TriStar
d:  M. Ritchie
w:  B. Somers
a:  C. Chase, J. Palance. D. Wiest
Insanely stupid film with Jack Palance as a cop and Chevy Chase as a man named Robberson (clearly just for the stupid title pun).  You don’t want to know more.  In what seems to be perhaps an effort to normalize votes on the IMDb in the last year the score on the IMDb has actually gone up by .2.
me:  *  /  RT:  15  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  5.2  (5710)
B.O. gross:  $11,391,093

Corrina, Corrina
8/12/94, 115 min, PG, Drama, New Line
d:  J. Nelson
w:  J. Nelson
a:  W. Goldberg, R. Liotta
Cloying, annoying, schmaltzy, overly sentimental; all of the aggravating adjectives you can find go here.  I suppose given that this is the film debut of writer-director Jessie Nelson we should be glad it isn’t worse since she later wrote Stepmom, The Story of Us and I Am Sam.  A wife/mother has died, father and daughter are sad and black nanny moves in and saves both.  Set in the 1950’s presumably just so we can get his annoying advertising tunes because it doesn’t deal with the interracial romance in any real way.
me:  **  /  RT:  35  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.6  (11,201)
B.O. gross:  $20,164,171

The Cowboy Way
6/3/94, 102 min, PG-13, Comedy, Universal
d:  G. Champion
w:  R.C. Thompson, W.D. Wittliff
a:  W. Harrelson, K. Sutherland
Who would have ever thought this film would be a good idea?  Two cowboys ride to the big city because their friend is missing.  They get into hijinks which aren’t funny.  It’s dumb and boring.  Doesn’t help that it stars Keifer Sutherland and Woody Harrelson, two actors I have never particularly liked.
me:  *  /  RT:  15  /  IMDb:  5.8  (7005)
B.O. gross:  $20,280,016

5/13/94, 115 min, PG-13, Comedy, Universal
d:  S. Lee
w:  S. Lee, J. Lee, C. Lee
a:  A. Woodard, D. Lindo, D.P. Kelly
Spike Lee is kind of in his wheelhouse here with a story about a family in Brooklyn in 1973.  It’s good, but somehow it just never seemed like it was more than that and it continues to sit at a high *** with no place for it on any of my lists.
me:  ***  /  MC:  65  /  RT:  74  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  6.9  (7667)
B.O. gross:  $13,642,861

The Crow
5/13/94, 102 min, R, Action, Miramax
d:  A. Proyas
w:  D.J. Schow, J. Shirley  (from the comic book by J. O’Barr)
a:  B. Lee, E. Hudson, M. Wincott, R. Davis
My Under-Appreciated film of the year which has a full review in the Year in Film.  A near-great film (highest ***.5) that can’t quite make the leap to great because aside from Brandon Lee (and Ernie Hudson a bit) the acting is pretty bad.  But the story is great, the direction is solid, Lee is fantastic and the soundtrack is one of the best in a great year for soundtracks.
me:  ***.5  /  MC:  71  /  RT:  81  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.6  (151,013)
B.O. gross:  $50,693,129

D2: The Mighty Ducks
3/25/94, 106 min, PG, Kids, Disney (Buena Vista)
d:  S. Weisman
w:  S. Brill  (based on characters created by Brill)
a:  E. Estevez
Is it as dumb as the first film?  Who knows?  Either film could have been written by a sixth grader who’s seen more than a few films.  Utterly predictable from start to finish but it helped set up Disney to actually turn this dumb franchise into an actual hockey franchise.  The most entertaining thing was to see a young Elden Hanson just before watching the third season of Daredevil.
me:  **  /  RT:  21  /  IMDb:  6.0  (31,917)
B.O. gross:  $45,610,410

Dangerous Game
11/19/93, 108 min, R, Drama, MGM
d:  A. Ferrar
w:  N. St. John
a:  H. Keitel, Madonna
Not a version of “The Most Dangerous Game” (that’s Surviving the Game, listed down below) but just an Abel Ferrara Drama with Harvey Keitel (a good sign after their collaboration on Bad Lieutenant) and Madonna (bad sign).  It’s actually not very good but I’m not a fan of Ferrara anyway.
me:  **  /  RT:  31  /  IMDb:  5.7  (3167)
B.O. gross:  $23,671

10/8/93, 98 min, R, Crime, Trimark Films
d:  C. Coppola
w:  C. Coppola, N. Wallelonga
a:  M. Biehn. N. Cage
So, why do Francis and Sofia Coppola get trashed for Godfather III when their nephew/cousin Christopher gets a free pass for directing this incomprehensible Crime film that clearly got made because he’s a Coppola and enlisted Coppolas (his brother Nicolas, his aunt Talia), Sheens (Charlie, his sister) and Fondas (Peter) to be in it?  Because no one saw it.  It made $18,000.  Yet, amazingly, it got a sequel almost 25 years later (focusing on Cage’s character) and is available from Netflix while films that made over 1000 times this one aren’t.  Another terrible film that has gone up .2 in its IMDb rating in the last year.
me:  .5  /  RT:  0  /  IMDb:  4.0  (2484)
B.O. gross:  $18,369

Death and the Maiden
12/23/94, 103 min, R, Suspense, Fine Line, UK
d:  R. Polanski
w:  R. Yglesias, A. Dorfman  (from the play by Dorfman)
a:  S. Weaver, B. Kingsley, S. Wilson
Just timed wrong or ignored because it was Polanski?  Either way, awards groups missed out on the best lead female performance of the year from Sigourney Weaver as a woman who was tortured and raped by the former regime in a South American country and thinks she has discovered the man who did it, leading to a long, dark night of the soul for both of them.  Fully reviewed in the Adapted Screenplay post.
me:  ****  /  MC:  72  /  RT:  84  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.3  (19,735)
B.O. gross:  $3,103,716

Desperate Remedies
5/23/94, 93 min, R, Comedy, Miramax, New Zealand
d:  S. Main / P. Wells
w:  S. Main, P. Wells
a:  J. Ward-Lealand, K. Smith
A New Zealand Costume Drama set in the 19th Century starring the other Kevin Smith (the one who was Ares on Xena and died after a fall in 2002).  Not bad but not exactly good either.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  40  /  IMDb:  6.8  (344)

12/9/94, 128 min, R, Suspense, Warner Bros
d:  B. Levinson
w:  P. Attanasio  (from the novel by M. Crichton)
a:  M. Douglas, D. Moore, D. Sutherland. D. Miller
Just as sexual harassment finally was making news, Michael Crichton decided to reverse it and have a woman harass a man and make it into a thriller.  There’s also some new computer technology thrown in there.  But, unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that well because the thriller aspect overcomes the timely aspects of the story.
me:  **.5  /  MC:  58  /  RT:  59  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.1  (41,036)
B.O. gross:  $83,015,089  /  $214,015,089

Double Dragon
11/4/94, 96 min, PG-13, Action, Gramercy
d:  J. Yukich
w:  P. Dini, N. Shusterman, M. Davis, P. Gould
a:  R. Patrick, M. Dacascos, S. Wolf
Mind-numbingly dumb adaptation of a Japanese video game.  It’s a martial arts Action film and who would be better to star than Scott Wolf, future member of Party of Five (I would say star but he doesn’t deserve that label).  You can tell it’s terrible because it has Alyssa Milano who was apparently Wolf’s real-life girlfriend at the time which means with very questionable talent he got to date Milano and have an on-screen relationship with Jennifer Love Hewitt, which I suppose is appropriate given Milano and Hewitt’s talent level.
me:  .5  /  RT:  8  /  IMDb:  3.7  (9656)
B.O. gross:  $2,341,309

The Dragon Gate
79 min, Fantasy, Troma
d:  M. Marvin
w:  D. Coplan
a:  D. Coplan, G. Lewis, C. Taylor
Only the Oscars think this was released.  The IMDb lists it as a Troma Team Video release and Box Office Mojo and the Motion Picture Almanac list no release.  Troma was notorious for their relentless optimism and always submitting their films though the Academy was never drunk enough to nominate anything.  This Fantasy film has just 40 votes on the IMDb (two more than a year ago) and seems to be completely unavailable, having never been released on video in spite of the “Troma Team Video” release.
IMDb:  5.1  (40)

Dream Lover
5/6/94, 103 min, R, Drama, Gramercy
d:  N. Kazan
w:  N. Kazan
a:  J. Spader, M. Amick
I don’t know what it was about James Spader that seemed to make directors think he was the right guy for an erotic Drama.  Soderbergh used him well but Nicholas Kazan doesn’t.  Or maybe this story about a divorced architect who meets and falls for a woman just isn’t good.
me:  **  /  RT:  57  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.2  (3566)
B.O. gross:  $256,264

Drop Squad
10/28/94, 86 min, R, Drama, Gramercy
d:  D.C. Johnson
w:  D.C. Johnson, D. Taylor, B. Robinson
a:  E. La Salle, V. Curtis-Hall, V. Rhames
Terrible attempt at social satire aimed at young blacks who have turned away from their own culture.  A critical and commercial bomb that couldn’t do anything with Ving Rhames or Eriq La Salle even as Pulp Fiction and E.R. were both becoming big hits at the same time.  For a movie that made less than a million dollars, this was oddly one of the first films I watched for this project because it was on television.
me:  *  /  RT:  14  /  E:  .5  /  IMDb:  4.6  (477)
B.O. gross:  $734,693

Drop Zone
12/9/94, 101 min, R, Action, Paramount
d:  J. Badham
w:  T. Griffin, G. Manos, P. Barsocchini, J. Bishop
a:  W. Snipes, G. Busey
I have always been a little perplexed about how Wesley Snipes became a star in the first place.  He’s a terrible actor and most of the films he makes are clearly awful, this one in particular, about a U.S. marshall and parachuting and that’s really all you need to know.
me:  *.5  /  RT:  38  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  5.6  (17,487)
B.O. gross:  $28,735,315

Dumb and Dumber
12/16/94, 107 min, PG-13, Comedy, New Line
d:  P. Farrelly  /  B. Farrelly
w:  P. Farrelly, B. Farrelly, B. Yellin
a:  J. Carrey, J. Daniels, L. Holly
I have never been interested in stupid humor.  To say that can mean fart jokes and toilet humor.  But in this case, I mean finding stupid people to be funny.  This is a “comedy” about two utter idiots who go on a road trip when one of them falls in love with a rich woman he drives in a limo one day.  It built off what Jim Carrey had already established as his screen persona in Ace Ventura.  It’s painfully stupid and I couldn’t find just about anything to laugh about.
me:  *.5  /  MC:  41  /  RT:  67  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  7.3  (320,027)
B.O. gross:  $127,715,374  /  $247,275,374

Eat Drink Man Woman
8/3/94, 124 min, Comedy, Samuel Goldwyn Company, Taiwan (Mandarin)
d:  A. Lee
w:  A. Lee, J. Schamus, H-L. Wang
a:  S. Lung, Y-W. Wang, C-L. Wu
A wonderful romantic comedy about a man and his three daughters, all of whom are starting to develop more interesting personal lives as they continue to visit him for big meals.  One of the best films to make you hungry (hell, it makes me hungry and I don’t like most Asian cuisines) and, along with The Wedding Banquet, one of the films that made Ang Lee a big name before he ever directed an English language film (or won two Oscars).
me:  ****  /  RT:  91  /  IMDb:  7.8  (15,902)
B.O. gross:  $7,294,403

Ed Wood
9/30/94, 127 min, R, Comedy, Disney (Touchstone)
d:  T. Burton
w:  S. Alexander, L. Karaszewski  (from the book by R. Grey)
a:  J. Depp, M. Landau, B. Murray, S.J. Parker, P. Arquette, J. Jones
In a year with Forrest Gump (the popular pick), Pulp Fiction (the critics pick) and Shawshank (the eventual popular pick), I still go with Ed Wood as the best film of the year and it’s tough to choose it over Pulp Fiction.  But it’s warm and funny and heart-breaking and dark and brilliant and so well made on every level.  This is the film that really proved that Johnny Depp was one of the best and most interesting actors at work.  Already reviewed.
me:  ****  /  MC:  70  /  RT:  92  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.8  (154,113)
B.O. gross:  $5,887,457

8 Seconds
2/25/94, 105 min, PG-13, Drama, New Line
d:  J.G. Avildsen
w:  M. Merrick
a:  L. Perry, J. Rebhorn, C. Finley. C. Snodgress
Like Into the Wild, I don’t consider it a tragedy when someone dies doing something that would likely lead to death.  It’s a little tragic in that Lane Frost, the rodeo star whose biopic this is actually died in a freak way after he was already off a bull.  Luke Perry is decent as Frost but the rest of the cast is weak and I just can’t be made to care.
me:  **  /  RT:  31  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.6  (4201)
B.O. gross:  $19,623,396

The Endless Summer II
6/3/94, 109 min, PG, Documentary, New Line
d:  B. Brown
w:  B. Brown, D. Brown
I’m not a big Documentary watcher and I usually don’t rate them, but have for the purposes of this project.  It’s on surfing which I don’t care about and unlike say When We Were Kings, which was also about a sport I don’t care about, this documentary didn’t make me care about surfing or any of the people in it.  A sequel to the highly successful 1966 documentary.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  47  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  7.6  (1658)
B.O. gross:  $2,155,385

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
5/20/94, 95 min, R, Comedy, Fine Line
d:  G. Van Sant
w:  G. Van Sant  (from the novel by T. Robbins)
a:  U. Thurman, L. Bracco, P. Morita
By the time I originally saw this, it was because I was fond of Gus Van Sant (I was seeing it for my Great Director project) but I had also hated the book so much I threw it out a window.  With the film given narration straight from the book (even narrated by Robbins himself), it’s a complete disaster.  A critical slaughter and a box-office bomb, this film is as bad as everyone says that it is.
me:  .5  /  MC:  28  /  RT:  21  /  E:  .5  /  IMDb:  4.4  (6583)
B.O. gross:  $1,708,873

Exit to Eden
10/14/94, 113 min, R, Comedy, Savoy Pictures
d:  G. Marshall
w:  D. Amelon, B. Brunner  (from the novel by A. Rice)
a:  D. Delany, D. Aykroyd, R. O’Donnell
Fully reviewed by me as the worst film of the year in the Nighthawk Awards.  Do you want to see Rosie O’Donnell in black leather bondage gear?  No.  Neither does anyone else.  Do you want to see Dana Delaney fully nude?  Well, yes, and so especially did I after loving her in China Beach (and she looked a lot like my junior high crush) but the story and O’Donnell are so painfully bad it’s not worth it.  If you need to see the Delaney scenes go watch them on a porn website.
me:  .5  /  RT:  6  /  E:  .5  /  IMDb:  4.2  (5996)
B.O. gross:  $6,841,570

The Favor
4/29/94, 97 min, R, Comedy, Orion
d:  D. Petrie
w:  S. Parriott, J. McGibbon
a:  H.J. Kozak, E. McGovern, B. Pullman
The final Brad Pitt film before he hit it big isn’t really that at all but yet another bad Orion film that was made back in 1990 and finally got dumped into theaters as the studio was disintegrating.  Stupid Romantic Comedy with some decent actresses (Elizabeth McGovern, Harley Jane Kozack) but no worthwhile story.
me:  **  /  MC:  51  /  RT:  27  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  5.3  (2316)
B.O. gross:  $3,134,381

Fear of a Black Hat
6/3/94, 88 min, R, Musical, Samuel Goldwyn Company
d:  R. Cundieff
w:  R. Cundieff
a:  M.C. Lawrence, L.B. Scott, R. Cundieff
A quite witty mockumentary with some good, funny original songs (like “Granny Said Kick Yo Ass” and “Grab Yo Stuff”).  The title, if you don’t recognize it is a take-off on Public Enemy’s Fear of a Black Planet, maybe the greatest hip-hop album ever made.
me:  ***  /  RT:  86  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.2  (3562)
B.O. gross:  $233,824

2/2/94, 119 min, PG-13, Drama, Fine Line, Italy (Italian)
d:  P. Tavioni / V. Taviani
w:  P. Tavioni, V. Tavioni, S. Petraglia
a:  C. Bigagli, G. Ranzi, M. Vartan
I first saw this in the late 90’s when my college roommate was in charge of putting together a list of films for a Foreign film series at school.  Charming Italian Drama about a family that is cursed by greed and the first film I ever saw by the Taviani brothers.
me:  ***.5  /  RT:  57  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  7.0  (996)

The Flintstones
5/27/94, 91 min, PG, Kids, Universal
d:  B. Levant
w:  T.S. Parker, J. Jennewein, S. de Souza  (based on the television series created by W. Hanna and J. Barbera)
a:  J. Goodman, E. Perkins, R. Moranis, R. O, Donnell
I watched the end credits of this film a lot during the short time I worked in a theater and had to sweep up all the popcorn those kids left behind.  It left me with no interest in the film.  Having now finally seen it, well, it could have been worse (like the sequel) but pushing the story to feature length it just gets too silly.  Might have made a nice short with live action performers but just doesn’t work well.  Tolerable for little kids.
me:  **  /  MC:  38  /  RT:  22  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  4.9  (67,910)
B.O. gross:  $130,531,208  /  $341,631,208

11/4/94, 96 min, R, Comedy, Strand Releasing
d:  P. McCarthy
w:  P. McCarthy, J.H. Allen, J. Cusack
a:  J. Cusack, S. Buscemi
Much like I won’t ever watch Patriots Day because of my personal experience with those events, I don’t need to have someone make a Comedy that references the LA Riots for the same reason.  This film feels like some guy who knew a couple of rising stars (Charlie Sheen, Ethan Hawke) and got lucky with some character actors that weren’t stars yet (Steve Buscemi, Viggo, Billy Bob Thornton) but has no coherent plot.
me:  **  /  RT:  67  /  IMDb:  5.8  (1086)
B.O. gross:  $20,031

Foreign Student
7/29/94, 90 min, R, Drama, Gramercy
d:  E. Sereny
w:  M. Meyjes  (from the novel by P. Labro)
Small film that barely got a release about a French student studying in Virginia who falls in love with a black woman.
me:  **.5  /  IMDb:  5.8  (283)

Forrest Gump
7/6/94, 142 min, PG-13, Comedy, Paramount
d:  R. Zemeckis
w:  E. Roth  (from the novel by W. Groom)
a:  T. Hanks, G. Sinise, S. Field, R. Wright Penn
This is Ronald Reagan’s America, as I said in the full review I wrote for the Best Picture project.  It has a magnificent soundtrack and some amazing visual effects but the basic story is a rip-off from two much better films.  Yet, it really caught on with America and even the world becoming one of the biggest films of all-time and the biggest hit at the Oscars in a generation.
me:  ***  /  MC:  82  /  RT:  72  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  8.8  (1,523,034)
B.O. gross:  $329,694,499  /  $677,387,716

Four Weddings and a Funeral
3/11/94, 117 min, R, Comedy, Gramercy, UK
d:  M. Newell
w:  R. Curtis
a:  H. Grant, A. MacDowell, S. Callow, J. Hannah, K. Scott Thomas
The last of the four films in this year listed in my Top 100 Favorite Films.  Perhaps the film I have seen the most from this year because of reasons already listed there and in the Best Picture review.  One of the best and most charming Romantic Comedies ever made.  Like another Richard Curtis penned film, Love Actually, got a Red Nose sequel.
me:  ****  /  MC:  81  /  RT:  95  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.0  (121,558)
B.O. gross:  $52,700,832  /  $245,700,832

8/19/94, 114 min, R, Crime, Miramax
d:  B. Yakin
w:  B. Yakin
a:  S. Nelson, G. Espostio, S.L. Jackson
If you look at this and it makes you think this film might have been an inspiration for Moonlight, in its story of a young black boy from a broken home who is running drugs for gangsters, you’re not alone.  It has a strong performance from Samuel L. Jackson but the rest of the cast isn’t quite up to the strength of the story.
me:  ***  /  MC:  81  /  RT:  87  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  7.6  (10,749)
B.O. gross:  $8,094,616

The Getaway
2/11/94, 115 min, R, Crime, Universal
d:  R. Ronaldson
w:  W. Hill, A.H. Jones  (from the novel by J. Thompson)
a:  A. Baldwin, K. Basinger
The original version with Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw was hardly a classic but remaking it with Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger was just a disaster.  Stupid Crime film about an outlaw couple on the run that can’t compare to Jim Thompson’s original pulp novel.
me:  *  /  MC:  51  /  RT:  33  /  E:  *  /  IMDb:  5.7  (15,486)
B.O. gross:  $16,094,974  /  $30,057,974

Getting Even with Dad
6/17/94, 109 min, PG, Comedy, MGM
d:  H. Deutch
w:  T.S. Parker, J. Jennewein
a:  M. Culkin. T. Danson, G. Headly
What could be more heart-warming than a con spending time with his son because his son knows about his dad’s planned heist and gets involved?  Ted Danson’s film career was a disaster at this point and Macauley Culkin’s was headed downhill fast and this didn’t help either of them.
me:  *  /  RT:  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  4.8  (6685)
B.O. gross:  $18,869,594

A Gift from Heaven
102 min, Drama
d:  J. Lucarelli
w:  D. Steen
a:  S. Farrell, G. Rice, D. Steen
The IMDb listed this as a 1995 film which I had to correct because, aside from the Academy listing it as eligible, it played at Cannes in 1994 (and earned a review from Variety that proved it).  Still, never released on video (UCLA has a copy on film) and only the Academy thinks it was released in the States at all.
IMDb:  5.5  (28)

Go Fish
7/8/94, 83 min, R, Comedy, Samuel Goldwyn Company
d:  R. Troche
w:  G. Turner, R. Troche
a:  G. Turner, V.S. Brodie
I have it as a Romantic Comedy but you could also call it a Romance (and thus a Drama).  Warm, funny, charming lesbian romance, directed by Rose Troche, produced by her and Guinevere Turner, written by both (they were a couple at the time) and starring Turner.  Troche’s film career didn’t pick up that much but this helped make Turner, who was only in her mid 20’s, a solid screenwriter.  Ironically, just yesterday I read Turner’s piece in The New Yorker about growing up in a cult.  Both V and I loved this when we first saw it (almost 20 years ago now) but it’s much harder to find now.
me:  ***  /  RT:  81  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  5.6  (1823)
B.O. gross:  $2,405,285

Golden Gate
1/28/94, 83 min, R, Comedy, Samuel Goldwyn Company
d:  J. Madden
w:  D.H. Hwang
a:  M. Dillon, J. Chen
Bland Drama about an FBI agent in the 50’s having an affair with a Chinese-American woman in San Francisco.  Early work from future Shakespeare in Love director John Madden.  Not good but surprising that it has a zero on RT, even with few reviews.
me:  **  /  RT:  0  /  IMDb:  5.3  (658)
B.O. gross:  $395,105

A Good Man in Africa
9/9/94, 94 min, R, Comedy, Gramercy
d:  B. Beresford
w:  W. Boyd  (from his own novel)
a:  C. Friels, S. Connery, J. Lithgow
A relentlessly unfunny Comedy.  It was enough of a bomb when it was first released that even though the director had won Best Picture at the Oscars five years before, I was unable to find this on video when I went through my Best Director project in 2011 (I was able to get it this time because it aired on television, though it was in the middle of the night and I just chanced to see it).  As Ebert discusses, a bad film example of the kind of satire that Evelyn Waugh did so well in Scoop.  Colin Friels is just a smarmy British diplomat who deserves a punch in the face, not to sleep with Joanne Whalley-Kilmer.  A complete waste of Sean Connery, not to mention that his character as “the only good man in Africa” is rather offensive to everyone in Africa.
me:  *.5  /  RT:  10  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  5.0  (2113)
B.O. gross:  $2,308,390

3/4/94, 113 min, PG-13, Comedy, Universal
d:  J. Lynn
w:  L. Ganz, B. Mandel
a:  M.J. Fox, K. Douglas, N. Travis
Yet another Comedy about a greedy family where everyone just wants the patriarch to die so they can get his money.
me:  *.5  /  RT:  29  /  IMDb:  6.3  (11,522)
B.O. gross:  $13,137,484

6/3/94, 87 min, Comedy, Strand Releasing
d:  R. Glatzer
w:  R. Glatzer
a:  C. Chester, J. Beat, I. Douglas
The kind of Indie film that gives Indie films a bad name: a story that finds the Indie mold (it has a gay romance) but that is dull as dirt.  It’s about the machinations behind the scenes at a dreadful television show when the showrunner announces she’s leaving.  The characters are all terrible as is all of the acting outside of Illeana Douglas.
me:  **  /  RT:  36  /  IMDb:  5.8  (293)

Guarding Tess
3/11/94, 96 min, PG-13, Comedy, TriStar
d:  H. Wilson
w:  H. Wilson, P.J. Torokvei
a:  S. MacLaine, N. Cage
Enjoyably entertaining story of a secret service agent who is stuck guarding a former president’s widow, a demanding woman (Shirley MacLaine) who drives him nuts.  Nicolas Cage plays the agent and he’s quite good and this film is better than his other two 1994 films put together (and then some).  MacLaine earned a Globe nom and in a very weak year for Actress – Comedy she actually deserved it.
me:  ***  /  MC:  46  /  RT:  58  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  6.2  (14,116)
B.O. gross:  $27,058,304

Hans Christian Anderson’s Thumbelina
aka:  Thumbelina
4/1/94, 86 min, G, Kids, Warner Bros
d:  D. Bluth  /  G. Goldman
w:  D. Bluth  (from the fairy tale by H.C. Anderson)
a:  G. Conforti, B. Cook, J. Benson
When he first left Disney and made The Secret of Nimh, it looked like Don Bluth could set up a rival studio.  But that film had a story large enough to fill a feature length film without songs.  What Bluth brought with him was creative energy and animating talent.  What he didn’t bring was storytelling instincts or any decent composers.  Thumbelina might borrow some Disney voice talent (Jodi Benson, who had played Ariel) but it does no good if the songs are utter crap and they’re left to fill out a film enough to get it to 86 minutes.
me:  **  /  RT:  25  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.4  (13,262)
B.O. gross:  $11,373,501

The Hawk
12/10/93, 88 min, R, Suspense, Castle Hill Productions, UK
d:  D. Hayman
w:  P. Ransley  (from his novel)
a:  H. Mirren, D. Harewood, C. Madin
A housewife (Helen Mirren) suspects her husband is a serial killer.  The most annoying of the films I haven’t been able to see as it’s one of only two films that received an MPAA rating I haven’t seen, has by far the most votes from the IMDb for a film I haven’t seen (over twice as many as any other), has an actual star and is the only film listed on BoxOfficeMojo that I haven’t seen (albiet in 1993 where there are over 45 films above it that I haven’t seen).
IMDb:  5.5  (302)
B.O. gross:  $8906

Heavenly Creatures
11/16/94, 99 min, R, Fantasy, Miramax, New Zealand
d:  P. Jackson
w:  P. Jackson, F. Walsh
a:  M. Lynskey, K. Winslet
In and out of my Top 5 (currently in 7th) not because it fluctuates but because this year is so god damned good that it’s hard to figure out what those final couple of spots after Ed Wood, Pulp Fiction and Shawshank are.  Brilliant look at a famous New Zealand crime (two teenage girls murdered the mother of one of the girls) that also brings to life the imaginary world the girls create in their free time together.  This film also gave us Kate Winslet (her film debut) and showed how brilliant Peter Jackson could be as a director.  A really visionary film that absolutely deserved to have its effects nominated and was a surprise but very worthy nominee for Original Screenplay at the Oscars.
me:  ****  /  RT:  92  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.4  (54,815)
B.O. gross:  $3,049,135

Hélas Pour Moi
aka:  Oh, Woe is Me
3/18/94, 95 min, Drama, Cinema Parallel, France (French)
d:  J-L. Godard
w:  J-L. Godard
a:  G. Depardieu, L. Masliah, B. Verley
For a Godard film, this is surprisingly not annoying.  Perhaps it’s because he used a real actor as the lead (Depardieu) or perhaps because it has an actual story (inspired by a couple of Greek myths in which a god comes down to earth to experience life).
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.4  (916)

Hoop Dreams
10/14/94, 170 min, PG-13, Documentary, Fine Line
d:  S. James
w:  S. James, F. Marx
One of the great documentaries of all-time and so of course the Academy didn’t even manage to nominate it.  Over three hours long but it flies by in the story of two teens in Chicago and their quest to make the NBA (or college, first) and to find better lives for themselves and their families.  In spite of its length, was, at the time of its release, the second highest grossing documentary of all-time behind only Truth or Dare which is pretty good competition when you consider that this film didn’t have Madonna fellating a Clearly Canadian bottle as a selling point.
me:  ****  /  MC:  98  /  RT:  98  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  8.3  (21,663)
B.O. gross:  $7,830,611  /  $11,830,611

The House of the Spirits
4/1/94, 140 min, R, Drama, Miramax
d:  B. August
w:  B. August  (from the novel by I. Allende)
a:  M. Streep, J. Irons, W. Ryder, A. Banderas, G. Close
A terrible adaptation of a magnificent book.  It has a magnificent cast but except for Antonio Banderas they’re all wrong for the parts.  Yet another example of why you shouldn’t, for the most part, try to film magical realism.  A full review can be found here when I reviewed the book.
me:  **  /  RT:  31  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.9  (18,887)
B.O. gross:  $6,265,311

House Party 3
1/14/94, 100 min, R, Comedy, New Line
d:  E. Meza
w:  D. Toney, T. Bufford  (from characters created by R. Hudlin)
a:  C. Reid, C. Martin, D. Edwards
A stupid sequel to two films that I haven’t bothered to see (I have now seen them and the first one is at least tolerable).  There’s no characters, no real story and not much that is funny.
me:  *  /  RT:  0  /  IMDb:  4.4  (3955)
B.O. gross:  $19,281,235

The Hudsucker Proxy
3/11/94, 111 min, PG, Comedy, Warner Bros
d:  J. Coen / E. Coen
w:  E. Coen, J. Coen, S. Raimi
a:  T. Robbins. J.J. Leigh, P. Newman, B. Campbell, B. Durning, B. Cobbs
Some directors align with you and some don’t.  I don’t much like anything by Richard Linklater but the Coens are absolutely for me.  This darkly funny satire of a Screwball Comedy has a great Katharine Hepburn-esque performance from Jennifer Jason Leigh and satirizes the modern workplace without even taking place in the modern era.  After watching this originally, I had a drawing up on my wall at work of a circle with the phrase “You know . . . for kids.”
me:  ***.5  /  MC:  53  /  RT:  56  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  7.2  (70,876)
B.O. gross:  $2,816,518

I Am My Own Woman
4/29/94, 91 min, Documentary, Cinevista, Germany (German)
d:  R. von Praunheim
w:  R. von Praunheim, V. Passoni, C. von Mahlsdorf
a:  C. von Mahlsdorf, J. Taschner, I. Androgyn
Kind of a half-documentary, half-Drama about a transgender person who managed to survive the Nazis and became important in the gay liberation movement in Germany after the war.  Its IMDb rating has actually gone down .3 in the last year, one of the most drastic shifts of any film.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.2  (144)

I Don’t Want to Talk About It
aka:  De eso no se habla
10/21/94, 106 min, PG-13, Drama, Sony Pictures Classics, Argentina (Spanish)
d:  M.L. Bemberg
w:  M.L. Bemberg, J. Goldenberg, J. Llinas, A. Romero
a:  M. Mastroianni, L. Brando, A. Podesta
It may have an Italian star (Marcello Mastroianni) but this Drama / Comedy with a complex plot is actually an Argentine film with an Argentine director and it’s filmed in Spanish.
me:  ***  /  RT:  80  /  IMDb:  6.9  (310)

I Like It Like That
10/14/94, 104 min, R, Drama, Columbia
d:  D. Martin
w:  D. Martin
s:  L.L. Velez, J. Seda, T. Melly
Decent Comedy-Drama about a young Puerto Rican couple living in the Bronx.
me:  ***  /  RT:  80  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.9  (1358)
B.O. gross:  $1,760,527

I Love Trouble
7/1/94, 124 min, PG, Comedy, Disney (Touchstone)
d:  C. Shyer
w:  C. Shyer, N. Meyers
a:  J. Roberts, N. Nolte
I don’t know what was the dumber idea: marrying the idea of a Romantic Comedy with the plot of a Suspense-Thriller or the idea that Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte would make a good couple for a Romantic Comedy (and could create any chemistry).  They play rival reporters who of course fall for each other while looking into a mystery that is just pointless.
me:  *  /  RT:  20  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  5.3  (10,512)
B.O. gross:  $30,806,194

12/25/94, 100 min, PG, Comedy, Paramount
d:  F. Schepisi
w:  A. Breckman, M. Leeson
a:  T. Robbins, M. Ryan, W. Matthau
Rather silly Romantic Comedy with Tim Robbins as a mechanic, Meg Ryan the Princeton brain he falls for instantly (understandable) and Walter Matthau as her quirky uncle who also happens to be Albert Einstein.  Why make up a story like this about such a famous person?  Matthau is enjoyable but the film is just standard Rom-Com stuff, although at least Robbins and Ryan make a good couple unlike Roberts and Nolte.
me:  **.5  /  MC:  66  /  RT:  46  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  6.2  (21,661)
B.O. gross:  $26,381,221

I’ll Do Anything
2/4/94, 115 min, PG-13, Comedy, Columbia
d:  J.L. Brooks
w:  J.L. Brooks
a:  N. Nolte, A. Brooks
Would this film have been better as the Musical it was originally envisioned to be?  Given that it stars Nick Nolte (and that the songs were by Prince, whose music I have never liked), I would say no.  As it is, there are some good moments of satire on Hollywood but mostly it’s just a passable Romantic Comedy.
me:  ***  /  RT:  61  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  5.6  (2251)
B.O. gross:  $10,424,645

Imaginary Crimes
10/14/94, 107 min, PG, Drama, Warner Bros
d:  A. Drazen
w:  K. Johnson, D. Nelson  (from the book by S. Ballantyne)
a:  F. Balk, H. Keitel, E. Moss
The crimes aren’t actually imaginary as Harvey Keitel plays a con man who also manages to con himself.  He’s raising two daughters by himself (Fairuza Balk and a 12 year old Elisabeth Moss who had already been in a few films before this) while avoiding his creditors.  It’s really Balk’s story as she moves towards adulthood and escaping to a better life.  Quite well done and very difficult to find.
me:  ***  /  RT:  60  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  6.5  (1230)
B.O. gross:  $89,611

Immortal Beloved
12/16/94, 121 min, R, Musical, Columbia
d:  B. Rose
w:  B. Rose
a:  G. Oldman, I. Rossellini, J. Krabbé
Beethoven deserved better than this.  The soundtrack is worth buying (my father has it) because it has some great Beethoven work but this is a dour, rather unpleasant biography that also makes some dubious claims about his life.  Gary Oldman isn’t bad but the film just isn’t all that good.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  56  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.5  (21,126)
B.O. gross:  $9,914,409

Improper Conduct
93 min, R, Suspense, New Films International
d:  J. Mundhra
w:  J. Mundhra, C. Austin
a:  S. Bauer, T. Welch, J. Laughlin
Really awful Suspense film about a woman’s sexual harassment claim that gets suppressed and then her sister gets involved and just don’t bother.
me:  *  /  IMDb:  4.5  (159)

In Custody
4/15/94, 126 min, PG, Comedy, Sony Pictures Classics, India (Hindi)
d:  I. Merchant
w:  A. Desai, S. Husain  (from the novel by A. Desai)
a:  S. Kapoor, S. Azmi, O. Puri
Ismail Merchant, the producer of all the Merchant-Ivory productions tries his hand at directing.  It’s fairly good as he got Anita Desai to adapt her own Booker-nominated novel about a Hindi professor whose real love is Urdu poetry.  For those not familiar with the divide in India, it can be rough going but it’s well acted and well-written and that makes it easier.
me:  ***  /  RT:  67  /  IMDb:  7.1  (308)
B.O. gross:  $92,612

In Dream of America
No one even seems to know what the hell this film is.  God, I miss oscars.org.  The only other place I can even find reference to this is this site which lists all Oscar eligible films from that year (and from every other year which was a real boon to this project and might have involved me going with 1989 instead of 1994 had I found it before I was months into this).  Probably a documentary but there is no other evidence of it on the web at all.

In the Army Now
8/12/94, 91 min, PG, Comedy, Disney (Hollywood)
d:  D. Petrie Jr
w:  S. Zacharias, J. Buhai, R. Fox, K. Kaufman, S. Krieger, D. Petrie Jr, F. Bahr, A. Small
a:  P. Shore, A. Dick, L. Petty
Are there people who ever found Pauly Shore funny?  If so, who are they?  Certainly not me.  And this film is made even less funny by teaming him with Andy Dick as two slackers who join the U.S. Army Reserve so that they could get paid and only have to work a couple of weekends a year only to get sent into combat after an invasion in Africa.  Other than Disney films which clearly used a collaborative process, has there ever been a good film with this many writers?  It took three people to come up with this story and five to turn it into this crappy script?  Utterly mindless and stupid.  If you see the Sphinx it stinks.
me:  .5  /  RT:  6  /  E:  *.5  /  IMDb:  6.5  (1202)
B.O. gross:  $28,881,266

Inevitable Grace
9/30/94, 103 min, Suspense, Silverstar
d:  A.M. Canawati
w:  A.M. Canawati
a:  M. Caulfield, S. Knights, J. Nicholson
The IMDb and The Motion Picture Almanac list a September release and the IMDb even has box office info (which Box Office Mojo does not and which seems compromised factually by the “opening weekend” date being a Tuesday).  But this film has no reviews and seems to have never been released on video and so I haven’t been able to see it.
IMDb:  3.4  (98)
B.O. gross:  $391,000  /  $1,190,000  (from IMDb)

The Inkwell
4/22/94, 110 min, R, Comedy, Disney (Touchstone)
d:  M. Rich
w:  T. Ellis, P. Qualles
a:  L. Tate, J. Morton, S. Douglas
Weak semi-romantic comedy (between two teens), this story feels like a partial retread of the part of California Suite that dealt with the two black married couples as a more liberal, urban-minded black couple vacations with a conservative black couple.
me:  **  /  RT:  25  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.5  (1202)
B.O. gross:  $8,880,705

1/21/94, 98 min, R, Drama, Paramount
d:  M. Rydell
w:  D. Rayfiel, M. Brickman  (from an earlier screenplay by P. Guimard, J-L. Dabadie, C. Sautet from a novel by Guimard)
a:  R. Gere, S. Stone, L. Davidovich
After Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone was immediately pushed as a femme fatale into a ton of thrillers and this is one of them and one of the worst.  This one stars Richard Gere and is directed by Mark Rydell who once, amazingly, was an Oscar nominee (On Golden Pond).  A remake of a much better French film.
me:  *  /  RT:  10  /  E:  *  /  IMDb:  5.3  (6809)
B.O. gross:  $21,355,893

Interview with the Vampire
aka:  Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
11/11/94, 123 min, R, Horror, Warner Bros
d:  N. Jordan
w:  A Rice  (from her novel)
a:  B. Pitt, T. Cruise, K. Dunst, C. Slater, S. Rea, A. Banderas
How on earth did this film, with brilliant costumes from 18th Century New Orleans and 19th Century Paris not earn an Oscar nomination for Costume Design?  I still think this film would have been better had the parts been switched (with Pitt allowed to be a lunatic as Lestat and Cruise who would have been a much better Louis than Pitt’s bland performance) but between the sumptuous look of the film, Kirsten Dunst’s star-making supporting performance and the sensual nature of it all, I still find this to be a more than satisfying adaptation of a book that I still love.
me:  ***.5  /  MC:  59  /  RT:  62  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.6  (266,792)
B.O. gross:  $105,264,608  /  $223,664,608

Iron Will
1/14/94, 108 min, PG, Adventure, Disney (Buena Vista)
d:  C. Haid
w:  J.M. Hayes, D. Milicevic, J. Arch
a:  M. Astin, K. Spacey, D.O. Stiers
It’s decently well executed but this film loses a lot of points for being a pile of cliches from top to bottom.  A young man’s father dies in a mushing accident in a river, he decides to save the family farm by competing in a dogsled race, eventually has to overcome a villain and the fear of dying like his father to win.  Looks fine, acting is fine, but you can pretty much predict everything that will happen from the minute the film begins.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  62  /  E:  /  IMDb:  6.5  (6411)
B.O. gross:  $21,006,361

It Could Happen to You
7/29/94, 101 min, PG, Comedy, TriStar
d:  A. Bergman
w:  J. Anderson
a:  N. Cage, B. Fonda, R. Perez, S. Tucci
An insipidly stupid film.  I can’t believe I saw this in the theater.  I re-watched this the day after re-watching Dumb and Dumber and was more annoyed by this, by appealing actors doing decent jobs in utterly stupid roles and a ridiculous plot.  The cop agreeing to split what turns out to be a winning lottery ticket with a waitress could be charming but all the add-ons (Rosie Perez as the most annoying wife ever, only there to make it more acceptable for Nicholas Cage to leave her for the much more appealing on every level Bridget Fonda, the horrible ex-husband, the stupid “trial”) are the really unbelievable things.
me:  *  /  MC:  64  /  RT:  71  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  6.3  (31,087)
B.O. gross:  $37,939,757

Jason’s Lyric
9/30/94, 119 min, Crime, Gramercy
d:  D. McHenry
w:  B. Smith Jr.
a:  A. Payne, J.P. Smith, B. Woodbine
For a while this is a moderately successful film that deals with the violence in the African-American community and the way it gets passed on to the next generation that is undercut by a really badly done voiceover narrative.  But then it becomes a bit of a sappy romance and it really goes downhill.  It’s not helped by a fairly ineffective lead performance from Allen Payne.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  64  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.6  (3046)
B.O. gross:  $20,851,521

Jimmy Hollywood
4/1/94, 112 min, R, Comedy, Paramount
d:  B. Levinson
w:  B. Levinson
a:  J. Pesci, C. Slater, V. Abril
I can’t fault Joe Pesci for having terrible scripts to work with (see With Honors below as well) but I can blame him for also giving terrible performances.  He plays an out-of-work actor in Hollywood who decides to become a vigilante.  The start of the bad fall of Barry Levinson.
me:  **  /  MC:  /  RT:  18  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  5.3  (2783)
B.O. gross:  $3,783,003

11/23/94, 109 min, PG-13, Comedy, Universal
d:  I. Reitman
w:  K. Wade, C. Conrad
a:  A. Schwarzenegger, D. DeVito, E. Thompson
Like the previous Arnold / DeVito team-up, surprisingly not terrible given the utterly ridiculous premise (doctor makes himself pregnant with new drug) mainly because Arnold is an enjoyable comic actor and DeVito works well with him.  What Emma Thompson is doing in this film and how it earned major Globe noms, on the other hand, is a mystery.
me:  **.5  /  MC:  /  RT:  36  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  4.6  (59,257)
B.O. gross:  $36,763,355  /  $108,431,355

Just Like a Woman
7/22/94, 106 min, R, Comedy, Samuel Goldwyn Company
d:  C. Monger
w:  N. Evans  (from a novel by M. Jay)
a:  J. Walters, A. Pasdar, P. Freeman
Some 15 years before he was one of the stars of Heroes, Adrian Pasdar plays a transvestite who is kicked out by his wife and ends up living with Julie Walters and even having an affair with her.  Rare film that actually addressed the transvestite life instead of using it as a gag like Some Like It Hot or Tootsie.  Interesting but not all that good, unfortunately.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  40  /  E:  /  IMDb:  5.3  (416)

L. 627
4/8/94, 145 min, R, Crime, Kino Lorber, France (French)
d:  B. Tavernier
w:  B. Tavernier, M. Alexandre
a:  D. Bezace, J-P. Comart, C. Kady
A 1992 French film from Bertrand Tavernier looks at the life of an overly dedicated cop.  Fairly good as Tavernier doesn’t make bad films but he’s done better.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.4  (1493)
B.O. gross:  $28,540

La Vie de Bohème
7/29/93, 103 min, Drama, Kino International, Finland (French)
d:  A. Kaurismäki
w:  A. Kaurismäki  (from the novel by H. Murger)
a:  M. Pellonpää, E. Didi, A. Wilms
No, not a film version of the opera, but fascinating Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki returns to the original novel about an impoverished Parisian poet.  But, like so many Kaurismaki films, it takes its own original turns.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.7  (4125)

Ladybird Ladybird
10/6/94, 101 min, R, Drama, Samuel Goldwyn Company, UK
d:  K. Loach
w:  R. Munro
a:  C. Rock, V. Vega, S. Lavelle
Ah, Ken Loach, always a guarantee of an enjoyable night of film.  If you took that statement seriously you’ve never seen a Loach film.  As with so many Loach films, well made, though not with well-known actors and dealing with social commentary (in this case, a woman who is dealing with trying to hold on to her four children when social services come calling).  The rare film where the RT score and my own score are exactly the same.
me:  ***  /  RT:  71  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  7.5  (2753)
B.O. gross:  $152,457

7/22/94, 94 min, PG, Kids, Paramount
d:  D. Petrie
w:  M. Jacobs, G. Ross, E. Anderson  (from a character created by E. Knight)
a:  T. Guiry, H. Slater, J. Tenney, M. Williams
Did the world need yet another Lassie film?  No, not really.  But director Daniel Petrie with this pointless, unnecessary film scores much better than his sons who directed In the Army Now and Richie Rich in this year.  And it does give us the film debut of Michelle Williams who would survive a melodramatic teen tv show and go on to become one of the foremost film actresses at work today.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  88  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  5.9  (4531)
B.O. gross:  $9,979,683

Latcho Drom
AKA: Safe Journey
3/4/94, 103 min, Documentary, New Yorker Films, France (French)
d:  T. Gatlif
w:  T. Gatlif
A very well-done documentary about Romani people and their journey across Southern Europe which makes good use of their music.
me:  ***.5  /  RT:  80  /  E:  /  IMDb:  8.2  (1664)

Legends of the Fall
12/23/94, 133 min, R, Drama, TriStar
d:  E. Zwick
w:  S. Shilliday, W.D. Wittliff  (from the novel by J. Harrison)
a:  B. Pitt, A. Hopkins. A. Quinn, J. Ormond, H. Thomas
I hated this film when it came out and time hasn’t made it any better.  This was the first time that I really realized what Brad Pitt was like as a star (I had seen Cool World but didn’t remember his performance) and I thought he was the opposite of charismatic.  It didn’t help that the film wasn’t well-written or that Julia Ormond was beautiful but pointless (she would later play essentially the same role twice more in First Knight and Sabrina).  The cinematography is good but the film is not.  One of several disappointing Anthony Hopkins performances in this year after his amazing 1993.  Real life continues to interact with this project as, the day I am entering the information about the actors, Henry Thomas has been arrested on a DUI.
me:  **.5  /  MC:  45  /  RT:  56  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.5  (128,157)
B.O. gross:  $66,638,883  /  $160,638,883

Leon the Pig Farmer
9/10/93, 104 min, Comedy, Cinevista, UK
d:  V. Jean  /  G. Sinyor
w:  M. Normand, G. Sinyor
a:  M. Frankel, J. Suzman, B. Glover
A successful young Jewish man in London discovers his biological father is actual a pig farmer out in the country.  A pretty solid British comedy erupts from this.
me:  ***  /  RT:  83  /  IMDb:  5.7  (438)

Lightning in a Bottle
109 min, Drama
d:  J. Kwitny
w:  J. Lindsell
a:  L. Carter, D. Wallace, M. Kove
The IMDb lists this as a 1993 film but with no listed release date until a video release but the Academy says it was eligible.  Lynda Carter plays a woman who was drunk and killed a man and his son in a car accident but everyone believes it was the man who was drunk and she lives with the guilt.  Pretty bad.  So little seen that the only vote for it on the IMDb in the last year was mine.
me:  **  /  IMDb:  6.2  (43)

Lightning Jack
3/11/94, 98 min, PG-13, Western, Savoy Pictures
d:  S. Wincer
w:  P. Hogan
a:  P. Hogan, C. Gooding Jr, B. D’Angelo
The Crocodile Dundee films were kind of Australian Westerns but apparently that wasn’t enough for Paul Hogan so he wrote and starred in this actual Western about an Australian outlaw in America who is far-sighted and who adopts a black mute as his partner.  It tries to be a Comedy and fails.  Apparently it had a hard time on location because of the influx of Westerns from late 1993 (Geronimo, Tombstone) and through 1994 and every film wanted to use the same locations.
me:  *  /  RT:  6  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  5.5  (5821)
B.O. gross:  $16,821,273

The Lion King
6/15/94, 88 min, G, Kids, Disney (Buena Vista)
d:  R. Allers  /  R. Minkoff
w:  see note at the end of the review
a:  M. Broderick, J.E. Jones, M. Kelly, J. Irons, N. Lane, R. Atkinson, R. Guillaume
I watched this at around the same time the trailers for the “live-action” version were hitting and the power of the music and the story (even if it’s totally ripped off from Bambi – young prince born that’s a big deal, early times including the girl, leaving after parent dies, comes back and is twitter-pated, big fire and then a rain to cleanse everything, becomes king; people need to stop saying this is Hamlet it’s clearly Bambi, damn it) made me finally bump this up to low ****.  I have always been a fan of circular stories and the way the title comes back up again at the end with the brilliant song that should have won the Oscar plays yet again has always been my favorite thing about the film.  In the last year, it’s gone up 13 spots in the IMDb Top 250 which probably isn’t surprising given the new film.
note:  I’m not listing the writers.  According to the IMDb, there are three writers credited for the screenplay, one story supervisor, eight credited with “additional story material” and an insane 17 credited for story.  I’m not listing all of them.
me:  ****  /  MC:  83  /  RT:  93  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  8.5  (788,372)
B.O. gross:  $312,855,561  /  $763,455,561

Little Big League
7/1/94, 119 min, PG, Kids, Columbia
d:  A. Scheinman
w:  A. Scheinman, G.K. Pincus
a:  L. Edwards, T. Busfield, J. Robards
Had someone come to me at a Hollywood studio with the idea that a kid inherits the Minnesota Twins from his grandfather and then manages the team when no one else would do it, I would have stopped them right there.  “First of all, it’s stupid.  Second of all, Major League regulations expressly forbid an owner functioning as manager.”  But someone at Columbia was okay with it and it’s stupid.  If you have to watch a 1994 film about baseball this might want to be your last choice even before you get to the first baseman romancing the kid’s mother.
me:  **  /  RT:  33  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  6.1  (8685)
B.O. gross:  $12,267,790

Little Buddha
5/27/94, 123 min, PG, Drama, Miramax, Italy
d:  B. Bertolucci
w:  B. Bertolucci, R. Wurlitzer, M. Peploe
a:  K. Reeves, R. Ying, C. Isaak, B. Fonda
What the bloody hell was Bernardo Bertolucci thinking?  Let’s make a film about the Buddha including flashback scenes in which he is played by Keanu Reeves?  And give it a modern day story that’s just awful and a waste of Bridget Fonda, who spent a lot of this year having her beauty and talent wasted?  One of his worst films.
me:  **  /  RT:  68  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.0  (13,871)
B.O. gross:  $4,858,139

Little Giants
10/14/94, 107 min, PG, Kids, Warner Bros
d:  D. Dunham
w:  J. Ferguson, R. Shallcross, T. Swerdlow, M. Goldberg
a:  R. Moranis, E. O’Neill
Well, at least this Kids film is about football, not baseball.  Ed O’Neill and Rick Moranis play very different brothers whose kids football teams compete.  No points for guessing who is expected to win and who actually wins.
me:  **  /  RT:  40  /  E:  *  /  IMDb:  6.4  (22,460)
B.O. gross:  $19,306,362

The Little Rascals
8/5/94, 82 min, PG, Kids, Universal
d:  P. Spheeris
w:  P. Spheeris, R. Wolterstorff, M. Scott, P. Guay, S. Mazur  (based on characters created by H. Roach)
a:  T. Tedford, K.J. Woods, J. Warkol
Part of me says that I should rank it even lower but I know for a fact it can work for kids.  When I first worked in childcare I had a fellow teacher who owned it (her kids liked it) and we showed it to the kids at the daycare and they enjoyed it.  But the Our Gang shorts aren’t funny to me and neither is this film and it’s really pretty painful to watch.
me:  *.5  /  MC:  45  /  RT:  23  /  IMDb:  6.3  (38,676)
B.O. gross:  $52,125,282  /  $67,308,282

Little Women
12/21/94, 116 min, PG, Drama, Columbia
d:  G. Armstrong
w:  R. Swicord  (from the novel by L.M. Alcott)
a:  W. Ryder, S. Sarandon, C. Danes, K. Dunst, C. Bale, G. Byrne, E. Stoltz, S. Mathis, T. Alvarado
The best version of the novel made to this point (though who knows what will happen with the new version coming out in December) mainly because Winona Ryder is so good as Jo but also because they had Claire Danes and Kirsten Dunst available as great young actresses for the younger two sisters.  Fully reviewed in Adapted Screenplay.
me:  ***.5  /  MC:  87  /  RT:  91  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.3  (41,867)
B.O. gross:  $50,083,616

Living Buddha
108 min, Documentary, Germany (German)
d:  C. Kuby
w:  C. Kuby
If you have to see a Buddha film in this year, watch this documentary.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.7  (37)

Love Affair
10/21/94, 108 min, PG-13, Drama, Warner Bros
d:  G.G. Caron
w:  W. Beatty, R. Towne  (from the original screenplay by M. Cram, L. McCarey, D. Daves, D.O. Stewart)
a:  W. Beatty, A. Bening, K. Hepburn
After Sleepless in Seattle reminded everyone of An Affair to Remember, Warren Beatty decided to make it yet again but forgot to provide chemistry (even though he’s opposite his own wife) or a decent script.  What a waste of Katharine Hepburn’s last screen performance
me:  **  /  MC:  55  /  RT:  30  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  5.9  (4054)
B.O. gross:  $18,272,894

Love After Love
aka: Apres L’amour
10/14/94, 104 min, Drama, Rainbow Releasing, France (French)
d:  D. Kurys
w:  D. Kurys, A. Lacomblez
a:  I. Huppert, B. Giraudeau
A 1992 French Romance starring Isabelle Huppert.  A decent film but given the prominence of the director and the star, it’s rather hard to find.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.2  (292)

A Low Down Dirty Shame
11/25/94, 100 min, R, Action, Disney (Hollywood)
d:  K.I. Wayans
w:  K.I. Wayans
a:  K.I. Wayans, C.S. Dutton, J.P. Smith
A mindless Action Comedy from Keenan Ivory Wayans who plays a former disgraced detective who gets a chance to redeem the case that he blew.  Too full of action to really work well as a Comedy and the action isn’t interesting enough to merit watching on its own.
me:  .5  /  RT:  0  /  E:  *.5  /  IMDb:  5.9  (5789)
B.O. gross:  $29,392,418

The Madness of King George
12/30/94, 110 min, PG-13, Drama, Samuel Goldwyn Company, UK
d:  N. Hytner
w:  A. Bennett  (from his play)
a:  N. Hawthorne, H. Mirren, I. Holm, R. Graves
A fascinating story about what happens when madness strikes the head of state.  It’s filled with fantastic acting from everyone in it and was my introduction to Nigel Hawthorne.  As I mentioned in my full review in Adapted Screenplay, it makes for interesting parallels to current America.
me:  ***.5  /  MC:  89  /  RT:  93  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  7.2  (13,743)
B.O. gross:  $15,238,689

Major League II
4/1/94, 105 min, PG, Comedy, Warner Bros
d:  D.S. Ward
w:  R.J. Stewart, T.S. Parker, J. Jennewein  (from characters created by D.S. Ward)
a:  C. Sheen, T. Berenger, C. Bernsen
Well, they finally got around to using the great line from the first film that had been cut from the film but used in every commercial (“That ball wouldn’t have been out of a lot of parks.”  “Name one.”  “Yellowstone.”) but that’s just about the only funny thing in this retread of a sequel.  Well, it also makes a lot of deserved digs at Wesley Snipes’ film career (Snipes didn’t come back for the sequel) and those are funny.  But all in all, still pretty bad and there’s a reason this was the first time I had watched it since seeing it in theaters.
me:  *  /  RT:  5  /  E:  *.5  /  IMDb:  5.6  (22,576)
B.O. gross:  $30,626,182

A Man of No Importance
12/22/94, 99 min, R, Comedy, Sony Pictures Classics, Ireland
d:  S. Krishnamma
w:  B. Devlin
a:  A. Finney, B. Fricker, M. Gambon
The mid-90’s saw a rise in films about homosexuality and especially about older homosexuals.  This one is a period piece about an Irish bus driver in the 60’s who is closeted.  It’s got a good performance from Albert Finney but the script seems to exist more on the “we’ll make a film about this idea” level rather than having fleshed it out into an actual story with characters.
me:  **.5  /  MC:  62  /  RT:  86  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.8  (856)
B.O. gross:  $920,916

Martin Lawrence: You So Crazy
4/29/94, 84 min, Documentary, Samuel Goldwyn Company
d:  T. Schlamme
w:  M. Lawrence
I have never found Martin Lawrence to be funny.  He’s just another angry comic who managed to turn his schtick into a film career.  I certainly had no need to see an entire film of his stand-up work which is just angry and fairly tasteless.
me:  **  /  RT:  50  /  IMDb:  6.7  (839)
B.O. gross:  $10,184,701

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
11/4/94, 123 min, R, Horror, TriStar
d:  K. Branagh
w:  S. Lady, F. Darabont  (from the novel by M. Shelley)
a:  K. Branagh, R. De Niro, H. Bonham Carter, T. Hulce, J. Cleese, I. Holm
I always want to like this movie more than I should (or even more than I do) because I really like Kenneth Branagh and for a long time I even had it on video (on a tape with Interview with the Vampire and Bram Stoker’s Dracula).  But, while this is by far the most faithful adaptation, it is really not all that good and I can never quite decide if De Niro is good as the monster or hammy.  Obviously not the start of a downtrend for Branagh given what he would do in 1996 but a sign that he was capable of slipping.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  39  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.4  (46,715)
B.O. gross:  $22,006,296  /  $112,006,296

The Mask
6/29/94, 101 min, PG-13, Comedy, New Line
d:  C. Russell
w:  M. Fallon, M. Weveiden, M. Werb  (uncredited from a comic book series by J. Arcudi, C. Warner, D. Mahnke)
a:  J. Carrey, C. Diaz, P. Riegert
More tolerable than a lot of frantic Jim Carrey films partially because of the solid visual effects that come when he puts on an ancient mask and it gives him powers and partially because of a winning film debut from Cameron Diaz (immediately lusted after by many but she’s just a generic blonde to me, at least until she becomes an actress late in the decade).  A pretty typical type of gangster plot to go with it and Carrey didn’t remotely deserve a Globe nom but a decent and sometimes even fun film.
me:  ***  /  MC:  56  /  RT:  77  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.9  (302,813)
B.O. gross:  $119,938,730  /  $351,583,407

5/20/94, 127 min, PG, Western, Warner Bros
d:  R. Donner
w:  W. Goldman  (from the television series created by R. Huggins)
a:  M. Gibson, J. Foster, J. Garner
This was fun to go back to, possibly for the first time since I originally saw it in the theater.  Yes, it’s awkward to remember that Mel Gibson used to be fun and charming (he’s actually a natural comedic actor) but it has the funniest cameo of the year, it has a charming and beautiful Jodie Foster (though I wish she stayed in the blue dress the whole film) and a great twist ending that I admit I didn’t see coming.  Interesting to watch now because the Randy Newman score sounds like it was a warm-up for his Toy Story score the next year.
me:  ***  /  MC:  62  /  RT:  66  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.0  (92,266)
B.O. gross:  $101,631,272  /  $183,031,272

Mi Vida Loca
7/15/94, 92 min, R, Drama, Sony Pictures Classics
d:  A. Anders
w:  A. Anders
a:  A. Aviles, S. Lopez, J. Vargas, S. Hayek
Solid Drama from Allison Anders about Latino females growing up in the Echo Park neighborhood of LA.  While Salma Hayek has a small role (her first, in fact), it feels more authentic because there aren’t actors that you’ll recognize in the film.
me:  ***  /  RT:  71  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.5  (1715)
B.O. gross:  $3,267,313

Milk Money
9/2/94, 110 min, PG-13, Comedy, Paramount
d:  R. Benjamin
w:  J. Mattson
a:  M. Griffith, E. Harris
An insipidly stupid film about a bunch of 12 year olds who have a desire to see a naked female and so they go to the city and end up helping a whore who they then convince to come back with them so she can fall in love with the dad of one of them.  The best thing about it is Anne Heche as a brunette.  Read the Ebert review, which is one of the funniest he ever wrote.
me:  .5  /  RT:  8  /  E:  *  /  IMDb:  5.5  (10,315)
B.O. gross:  $18,137,661

A Million to Juan
5/13/94, 97 min, PG, Comedy, Samuel Goldwyn Company
d:  P. Rodriguez
w:  P. Rodriguez, R. Grasmere, F. Matos
a:  P. Rodriguez, T. Plana, B. Rosario
I was inclined against this film from the start because, and I can’t stress this enough, I hate puns, so I hate the title.  A modern day version of Mark Twain’s story “The Million Pound Bank Note” stars Paul Rodriguez and if you don’t remember who that is, it’s because he was a comedian who rose to fame in the 90’s without actually being all that funny.
me:  **  /  IMDb:  5.4  (697)
B.O. gross:  $1,220,842

Miracle on 34th Street
11/18/94, 114 min, PG, Kids, 20th Century-Fox
d:  L. Mayfield
w:  V. Davies, J. Hughes  (from the original screenplay by G. Seaton)
a:  R. Attenborough, E. Perkins, D. McDermott, M. Wilson
Why?  I mean, it’s not a bad film, but it’s just utterly pointless.  Why bother to invest the money to remake one of the ultimate Christmas classics when you could have just re-released the original in theaters?  Mara Wilson would later be good in Matilda but she’s just a void when you’re trying to compare her to Natalie Wood.  Skip this, watch the original.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  56  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.5  (25,560)
B.O. gross:  $17,320,136  /  $46,264,384

Mixed Nuts
12/21/94, 97 min, PG-13, Comedy, TriStar
d:  N. Ephron
w:  N. Ephron, D. Ephron  (uncredited from a film by J. Balasko, M-A. Chazel, C. Clavier, G. Jugnot, T. Lhermitte, B. Moynot, J-M. Poire)
a:  S. Martin, M. Kahn, R. Klein, R. Wilson, J. Lewis
I saw this in the theater on a double date because we wanted a Comedy but there’s nothing funny in this film about a suicide hotline center that’s closing on Christmas, just a lot of annoying characters.  This was the first time I had seen it since and it still sucked.  This has been at the bottom or close to it for the year since the day I saw it.
me:  .5  /  MC:  14  /  RT:  7  /  E:  *.5  /  IMDb:  5.4  (9008)
B.O. gross:  $6,821,850

Monkey Trouble
3/18/94, 96 min, PG, Comedy, New Line
d:  F. Amurri
w:  F. Amurri, S. Krieger
a:  T. Birch, H. Keitel
My brain doesn’t want to reconcile this adorable kid with the snarky bitchiness of Thora Birch in American Beauty and Ghost World but it’s the same actress all right.  You’re much better off watching her in one of those two great films because this film about a girl who ends up with the pickpocketing monkey that belongs to a thief is a complete dud.
me:  **  /  RT:  50  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  5.3  (5626)
B.O. gross:  $16,453,258

92 min, R, Drama, MPG-Film, Germany-Ireland
d:  D. Hirtz
w:  M. Watters, B. Weinshanker  (from the novel by F. Stuart)
a:  R. Conroy, I. Shaw, J. Brendler
Good Irish film about two Irish brothers (one in his early 20’s, one in his middle teens) who fall for the same German beauty when she comes to stay with them.  I spent much of the film staring at the older one, wondering where I had seen him before then realized that he looks so much like his father (Robert Shaw) that I was just thinking of his father.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.1  (211)

Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
11/23/94, 125 min, R, Drama, Fine Line
d:  A. Rudolph
w:  A. Rudolph, R.S. Coburn
a:  J.J. Leigh, C. Scott, M. Broderick
Another film I always want to be better than it is.  I’ll think I’ve underrated it and then watch it again and realize that the film is great when it focuses on Dorothy Parker and Robert Benchley and the fantastic performance by Jennifer Jason Leigh and the very good one from Campbell Scott but is weak when it focuses on Parker’s love life and gets away from Benchley (and the script is so weak at those points that I don’t feel I can give it any points).  I was stunned when Leigh didn’t make it into the Oscar nominations since she was better than any of the nominees and for a long time she was my #1 until I saw Death and the Maiden and Queen Margot.
me:  ***  /  MC:  66  /  RT:  74  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  6.4  (3952)
B.O. gross:  $2,144,667

My Father the Hero
2/4/94, 90 min, PG, Comedy, Disney (Touchstone)
d:  S. Miner
w:  F. Veber, C. Peters  (from a screenplay by G. Lauzier)
a:  G. Depardieu, K. Heigl
Every choice in this film is suspect from putting a 15 year old in a thong bathing suit that exposes all of her ass (I figured that she had to be older but no, she really was 15) to putting Katherine Heigl into a film career to the very plot (teenager on vacation in the Bahamas with her father idiotically convinces the older boy she likes that he’s not her father but the man who rescued her from a life on the street because that apparently makes her more interesting) to the utter cruelty (the boyfriend tries basically to kill the father, suggesting there’s nothing wrong with it).  There is a moment where Gerard Depardieu (as the father) plays “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” and everyone leaves because they think he is Heigl’s boyfriend which just shows how creepy a song it was even back in 1958.  And let’s not even talk about the flabbergasting cameo at the end of the film.
me:  *.5  /  RT:  14  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  5.4  (9591)
B.O. gross:  $25,479,558

My Girl 2
2/11/94, 99 min, PG, Drama, Columbia
d:  H. Zieff
w:  J. Kovalcik  (from characters created by L. Elehwany)
a:  A. Chlumsky, A. O’Brien, J.L. Curtis, D. Aykroyd
The first film had a nice sweetness about it, partially embodied in Anna Chlumsky’s performance.  But it also had a maudlin string that played out with the death of her best friend (continuing the string of ironies – saw a dark meme about that just today).  That maudlin string is turned up quite loud in this unnecessary sequel in which she travels to Los Angeles (conveniently, her uncle lives there) so that she can find out more about her mother, who her father seems to know nothing about.  Of course, she will find out what she needs to know and return in time for the birth of her half-brother and all will be cutesy and saccharine.
me:  **  /  RT:  27  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  5.2  (16,551)
B.O. gross:  $17,359,799

Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult
4/13/94, 83 min, PG-13, Comedy, Paramount
d:  P. Segal
w:  P. Proft, D. Zucker, R. LoCash  (from the television series created by J. Abrahams, D. Zucker, J. Zucker)
a:  L. Nielson, P. Presley, G. Kennedy, O.J. Simpson
This was a lot funnier when I first saw it in the theater.  Unlike the first Naked Gun, which still holds up as a damn funny film, this one really has aged badly.  There are some funny bits when you get to the Oscars and the way it ridicules the most recent slate of Oscar films but too many of the gags are just re-treads.  This also became really awkward to watch just a few months after it was released (I saw it in it theaters during Spring Break of my Sophomore year) when O.J. went from being a lovable actor and former football player to a murderer.
me:  **.5  /  MC:  63  /  RT:  55  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.5  (86,324)
B.O. gross:  $51,132,598

Naked in New York
4/13/94, 95 min, R, Comedy, Fine Line
d:  D. Algrant
w:  D. Algrant, J. Warren
a:  E. Stoltz, M-L. Parker, R. Macchio
Smarmy, obnoxious film about a young playwright who hits it big and then complains about all the problems he has.  Basically, Bullets Over Broadway, but set in the present and not funny and you hate almost everyone in it.
me:  **  /  RT:  42  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  5.7  (1427)
B.O. gross:  $1,038,959

Natural Born Killers
8/26/94, 118 min, R, Crime, Warner Bros
d:  O. Stone
w:  Q. Tarantino, O. Stone, D. Veloz, R. Rutowski
a:  W. Harrelson, J. Lewis, R. Downey Jr, T. Sizemore, T.L. Jones
I honestly don’t think I’ve seen this since opening day at the theater 25 years ago.  It has not aged well.  Stone wanted to make a commentary about the media and our obsession with criminals but it lacks focus and is so far over the top it’s hard to get into it.  Perhaps I could take it better if I liked Woody Harrelson or Juliette Lewis but I don’t.
me:  **.5  /  MC:  74  /  RT:  47  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  7.3  (194,342)
B.O. gross:  $50,282,766

12/16/94, 112 min, PG-13, Drama, 20th Century-Fox
d:  M. Apted
w:  W. Nicholson, M. Handley  (from the play by Handley)
a:  J. Foster, L. Neeson, N. Richardson
I think this would have propelled Jodie Foster to an Oscar if she hadn’t already won twice in the previous six years.  It’s got her as a woman who is almost feral after being raised alone by her stroke-stricken mother while Liam Neeson plays the nice country doctor who will keep science from poking and probing at her.  Predictable, but with a good Foster performance and a good score from Mark Isham.
me:  ***  /  RT:  53  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.5  (25,024)
B.O. gross:  $33,683,817  /  $106,683,817

The New Age
9/16/94, 112 min, R, Comedy, Warner Bros
d:  M. Tolkin
w:  M. Tolkin
a:  J. Davis, P. Weller
Just three years after playing a married couple that is screwed up in a different way (at least in this film he doesn’t shoot her in the head), Peter Weller and Judy Davis are back as a yuppie couple who have to deal with suddenly going broke.  Tolkin did much better satirizing Hollywood in The Player than he does in just satirizing the rich here.
me:  **.5  /  MC:  61  /  RT:  69  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  5.7  (928)
B.O. gross:  $245,217

The Next Karate Kid
8/12/94, 107 min, PG, Action, Columbia
d:  C. Cain
w:  M. Lee  (from characters created by R.M. Kamen)
a:  P. Morita, H. Swank
I wasn’t a Hilary Swank fan even before realizing I would have to watch her as a Karate Kid.  It’s pointless and dumb and I had abandoned this series after the terrible third film as did just about everyone else and the filmmakers should have as well.
me:  *.5  /  MC:  36  /  RT:  7  /  IMDb:  4.4  (22,060)
B.O. gross:  $8,914,777  /  $15,876,353

No Escape
4/29/94, 118 min, R, Action, Savoy Pictures
d:  M. Campbell
w:  M. Gaylin, J. Gross  (from a novel by R. Herley)
a:  R. Liotta, L. Henriksen, S. Wilson
Stupid Sci-Fi / Action / Suspense film about a former Marine (Ray Liotta) who is serving out his time on an island penal colony in a dystopian future.  How the Bond producers saw this and decided on Martin Campbell as their next director, I can’t fathom but at least it worked.
me:  *  /  RT:  50  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.1  (17,133)
B.O. gross:  $15,339,030

Nobody’s Fool
12/23/94, 110 min, R, Drama, Paramount
d:  R. Benton
w:  R. Benton  (from the novel by R. Russo)
a:  P. Newman, J. Tandy, B. Willis, M. Griffith, D. Walsh
A magnificent Paul Newman performance propels this wonderful adaptation of Richard Russo’s fantastic book.  It’s not quite a great film, but is really close and is well cast and really makes the novel’s characters come to life as I mentioned in the Adapted Screenplay post.
me:  ***.5  /  MC:  86  /  RT:  91  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.4  (16,434)
B.O. gross:  $39,491,975

7/22/94, 87 min, PG, Comedy, Columbia
d:  R. Reiner
w:  A. Zweibel, A. Scheinman  (from the novel by Zweibel)
a:  E. Wood, J. Alexander, J. Louis-Dreyfus
Of course, Roger Ebert rather famously hated hated hated this movie and I don’t blame him.  It’s smarmy and stupid and a complete waste of the talent involved.  Rob Reiner had a string of strong films going back to his directorial debut without even the hint of a miss (Spinal Tap, Sure Thing, Stand by Me, Pricness Bride, When Harry Met Sally, Misery, A Few Good Men) but he failed so badly here it’s amazing he ever recovered and many will tell you his career has never been the same.  Sadly, I couldn’t find a video of when Richard Belzer, at the Rob Reiner roast, made Reiner read Ebert’s review aloud.
me:  .5  /  RT:  14  /  E:  0  /  IMDb:  4.4  (12,261)
B.O. gross:  $7,182,747

9/16/94, 119 min, R, Drama, Orion, France
d:  R. Christian
w:  R. Christian, P. Ashworth, K. Boeser
a:  T. Karyo, F.M. Abraham, R. Hauer
Every time I look at the poster I have to remind myself that it’s not John Malkovich, that he is nowhere near this film, which is too bad because Malkovich could have livened up this rather dull biopic of the famous “prophet”.
me:  **  /  RT:  43  /  IMDb:  5.8  (2530)
B.O. gross:  $364,164

11/4/94, 89 min, Drama, Samuel Goldwyn Company
d:  D. Mamet
w:  D. Mamet  (from his play)
a:  W.H. Macy, D. Eisenstadt
David Mamet tackles sexual harassment.  It’s weird that there were so many films with this theme 25 years ago but this had actually been a Mamet play before he turned it into a two person film.  It has a strong performance from William H Macy as the accused professor and I had to remind myself that Rebecca Pidgeon is only the producer and not the female lead because she was on the cover of the copy I first read because she was the star on Broadway (yet, not on film, in spite of being married to the director).  Very uncomfortable film.
me:  /  MC:  61  /  RT:  56  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.7  (2650)
B.O. gross:  $124,693

On Deadly Ground
2/18/94, 101 min, R, Action, Warner Bros
d:  S. Seagal
w:  E. Horowitz, R.U. Russin
a:  S. Seagal, M. Caine, J. Chen
Steven Seagal makes his vanity project, a film about protecting the environment.  Too bad he decided to “direct” it and “act” in it.  The latter is always bad but the former was so bad that he actually got what might be the worst performance of Michael Caine’s career for the villain.  A complete joke of a film and the start of the downward trend of Seagal’s film career (thankfully).
me:  .5  /  RT:  10  /  IMDb:  4.4  (20,108)
B.O. gross:  $38,590,458

Only You
10/7/94, 115 min, PG, Comedy, TriStar
d:  N. Jewison
w:  D. Drake
a:  M. Tomei, R. Downey Jr, B. Hunt
Oh good lord, Marisa Tomei is so insanely cute in this film and it’s funny to watch it now and think about the scenes in Captain America: Civil War but the idea at its core (woman is convinced she must marry a man of a certain name) is so insanely ridiculous and stupid that you can’t buy into it.  Tomei and Downey keep it from slipping below low *** but just barely.
me:  ***  /  RT:  48  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  6.5  (17,563)
B.O. gross:  $20,059,210

The Pagemaster
11/23/94, 80 min, G, Kids, 20th Century-Fox
d:  P. Hunt  /  J. Johnston
w:  D. Kirschner, D. Casci, E. Contreras
a:  M. Culkin
Terrible Kids movie about a lonely, dorky kid who becomes a hero in a game.  A combination of live-action and animation and it’s pretty awful in both.
me:  *  /  RT:  17  /  E:  *.5  /  IMDb:  6.0  (18,378)
B.O. gross:  $13,670,688

The Paper
3/18/94, 112 min, R, Comedy, Universal
d:  R. Howard
w:  D. Koepp, S. Koepp
a:  M. Keaton, R. Duvall, G. Close, M. Tomei
Ron Howard does a fairly solid job of delivering a Comedy about a newspaper with Michael Keaton as the beleaguered metro editor married to Marisa Tomei (which makes the Spider-Man casting even more funny).  The film tries to do too much but keeps it together enough to earn a solid ***.
me:  /  RT:  88  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  6.6  (11,680)
B.O. gross:  $38,824,341  /  $48,424,341

4/29/94, 79 min, PG-13, Comedy, 20th Century-Fox
d:  H. Bochner
w:  A. Leff, Z. Penn
a:  J. Piven, C. Young, M. Ward
A dumb Comedy that was very much of its time as political correctness was a big thing.  But it’s rarely funny.  I enjoyed it a bit because it was about college and it came out when I was in college but it’s just not very good.  The most amusing concept is the guy who’s writing a paper on how there is always a Michael Caine movie on television.
me:  *.5  /  MC:  42  /  RT:  47  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.6  (11,244)
B.O. gross:  $4,330,020

The Politics of Cancer (A Study in Chaos)
10/7/94, 99 min, Documentary
d:  A. Krakowski
w:  A. Krakowski
A documentary that I know nothing about because it can’t be found.  No one else knows anything about it either since it has no IMDb votes.

Pontiac Moon
11/4/94, 108 min, PG-13, Drama, Paramount
d:  P. Medak
w:  F. Taylor, J.D. Brown
a:  T. Danson, M. Steenburgen
More evidence of Ted Danson’s doomed film career as this film made less than $12,000 at the box office.  It’s about a science teacher taking a road trip with his son at the same time that Armstrong is landing on the moon.  Tries to be whimsical but fails.
me:  **  /  IMDb:  5.6  (617)
B.O. gross:  $11,669

Princess Caraboo
9/16/94, 97 min, PG, Comedy, TriStar, UK
d:  M. Austin
w:  M. Austin, J. Wells
a:  P. Cates, J. Broadbent, K. Kline
Except for her brief return in The Anniversary Party for her friend Jennifer Jason Leigh, this is the last film role from Phoebe Cates as she retired to be a mom.  Also starring her husband Kevin Kline, an interesting film about the real woman in 19th Century London who claimed to be an exotic princess.
me:  ***  /  RT:  63  /  IMDb:  6.0  (2256)
B.O. gross:  $3,062,530

The Professional
aka:  Léon: The Professional; Léon
11/18/94, 110 min, R, Drama, Columbia, France
d:  L. Besson
w:  L. Besson
a:  J. Reno, N. Portman, G. Oldman
A star is born.  After Anna Paquin in The Piano and Kirsten Dunst in Interview, it was clear that a new generation of young actresses was coming of age and they were incredibly talented.  Natalie Portman is amazing as the young girl who becomes an apprentice to the assassin down the hall after her parents are murdered by a corrupt cop.  The scene where she stands in front of his door begging to let her in blew me away the first time I saw it.  Some people really hate this film (my college roommate hated it so much it killed his love for Sting’s “Shape of My Heart” because it was played over the end credits)
me:  ***.5  /  MC:  64  /  RT:  72  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  8.5  (877,890)
B.O. gross:  $19,501,238

Pulp Fiction
10/14/94, 144 min, R, Crime, Miramax
d:  Q. Tarantino
w:  Q. Tarantino, R. Avary
a:  J. Travolta, B. Willis, S.L. Jackson, U. Thurman, V. Rhames, T. Roth, A. Plummer
As I mentioned in my Best Picture review, if you weren’t there when this came out, it’s hard to explain the kind of impact it had.  And it absolutely holds up.  That’s because the dialogue is so brilliant and funny and worth repeating even after all these years, the performances are so strong and the direction and editing are so perfect.  More than ever, I wondered if I should be pushing this above Ed Wood and into the #1 spot.
me:  ****  /  MC:  94  /  RT:  94  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  8.9  (1,564,116)
B.O. gross:  $107,928,762  /  $213,928,762

Queen Margot
aka:  La Reine Margot
12/9/94, 159 min, R, Drama, Miramax, France (French)
d:  P. Chéreau
w:  P. Chéreau, D. Thompson  (from the novel by A. Dumas)
a:  I. Adjani, D. Auteuil, J-H. Anglade, V. Perez, V. Lisi
We already had British history come vividly to life in a very good film with The Madness of King George and here we get French history.  Isabelle Adjani gives one of the best performances of the year (and of course was almost completely ignored) as Margot, who was married off to Henry IV to help stave off a religious war that happened anyway.  Solid acting from good French actors and beautiful costumes and cinematography bring the film to life.
me:  ***.5  /  RT:  81  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  7.5  (14,932)
B.O. gross:  $1,292,232

Quiz Show
9/16/94, 133 min, PG-13, Drama, Buena Vista (Hollywood)
d:  R. Redford
w:  P. Attanasio  (from the book by R.N. Goodwin)
a:  R. Morrow, R. Fiennes, J. Turturro, P. Scofield, D. Paymer
At once some excellent drama, some solid entertainment and a fairly good history lesson (there are some changes made but they are mostly marginal as explained in the review).  After his supporting performance in Schindler’s List, this film made Ralph Fiennes one of my favorite actors.  Mostly ignored at the box office but rather rightly (rather because it’s my #6) nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars and thus has a full review there.  The big exception to the “if you see the Sphinx it stinks” rule.  The first great film released under the Hollywood banner (in fact the first over ***) and one of only three great films ever released that way by Disney (Grosse Pointe Blank and Sixth Sense are the other two).
me:  ****  /  MC:  88  /  RT:  96  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.5  (59,292)
B.O. gross:  $24,822,619

Radioland Murders
10/21/94, 108 min, PG, Comedy, Universal
d:  M. Smith
w:  G. Lucas, W. Huyck, G. Katz, J. Reno, R. Osborn
a:  B. Benben, M.S. Masterson, N. Beatty
Because George Lucas wrote the original story for this, because it hearkened back to Screwball Comedy (a genre I love) and because it was a rare film to have Brian Benben (just coming off Dream On which I had really liked though when I went back to it with Veronica it had not held up well), I really wanted to see this.  No one else did.  It died at the box office (though was less a financial failure than the next film but because Lucas was involved there was more publicity about this failure) and then I couldn’t find it on video for over 20 years.  I finally tracked it down a few years ago and yes, it was massively disappointing, though not nearly as bad as Ebert would have you believe.  Just bad, not truly awful.
me:  **  /  RT:  24  /  E:  *  /  IMDb:  6.3  (3015)
B.O. gross:  $1,316,865

Rapa Nui
9/9/94, 107 min, R, Adventure, Warner Bros
d:  K. Reynolds
w:  K. Reynolds, T.R. Price
a:  J.S. Lee, E. Morales, S. Holt
The Kevin Costner-Kevin Reynolds financial failure the year before Waterworld that is forgotten for a variety of reasons, namely that Costner isn’t in it (he just produced it for his friend) and because the budget was much smaller than Waterworld‘s.  A not very good Adventure story about Easter Island and the culture there.  One of a couple of films in this year that showed that Jason Scott Lee really wasn’t much of an actor.
me:  **  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.4  (4251)
B.O. gross:  $305,070

Ready to Wear
aka:  Prêt-à-Porter
12/25/94, 133 min, R, Comedy, Miramax
d:  R. Altman
w:  R. Altman, B. Shulgasser
a:  M. Mastroianni, S. Loren, J. Roberts, T. Robbins, K. Basinger, S. Rea
After The Player and Short Cuts (neither of which I saw in the theater), I wasn’t going to miss the newest Robert Altman especially since, by the time it was released, it had already been Globe nominated for Best Picture.  It was supposed to do to the fashion industry what The Player had done to Hollywood but it falls flat at every turn and the writing is just abysmal.  A total misstep for Altman.
me:  **  /  MC:  48  /  RT:  24  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  5.1  (13,419)
B.O. gross:  $11,300,653

Reality Bites
2/18/94, 99 min, PG-13, Comedy, Universal
d:  B. Stiller
w:  H. Childress
a:  W. Ryder, E. Hawke, B. Stiller, S. Zahn, J. Garofalo
I have hated this movie ever since I saw it in the theater but didn’t realize how much I hated it until Veronica, who had never seen it, wanted to watch it.  Troy is possibly my most hated character ever, and the notion that this shiftless layabout who just wants to be clever and do nothing is some sort of spokesman for my generation is utter bullshit (though the media totally ate it up and the film itself decries my generation’s work ethic).  From the film’s values to the insipid dialogue and characters, it’s all crap.  Even the soundtrack, which is mostly really good, can’t help but fuck up by including “My Sharona” and by shoving “Stay” into the credits.
me:  *.5  /  MC:  67  /  RT:  66  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.6  (40,629)
B.O. gross:  $20,982,557  /  $33,351,557

aka:  Trois couleurs: Rouge; Three Colors: Red
12/1/94, 99 min, R, Drama, Miramax, Switzerland (French)
d:  K. Kieslowski
w:  K. Kieslowski, K. Piesiewicz, A. Holland, E. Klosinski, M. Latallo, E. Zebrowski
a:  I. Jacob, J-L. Trintignant
A brilliantly fantastic film.  I reviewed it over a decade ago now and as I look at that review, I don’t actually say that much about the film itself.  It’s the story of a (very beautiful) model who ends up with a strange friendship with a withdrawn former judge.  Like the first two films in Kieslowski’s trilogy, it is about how we connect with other people.  It also provides the coda at the end that directly connects all three films in the trilogy.
me:  ****  /  MC:  100  /  RT:  100  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  8.1  (76,248)
B.O. gross:  $3,581,969

The Ref
3/9/94, 96 min, R, Comedy, Disney (Touchstone)
d:  T. Demme
w:  M. Weiss, R. LaGravenese
a:  D. Leary, J. Davis, K. Spacey
This black Comedy about a married couple who can’t stand each other who get kidnapped by a thief and drive him nuts stars two of my favorite stars (Kevin Spacey, Judy Davis, though, while I still like Spacey’s acting, he’s clearly a reprehensible man) and one of my least (Denis Leary).  It’s darkly funny and works really well although the ending doesn’t hold up that well (and it’s better than the original ending).  Good work from Spacey and Davis.
me:  ***  /  RT:  71  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.9  (21,442)
B.O. gross:  $11,439,193

Renaissance Man
6/3/94, 128 min, PG-13, Comedy, Disney (Touchstone)
d:  P. Marshall
w:  J. Burnstein
a:  D. Devito, G. Hines, J. Remar
I feel bad writing this because she just died a couple of days ago, but Penny Marshall, after three popular hits (Big, Awakenings, A League of Their Own) crashes and burns with this pointless Comedy about an out-of-work ad exec who has to teach Shakespeare to a bunch of barely literate Army recruits.  Who at Disney thought this was a movie to sink $40 million into?  It does have the first acting role for Mark Wahlberg that doesn’t show you what he would later be capable of.
me:  *  /  MC:  44  /  RT:  17  /  E:  *.5  /  IMDb:  6.2  (15,314)
B.O. gross:  $24,332,324

Richie Rich
12/21/94, 95 min, PG, Comedy, Warner Bros
d:  D. Petrie
w:  N. Tolkin, T.S. Parker, J. Jennewein  (based on a character created by A. Harvey, W. Kremer)
a:  M. Culkin, J. Larroquette, E. Herrmann
Spoiled rich kid played by Macauley Culkin has hijinks.  That’s all that’s worth saying.
me:  *  /  MC:  49  /  RT:  24  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  5.3  (56,384)
B.O. gross:  $38,087,756

The River Wild
9/30/94, 111 min, PG-13, Action, Universal
d:  C. Hanson
w:  D. O’Neill
a:  M. Streep, K. Bacon, D. Strathairn
Strong performances from Meryl Streep as a woman who is on a river trip with her family and Kevin Bacon as the criminal who holds them hostage at gunpoint can’t save this thriller from just being fairly standard.  This was still a couple of years before Curtis Hanson would really fall into his natural ability as a director.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  56  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.3  (37,097)
B.O. gross:  $46,816,343  /  $94,216,343

The Road to Wellville
10/28/94, 118 min, R, Comedy, Columbia
d:  A. Parker
w:  A. Parker  from the novel by T.C. Boyle)
a:  A. Hopkins, B. Fonda, J. Cusack, M. Broderick, D. Carvey, L.F. Boyle
At the time, I had never read Boyle and the cast was great (Anthony Hopkins coming off his brilliant 1993, John Cusack, Bridget Fonda who I adored) and the director was one I already had admiration for (he directed Mississippi Burning and The Commitments) but what a complete fucking mess.  Nothing is funny (that’s on Boyle whose books aren’t funny), the story is atrocious, the acting is dreadful.  Of all the movies in this year that completely wasted Bridget Fonda, and there are a lot, at least this one did give us a topless scene of her bathing in milk.
me:  *.5  /  RT:  41  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  5.8  (10,540)
B.O. gross:  $6,562,513

Robert A. Heinlein’s The Puppet Masters
10/21/94, 109 min, R, Horror, Disney (Hollywood)
d:  S. Orme
w:  T. Elliott, T. Rossio, D.S. Goyer  (from the novel by R. Heinlein)
a:  D. Sutherland, J. Warner, K. David
Terrible adaptation of a book that had a good idea but by the time they got around to the film it just looked too much like a rip-off of the various Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which this year already had.
me:  *  /  RT:  26  /  IMDb:  5.9  (7576)
B.O. gross:  $8,647,042

Romeo is Bleeding
2/4/94, 110 min, R, Crime, Gramercy, UK
d:  P. Medak
w:  H. Henkin
a:  G. Oldman, L. Olin
After liking him as Oswald and Rosencrantz (or maybe Guildenstern), it was films like this that made me take a big step from Gary Oldman for close to a decade (before he was both Jim Gordon and Sirius Black).  Oldman’s a crooked cop in this way over-the-top film.  I remember actually hearing some good things about this film so it’s interesting that both Ebert and I have ratings above the RT score.  This is a stylistic film but it is also a mess that the style can’t save.
me:  **  /  RT:  22  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.6  (11,887)
B.O. gross:  $3,275,585

Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book
aka:  The Jungle Book
12/25/94, 111 min, PG, Adventure, Disney (Buena Vista)
d:  S. Sommers
w:  S. Sommers, R. Yanover, M. Geldman  (from characters created by R. Kipling)
a:  J.S. Lee, L. Headey, C. Elwes
No wonder there were two competing versions for a while (that ended up coming out two years apart).  People always seem to want to film this (I’ve seen at least five feature versions of it).  A solid adventure film and while Jason Scott Lee doesn’t really come through in his acting it’s definitely worth watching.  Director Stephen Sommers would continue to remake films, making the two Mummy films a few years after this.  This version deals much more with man as an enemy (embodied in Cary Elwes) than the tiger than most film versions (this version is much more a Tarzan film than a Kipling adaptation which makes the official title quite an odd choice).  The female love interest (yes, Mowgli is much older in this version and has a love interest) is played by a very young Lena Headey.
me:  ***  /  RT:  79  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.0  (14575)
B.O. gross:  $43,229,904

Safe Passage
12/25/94, 98 min, PG-13, Drama, New Line
d:  R.A. Ackerman
w:  D. Goldstone  (from the novel by E. Bache)
a:  S. Sarandon, N. Stahl, S. Shepard
How can a film about a woman getting divorced, dealing with seven kids and who is also somewhat psychic still be so boring?  Well, it is.
me:  **  /  RT:  54  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.4  (1103)
B.O. gross:  $1,618,282

The Santa Clause
11/11/94, 97 min, PG, Kids, Disney (Buena Vista)
d:  J. Pasquin
w:  L. Benvenuti, S. Rudnick
a:  T. Allen, J. Reinhold, W. Crewson
I had always avoided this thinking that it was about how Allen would learn the meaning of Christmas by becoming Santa but he’s already good with Christmas and he takes it on because of his son.  Better than I thought it would be though the two sequels are just awful.  Decent Christmas family fare.
me:  ***  /  MC:  57  /  RT:  74  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.4  (78,768)
B.O. gross:  $144,833,357  /  $189,833,357

Savage Nights
aka:  Les Nuits Fauves
2/25/94, 126 min, Drama, Gramercy, France (French)
d:  C. Collard
w:  C. Collard, F. Fieschi  (from the novel by C. Collard)
a:  C. Collard, R. Bohringer
Cyril Collard does it all in this film, writing (based on his own autobiographical novel), directing and starring as someone who is trying to get through life while bisexual and HIV positive but still wanting to have as much sex as possible.  Collard himself died of AIDS related illness at 35 just before the film won four Cesars.
me:  /  RT:  57  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  7.1  (1996)
B.O. gross:  $662,341

The Scout
9/30/94, 101 min, PG-13, Comedy, 20th Century-Fox
d:  M. Ritchie
w:  A. Bergman, A. Brooks, M.M. Johnson  (from an article by R. Angell)
a:  A. Brooks, B. Fraser, D. Wiest
Yet another terrible baseball film although this one is aimed more for adults than for kids.  We do get hints of Brendan Fraser’s natural comic talent but the story tries too hard to be funny.  Lots of sports cameos.
me:  **  /  RT:  22  /  E:  *.5  /  IMDb:  5.3  (5447)
B.O. gross:  $2,694,234

Second Best
9/30/94, 105 min, PG-13, Drama, Warner Bros, UK
d:  C. Menges
w:  D. Cook  (from his novel)
a:  W. Hurt, J. Hurt, N. Yapp
Bit of an odd film that in spite of a major studio and a solid star managed to make less than $100,000 and it’s become very difficult to find.  Hurt (William that is) plays a man who wants to adopt a son and ends up with an emotionally troubled child.  A bit overly melodramatic.
me:  ***  /  RT:  100  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.1  (1254)
B.O. gross:  $86,115

The Secret Rapture
4/29/94, 97 min, R, Drama, Castle Hill Productions, UK
d:  H. Davies
w:  D. Hare  (from his play)
a:  J. Stevenson, P. Wilton, J. Whalley-Kilmer
With a David Hare script, I expected more from this film with Penelope Wilton and Juliet Stevenson playing siblings and Joanne Whalley-Kilmer as their young, sexy stepmother who all have to deal with each other after their father dies but it’s less than the sum of its parts.
me:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.4  (94)
B.O. gross:  $18,719

Serial Mom
4/13/94, 95 min, R, Comedy, Savoy Pictures
d:  J. Waters
w:  J. Waters
a:  K. Turner, S. Waterston, R. Lake
I think Ebert’s review hits the nail on the head.  I agree with him that the mismatched tone of the film and Turner’s performance (which is good, but seems to be in the wrong film) make the film a mess, but I am also not a fan of John Waters.
me:  **  /  MC:  64  /  RT:  61  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.7  (23,846)
B.O. gross:  $7,820,688

Sex, Drugs and Democracy
7/8/94, 87 min, Documentary
d:  J. Blank
Decent documentary that covers pretty much exactly what you would expect it to cover with that title.  Another film whose only vote in the last year on the IMDb was my own.
me:  ***  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.8  (125)

The Shadow
7/1/94, 108 min, PG-13, Action, Universal
d:  R. Mulcahy
w:  D. Koepp  (based on characters created by W.B. Gibson)
a:  A. Baldwin, P.A. Miller, J. Lone, I. McKellen, P. Boyle
This is almost the definition of a guilty pleasure film.  I can’t honestly recommend it because the plot is kind of dumb and the villain is pretty weak.  But Alec Baldwin has a magnificent voice (and laugh) as The Shadow, that great pulp hero who saw what evil lurked in the hearts of men and Penelope Ann Miller is adorable as his love (with helpful telepathic abilities) and the art direction and score are nice.  It’s also weird to go back and see a bumbling Ian McKellen as Miller’s father the year before I would really start to know who he was.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  35  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.0  (20,924)
B.O. gross:  $32,063,435  /  $48,063,435

The Shawshank Redemption
9/23/94, 142 min, R, Drama, Columbia
d:  F. Darabont
w:  F. Darabont  (from the novella by S. King)
a:  T. Robbins, M. Freeman
As mentioned elsewhere, I was one of the first to embrace the film (and with good reason) and while the awards helped, it was really after it started showing on cable and after the IMDb had it at the top almost from the start that it really became the consensus film that everyone loves and no one dislikes.  Easily one of the best films of the year.
me:  ****  /  MC:  80  /  RT:  91  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  9.3  (2,003,937)
B.O. gross:  $28,341,469

Silent Fall
10/28/94, 101 min, R, Mystery, Warner Bros
d:  B. Beresford
w:  A. Goldsman
a:  R. Dreyfuss, L. Hamilton, J. Lithgow
As the parent of a child with autism I find this movie quite distasteful, so of course it’s written by the piece of shit screenwriter Akiva Goldsman.  It’s the story of an autistic boy who is the only witness to a murder and the psychologist (Richard Dreyfuss) who tries to pull the story from him.  Bad film from a former Best Picture winning director (Bruce Beresford).
me:  *  /  RT:  24  /  E:  *.5  /  IMDb:  5.9  (3219)
B.O. gross:  $3,180,674

Silent Tongue
2/25/94, 102 min, PG-13, Western, Trimark Pictures
d:  S. Shepard
w:  S. Shepard
a:  A. Bates, R. Harris, R. Phoenix
Sam Shepard wrote and directed this Western Horror film.  It was the last film ever released with River Phoenix in it which is too bad because it’s really pretty crappy.
me:  **  /  RT:  38  /  IMDb:  5.3  (956)
B.O. gross:  $61,274

A Simple Twist of Fate
9/2/94, 106 min, PG-13, Drama, Disney (Touchstone)
d:  G. MacKinnon
w:  S. Martin  (from the novel by G. Eliot)
a:  S. Martin, G. Byrne, L. Linney
It’s interesting what comedians do for their pet project.  Steve Martin wrote and starred in a modern day adaptation of George Eliot’s Silas Marner, a classic that is almost unread today (I personally can’t stand Eliot).  He’s a man who adopts a young girl that is unwanted (illegitimate child of someone important) until her father wants her back (at which point we have a ridiculous trial).  Sappy and not very good.
me:  **  /  RT:  43  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.3  (4590)
B.O. gross:  $3,430,583

3/4/94, 98 min, R, Comedy, Miramax, Australia
d:  J. Duigan
w:  J. Duigan
a:  T. Fitzgerald, H. Grant, S. Neill. E. MacPherson, P. de Rossi
I have an older brother so I grew up looking at his Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues which often featured Elle MacPherson, so the chance to see her fully nude in a film (that was well-publicized) wasn’t going to be passed up by me.  Of course, it’s really Portia de Rossi who’s the real hottie who’s nude.  But none of that matters.  This is a fascinating film about a couple (Hugh Grant and a good Tara Fitzgerald) coming to deal with a blasphemous painter (Sam Neill based on Norman Lindsay) and how they deal with their own sexuality.  One of the best films of all-time for a combination of great female nudity and quality of film.
me:  ***.5  /  MC:  64  /  RT:  74  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  5.8  (9039)
B.O. gross:  $7,770,731

Sleep with Me
9/23/94, 86 min, R, Comedy, United Artists
d:  R. Kelly
w:  R. Kelly, D. Dell’Amico, R. Hedden, J. Keenan, M. Steinberg
a:  M. Tilly, E. Stoltz, C. Sheffer
This wannabe Tarantino film (which he is actually in, getting one of his typical pop culture speeches, this one on the homoeroticism in Top Gun) was a big hit at Cannes but didn’t get much distribution (it’s the only United Artists film from this year), probably because it’s not actually very good.  It had six writers and none of them thought to provide much coherence, just a scene.
me:  **  /  RT:  15  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  5.7  (2297)
B.O. gross:  $200,151

Spanking the Monkey
7/15/94, 100 min, Comedy, Fine Line
d:  D.O. Russell
w:  D.O. Russell
a:  J. Davies, A. Watson
If you watched this film, which is astounding that it ever even get made with that title, let alone its subject matter (mother-son incest) and predicted that its writer-director would one day be a three-time nominee for Best Director at the Oscars than congratulate yourself because no one else did.  A fascinating film but not all that great.
me:  ***  /  MC:  66  /  RT:  91  /  IMDb:  6.3  (5541)
B.O. gross:  $1,359,736

The Specialist
10/7/94, 110 min, R, Action, Warner Bros
d:  L. Llosa
w:  A. Seros  (from the series of novels by J. Shirley)
a:  S. Stallone, S. Stone
If you were one of the people that helped make this film a hit that’s your own fault because with Sly Stallone and Sharon Stone in a mindless Action film it was pretty clear that it was just awful.
me:  *  /  RT:  7  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  5.6  (56,493)
B.O. gross:  $57,362,582  /  $170,362,582

12/16/94, 99 min, PG-13, Comedy, MGM
d:  R. Underwood
w:  R. King
a:  M. Keaton, G. Davis, C. Reeve, B. Bedelia
I saw this in the theater and wasn’t impressed at the time and it has aged even worse since then.  Geena Davis and Michael Keaton aren’t bad as a romantic couple who are also speechwriters for rival political candidates (obviously derived from James Carville and Mary Matalin) but the script is insipid.  Even at two stars, both Ebert and I seem to rate it higher than most and that’s with my rating having continually gone down since the film was released.
me:  **  /  RT:  11  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  5.7  (4450)
B.O. gross:  $20,667,959

6/10/94, 116 min, R, Action, 20th Century-Fox
d:  J. de Bont
w:  G. Yost
a:  K. Reeves, D. Hopper, S. Bullock, J. Daniels
is an interesting film to try to rate.  It’s a theater film.  By that, I don’t mean that it needs to be seen in a theater to be effective, though certainly sitting there, watching the events unfold, you are kept on the edge of your seat (Roger Ebert called it a “bruised forearm” movie).  What I mean is that while in the theater, it keeps you riveted with a sense of suspense, drama and action.  However, as soon as you get home and start to think about anything in the film, from the bus jumping the gap, to the numerous times it would have slowed below 50 to the ridiculousness of the airport (most notably not LAX which is not that close to any mountains) to basically everything about the plot (see all the goofs on the IMDb) the whole film completely falls apart.  So, do I rate it based on what it does to you when first watching it or when you try to think about it?  In the end, reminded of how much I adored Sandra Bullock in a star-making role (cute, charming, witty) and how it does keep you riveted, I bumped it up slightly to a low **.5.
me:  **.5  /  MC:  78  /  RT:  93  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  7.2  (292,711)
B.O. gross:  $121,248,145  /  $350,448,145

Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale
10/28/94, 102 min, PG, Adventure, Disney (Buena Vista)
d:  X. Koller
w:  D. Craviotto
a:  A. Beach, M. Gambon, M. Patinken
This is an example of a film that has nothing worthwhile to say, a terrible look at one Native American and what happens to him that ends with a Thanksgiving meal but it is fairly well made with some good actors involved (Michael Gambon, Mandy Patinken) and a good young Adam Beach in the title role.
me:  **  /  RT:  60  /  E:  *.5  /  IMDb:  6.1  (979)
B.O. gross:  $3,342,223

Star Trek Generations
11/18/94, 118 min, PG, Sci-Fi, Paramount
d:  D. Carson
w:  R. Berman, R.D. Moore, B. Braga  (from television series created by G. Roddenberry)
a:  P. Stewart, J. Frakes, W. Shatner, M. McDowell, W. Goldberg, B. Spiner
Reviewed in full back when I did my FLOF: Star Trek series, this is an odd numbered film which means it’s one of the weaker ones.  It brought in people with the thrill of seeing Kirk die but it didn’t do it very well.  Malcolm McDowell is a fun villain to watch but the story just isn’t good enough and it makes too much use of Whoopi Goldberg.
me:  ***  /  MC:  55  /  RT:  49  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.6  (68,085)
B.O. gross:  $75,671,125  /  $118,071,125

10/28/94, 116 min, PG-13, Sci-Fi, MGM
d:  R. Emmerich
w:  D. Devlin, R. Emmerich
a:  K. Russell, J. Spader, J. Davidson
I saw Stargate in the theater and then never thought of it again so when The Fifth Element came out in 1997 it never occurred to me that maybe Luc Besson saw this film and thought, “a Sci-Fi film that begins in early 20th Century Egypt with a lot of traveling across space; hell, I can do that much better.”  The main thing I remembered about this film was that a friend of mine wrote an idiotic review for our college paper talking about how the first Kurt Russell scene was pointless, not grasping that it shows that Russell is a man who feels he has nothing left to lose (that friend was so stupid that he is now known for being a wife abuser because his ex is now a political figure and I will leave it at that to avoid any legal issues).  Of course, Emmerich pounded that into our heads because he didn’t have the brains to let Russell’s performance make that point.  This has good effects but a rather dumb story.  Given the number of films from this year (continuing from the year before) based on television shows, who would have guessed that this one, which wasn’t in the Top 10 at the box office, would inspire its own television franchise.  Notable for being the other acting performance from Jaye Davidson of The Crying Game fame.
me:  **.5  /  MC:  42  /  RT:  48  /  E:  *  /  IMDb:  7.1  (161,976)
B.O. gross:  $71,567,262  /  $196,567,262

Street Fighter
12/23/94, 102 min, PG-13, Action, Universal
d:  S.E. de Souza
w:  S.E. de Souza  (based on the video game)
a:  J-C. Van Damme, R. Julia
That this film is the final film of Raul Julia who died on my 20th birthday, is just sad.  I used to enjoy playing the video game at Camelot, the local arcade by my house, in high school.  But the film is just a craptacular Action film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and it’s a complete mess.  Somehow this film has moved up 18 spots in the Bottom 250 on the IMDb in the last year.
me:  .5  /  RT:  18  /  IMDb:  3.9  (58,804)
B.O. gross:  $33,423,521  /  $99,431,786

Sugar Hill
2/25/94, 123 min, R, Suspense, 20th Century-Fox
d:  L. Ichaso
w:  B.M. Cooper
a:  W. Snipes, C. Williams III, K. Alexander
Unlike Keanu Reeves, where my wife’s crush on him makes me understand his success, I can’t fathom Wesley Snipes’ career.  He was a terrible actor and most of his films are just awful.  This one is a story about two brothers who work for the gangster who once shot their father (non-fatally).  You won’t care about either one or the story itself.
me:  **  /  RT:  20  /  IMDb:  5.9  (3611)
B.O. gross:  $18,225,518

Surviving the Game
4/15/94, 96 min, R, Adventure, New Line
d:  E.R. Dickerson
w:  E. Bernt  (from the R. Connell story, uncredited)
a:  Ice-T, R. Hauer, C.S. Dutton
Yet another version of “The Most Dangerous Game” with Ice-T playing the victim this time, though he’s recruited for it instead of ending up there by accident.
me:  .5  /  MC:  41  /  RT:  25  /  IMDb:  6.1  (9324)
B.O. gross:  $7,727,256

3/18/94, 96 min, Suspense, Samuel Goldwyn Company
d:  S. McGehee, D. Siegel
w:  S. McGehee, D. Siegel
a:  D. Haysbert, M. Harris, S. Shimono
Well, thanks to Major League II it isn’t the worst Dennis Haysbert film in this year but this thriller about a man who fakes his death and has an identical half-brother sure isn’t good either.
me:  **  /  RT:  73  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.6  (1516)
B.O. gross:  $102,780

The Swan Princess
11/18/94, 90 min, G, Kids, New Line
d:  R. Rich
w:  R. Rich, B. Nissen  (based on the ballet by P. Tchaikovsky, uncredited)
a:  J. Palance, H. McGillin, M. Nicastro
Far from the worst film made by a former Disney animator in this year (see below for A Troll in Central Park) but the former Disney animators keep forgetting to get enough musical talent to write the songs for their films.  The animation is okay but the story is simple and the music just isn’t very good and so the film isn’t bad but isn’t good either.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  50  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.5  (20,039)
B.O. gross:  $9,771,658

A Tale of Winter
4/1/94, 114 min, Drama, MK2, France (French)
d:  E. Rohmer
w:  E. Rohmer
a:  C. Véry, F. van den Driessche, M. Voletti
After using up all the morals as story subjects, Eric Rohmer goes with seasons.  The second in that themed group, it’s about a couple who fall in love and plan to meet up later but due to circumstances can not and how their lives eventually overlap.  It’s quite good but it peaks at high *** mainly because there’s not much dramatic tension once they meet again.
me:  ***  /  RT:  95  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  7.5  (3208)

Terminal Velocity
9/23/94, 102 min, PG-13, Action, Disney (Hollywood)
d:  D. Sarafian
w:  D. Twohy
a:  C. Sheen, N. Kinski, J. Gandolfini
A daredevil skydiver is caught up in a plot with Russian mobsters.  That’s the one-line plot description from Wikipedia.  Who thought that was a movie that deserved to be funded?  This was the year that Charlie Sheen’s career went diving (no way around that pun) and with the exception of a couple of cameos, he hasn’t been in a good film since.  If you see the Sphinx it stinks.
me:  *  /  RT:  17  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  5.5  (11,816)
B.O. gross:  $16,487,349

That’s Entertainment III
5/6/94, 113 min, G, Documentary, MGM
d:  B. Friedgen  /  M.J. Sheridan
w:  B. Friedgen  /  M.J. Sheridan
When MGM released the first That’s Entertainment it was a great documentary, filled with their lavish musical numbers.  But they had stopped making musicals (and for the most part, films at all) by the time of this third installment so they were forced to rehash numbers that had already been included.  There are a couple of good numbers that hadn’t been in the first two (“Jailhouse Rock”, “Anything You Can Do”) but mostly it’s just the ones that weren’t good enough to be in the first two documentaries.
me:  ***  /  RT:  100  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.6  (1232)
B.O. gross:  $280,163

There Goes My Baby
9/2/94, 99 min, R, Drama, Orion
d:  F. Mutrux
w:  F. Mutrux
a:  D. Mulroney, R. Schroder, L. Deakins
Ironically, I’m writing this on the same day that Rick Schroder has been arrested for domestic abuse (for the second time in 30 days).  He stars in this week teen Drama about high school students during the 1965 Watts riots.  It’s actually got Lucy Deakins, who made an inedible impression on me in three late 80’s films because she was quite cute but then again I suppose there are females my age who might think the same about Schroeder.
me:  **  /  IMDb:  6.5  (944)
B.O. gross:  $123,509

Thirty Two Short Films about Glenn Gould
11/26/93, 98 min, Musical, Samuel Goldwyn Company, Canada
d:  F. Girard
w:  F. Girard, D. McKellar, G. Gould
a:  C. Feore, D. Keurvorst, K. Ladan
An interesting concept, but I never really feel that it works as a feature film.  It almost would work better as a documentary.  Or maybe I just don’t have enough interest in Gould.  Good, but I never saw in it what many critics did.
me:  ***  /  RT:  89  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  7.5  (3304)
B.O. gross:  $1,319,521

Three Ninjas Kick Back
5/6/94, 93 min, PG, Kids, TriStar
d:  C.T. Kanganis
w:  M. Saltzman  (from characters created by S. Shin)
a:  V. Wong, M.E. Slade, S. Fox
Really?  Did we need another one of these dumb martial arts films for kids?  Apparently, since they made it, but also apparently not since Disney dumped it and TriStar ended up releasing it.  Actually this is the third film but the second film had been held up and so this was released first.
me:  *.5  /  RT:  15  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  4.4  (7543)
B.O. gross:  $11,798,854

4/8/94, 89 min, R, Comedy, TriStar
d:  A. Fleming
w:  A. Fleming
a:  L.F. Boyle, S. Baldwin, J. Charles
This was the first film where I bought the soundtrack without having seen the film.  In fact, though I no longer own the soundtrack, I bought it back in 1994 and didn’t see the film until just a couple of months ago.  I bought it because it had “Bizarre Love Triangle” (which I only had a third-hand recording of on tape at the time) and U2’s version of “Dancing Barefoot” (before I had started getting U2’s CD singles).  The film is a weak Romantic Comedy about a romantic triangle in which we’re expected to believe that Josh Charles would fall in love with Stephen Baldwin.
me:  *.5  /  RT:  29  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.3  (11,735)
B.O. gross:  $14,815,317

9/16/94, 99 min, R, Sci-Fi, Universal, Canada
d:  P. Hyams
w:  M. Verheiden, M. Richardson  (from their comic series)
a:  J-C. Van Damme, M. Sara, R. Silver
Another use of a cute 80’s actress (Mia Sara this time) but this is a stupid Jean Claude Van Damme Sci-Fi film and if you need more than that you need to be more discerning about the films you watch.
me:  *  /  MC:  48  /  RT:  45  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  5.9  (50,204)
B.O. gross:  $44,853,581  /  101,646,581

To Live
11/18/94, 133 min, Drama, Samuel Goldwyn Company, China (Mandarin)
d:  Y. Zhang
w:  W. Lu, H. Yu  (from the novel by Yu)
a:  Y. Ge, L. Gong, B. Niu
Zhang Yimou almost revitalized Chinese cinema by himself.  He continues his strong work with Gong Li although this film lacks the vibrant color of his earlier films (and has Li in more of a supporting role).  Still, a very good film from a very good book about a man who continues to look forward to life in spite of the horrendous blows it has dealt him (which also functions as a history lesson for modern China).  Already reviewed here.
me:  ***.5  /  RT:  86  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  8.3  (13,612)
B.O. gross:  $2,332,728

Tom & Viv
12/2/94, 125 min, PG-13, Drama, Miramax
d:  B. Gilbert
w:  M. Hastings, A. Hodges  (from the play by Hastings)
a:  W. Dafoe, M. Richardson, R. Harris
I remember being confused when this was first released because it was earning acting plaudits (and earned two Oscar noms) but was savaged by critics.  I love T.S. Eliot’s poetry (note – Veronica most emphatically does not) but he was definitely a man I wouldn’t want to meet: cold, distant, unloving, anti-semitic.  Not the man to care for a mentally disturbed wife.  Solid acting from Miranda Richardson and Rosemary Harris can’t keep this film from sinking.  There’s a reason that music biopics work much better than writer biopics which is why they went with the story of the crazy wife.
me:  *.5  /  RT:  31  /  IMDb:  6.5  (1408)
B.O. gross:  $538,534

Totally F***ed Up
8/19/94, 78 min, Comedy, Strand Releasing
d:  G. Araki
w:  G. Araki
a:  J. Duval, R. Belic, S. Behshid
I admire Gregg Araki for making a film about a group of gay friends at a time when it was still mostly commercially unviable.  I don’t admire him for making a film that is made so badly, with amateurish acting, a weak script and that horrible video cinematography.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  100  /  IMDb:  6.1  (2321)
B.O. gross:  $101,071

Trading Mom
5/13/94, 82 min, PG, Comedy, Trimark Pictures
d:  T. Brelis
w:  T. Brelis  (from the novel by N. Brelis)
a:  S. Spacek, A. Chlumsky, A.M. Methick
Stupid movie about three kids who want to trade in their nagging mom.  A good waste of Sissy Spacek as the mom and Anna Chlumsky as the daughter.
me:  *.5  /  RT:  38  /  IMDb:  5.5  (1541)
B.O. gross:  $319,123

Trapped in Paradise
12/2/94, 111 min, PG-13, Comedy, 20th Century-Fox
d:  G. Gallo
w:  G. Gallo
a:  N. Cage, J. Lovitz, D. Carvey
The SNL cast of my high school years (88-92) is my cast but while great on SNL they were awful in films.  So why make a film with both Lovitz and Carvey and make them brothers (to Nicolas Cage no less)?  An awful Christmas Crime Comedy film about three brothers who rob a bank and all the terrible hijinks that ensue.
me:  *  /  RT:  10  /  E:  .5  /  IMDb:  5.9  (11,129)
B.O. gross:  $6,017,509

Trial by Jury
9/9/94, 107 min, R, Suspense, Warner Bros
d:  H. Gould
w:  J. Katz, H. Gould
a:  J. Whalley-Kilmer, A. Assante, G. Byrne
Joanne Whalley-Kilmer, looking as good as ever, plays a juror who is threatened to help a crime figure get off.  No one gets off in spite of Whalley-Kilmer’s beauty.
me:  *  /  RT:  8  /  IMDb:  5.3  (1524)
B.O. gross:  $6,971,777

True Lies
7/15/94, 141 min, R, Action, 20th Century-Fox
d:  J. Cameron
w:  J. Cameron  (from a screenplay by C. Zidi, S. Michael, D. Kaminka)
a:  A. Scwarzenegger, J.L. Curtis, T. Arnold, E. Dushku
Weird to go back and realize that the daughter in this is played by Eliza Dushku (which I watched literally the day her payoff from CBS was revealed).  A silly film with some good action and even some decent comedy but a weird use of Jamie Lee Curtis that I wonder why she went along with.  Like Speed, enjoy what you see and try not to think about it.
me:  ***  /  MC:  63  /  RT:  72  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.2  (213,127)
B.O. gross:  $146,282,411  /  $378,882,411

Two Small Bodies
4/15/94, 88 min, R, Crime, Castle Hill Productions, Germany
d:  B. B.
w:  B. B., N. Bell  (from Bell’s play)
a:  F. Ward, S. Amis
A two person film with Fred Ward as a cop who suspects Suzy Amis of killing her kids that stays suspenseful for a while before kind of going off the deep end.
me:  **.5  /  IMDb:  5.3  (114)

2/1/94, 120 min, R, Drama, Borde Releasing
d:  A. Chiaramonte
w:  A. Charamonte
a:  N. Cassavetes, B. Bakke, J. Piven
A basically forgotten (and barely released) film in which Nick Cassavettes and Brenda Bakke have a romance.  Very forgettable.
me:  **  /   IMDb:  4.4  (139)

Vanya on 42nd Street
10/21/94, 119 min, PG, Drama, Sony Pictures Classics
d:  L. Malle
w:  D. Mamet, A. Gregory  (from the play by A. Chekhov)
a:  J. Moore, W. Shawn, A. Gregory
Covered already in full in Adapted Screenplay, this is a strange mixture of a film.  On the one hand, it’s a version of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya.  On the other hand, it’s similar to My Dinner with Andre in that I wasn’t originally certain whether to count it as a feature film or not (since I don’t generally count documentaries) and seems in some ways to be the prototype for Looking for Richard (which I saw long before I saw this).  Still, a strong adaptation of Chekhov and one of the films that I would see later that would make me realize I should have realized who Julianne Moore was long before Boogie Nights.  This was the start of a trend apparently as each of the next two Adapted Screenplay posts will also have adaptations of Uncle Vanya.
me:  ***  /  RT:  89  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.5  (3818)
B.O. gross:  $1,746,050

Wagons East
8/26/94, 107 min, PG-13, Comedy, TriStar
d:  P. Markle
w:  M. Carlson, J. Abrahamson
a:  J. Candy, R. Lewis
The Crow
became a kind of legend after Brandon Lee died on set.  Wagons East got the ignominious distinction of having John Candy die during production.  This was meant to be a parody of Westerns but to be a parody you have to be funny and this terrible film about a group of pathetic Easterners fleeing the West because they can’t take it doesn’t have a single funny moment in it.
me:  .5  /  RT:  0  /  E:  .5  /  IMDb:  4.7  (4406)
B.O. gross:  $4,412,297

The War
11/4/94, 126 min, PG-13, Drama, Universal
d:  J. Avnet
w:  K. McWorter
a:  E. Wood, K. Costner, M. Winningham
What a waste of a good Kevin Costner performance (and a rather good one from Elijah Wood, still just a kid here) as a Vietnam vet who is clearly still traumatized by his experience, but who also manages to make good use of it in trying to live his life in a better way and teach his children lessons from what he learned.  But the script completely lets Costner down and then kills him off with way too much time left so that it could have its cliched finale.  I remember that Costner had some Oscar buzz before the film opened but once the reviews hit, it was just dead (though that didn’t stop Tom & Viv).
me:  **  /  RT:  25  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.7  (11060)
B.O. gross:  $16,928,556

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare
10/14/94, 112 min, R, Horror, New Line
d:  W. Craven
w:  W. Craven  (from characters created by Craven)
a:  H. Langenkamp, R. Englund
After years of diminishing returns on the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, Wes Craven injected some new life into it with this meta version that approaches the films as if they were actually made and things are going on in real life.  Not great, but the best film Craven had made in quite a while and it helped point the way towards the more satiric Scream.
me:  ***  /  MC:  64  /  RT:  78  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.5  (44,236)
B.O. gross:  $18,090,181  /  $19,721,741

What Happened Was…
9/9/94, 91 min, R, Comedy, Samuel Goldwyn Company
d:  T. Noonan
w:  T. Noonan  (from his play)
a:  T. Noonan, K. Sillas
What if My Dinner was Andre was a date?  That’s not really the story but it kind of is, with this couple meeting over dinner and us slowly learning about their lives.  It’s decent but it can’t really hold interest long enough with how little actually happens.
me:  ***  /  RT:  90  /  IMDb:  7.0  (1080)

When a Man Loves a Woman
4/29/94, 126 min, R, Drama, Disney (Touchstone)
d:  L. Mandoki
w:  R. Bass, A. Franken
a:  A. Garcia, M. Ryan, E. Burstyn
A solid performance from Andy Garcia and a really good one from Meg Ryan can’t make this film about an alcoholic and the enabler she’s married to rise above the tired, rather cliche script.  Well, it does rise it to *** which might be better than the script deserves, especially given the stupid, sentimental ending.  Look for a young pre-Arrested Development Mae Whitman as their younger daughter.
me:  ***  /  RT:  71  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  6.6  (18,534)
B.O. gross:  $50,021,959

Where the Rivers Flow North
1/14/94, 106 min, PG-13, Drama, Caledonia Pictures
d:  J. Craven
w:  J. Craven, D. Bredes  (from the novel by H.F. Mosher)
a:  R. Torn
Rip Torn lives off the land in Vermont and fights back against a company who wants the land.  Lackluster and rather deservingly forgotten.
me:  **  /  RT:  100  /  IMDb:  6.7  (439)
B.O. gross:  $595,505

aka:  Trois couleurs: Blanc; Three Colors: White
6/10/94, 92 min, R, Drama, Miramax, Poland (Polish)
d:  K. Kieslowski
w:  K. Kieslowski, K. Piesiewicz, A. Holland, E. Zebrowski, E. Klosinski, M. Latallo
a:  Z. Zamachowski, J. Delpy
When the Three Colors trilogy was originally released, there was a lot of debate over which was the best one.  The popular opinion was that it was Red with many critics picking Blue but one of my professors argued for White.  While Red’s rejection by the Foreign Film category was a big deal, White was submitted and simply not nominated which is just stupid because, while in my opinion the weakest of the three, it is still excellent, a bizarre story of revenge that is far superior to any of the actual nominees.  Ebert called this the “anti-comedy” of the three films and he is not wrong.
me:  ****  /  MC:  88  /  RT:  88  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.7  (53,048)
B.O. gross:  $1,237,219

White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf
4/15/94, 106 min, PG, Kids, Disney (Buena Vista)
d:  K. Olin
w:  D. Fallon  (from a character created by J. London)
a:  S. Bairstow
Ethan Hawke has gone off to San Francisco (yay!) and left his wolf to another young man.  It’s a Disney film so no points for guessing the ending.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  71  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  5.4  (1862)
B.O. gross:  $8,878,839

Widows’ Peak
5/13/94, 101 min, PG, Comedy, Fine Line
d:  J. Irvin
w:  H. Leonard
a:  M. Farrow, J. Plowright, N. Richardson
An interesting film, not the least of which is because of how female driven it is, with good roles for Natasha Richardson, Mia Farrow and Joan Plowright.  But this story of a young beautiful woman who moves to a town filled with widows doesn’t quite hold together at the end.
me:  ***  /  RT:  94  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  6.8  (1442)
B.O. gross:  $6,243,722

With Honors
4/29/94, 101 min, PG-13, Drama, Warner Bros
d:  A. Keshishian
w:  W. Mastrosimone
a:  B. Fraser, J. Pesci, M. Kelly, P. Dempsey
I so want to like this film more than I do.  I like Brendan Fraser, I totally understand his frustration at standing next to Moira Kelly as she’s behind a shear shower curtain and him saying “I never wanted to be a razor so bad in my life” because she has never looked more adorable, the Harvard scenes look just like my long-ago memories of the first time I left (even if it was filmed a year later, unlike the opening scenes of The Firm which were filmed the week I left) and the Madonna song is phenomenal.  Unfortunately, the tired cliche plot dealing with Joe Pesci is terrible and every moment with him rings false.  Just watch the video instead.  For a long time, that was all I had seen and I only saw the film so I could count the song in the Nighthawk Awards (and because Moira Kelly is so damn cute).
me:  **  /   RT:  17  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.7  (12,062)
B.O. gross:  $20,016,254

6/17/94, 125 min, R, Horror, Columbia
d:  M. Nichols
w:  J. Harrison, W. Strick
a:  J. Nicholson, M. Pfeiffer, J. Spader
I was really looking forward to this in the theater: Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer in a Mike Nichols film.  Yet, the film doesn’t really work.  The story just isn’t enough to sustain actors of this talent and Jack’s not really believable as a milksop who would let himself be trampled by James Spader in a business deal.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  62  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.2  (47,865)
B.O. gross:  $65,002,597  /  $131,002,597

10/7/94, 93 min, Drama, Hungary (Hungarian)
d:  J. Szász
w:  J. Szász  (from the play by G. Büchner)
a:  L. Kovacs, D. Vacaru
Why would you ever want to put yourself in a position where you are compared to a great like Werner Herzog?  Well, this Hungarian version of one of the world’s most depressing plays is solid but I still would recommend you watch the Herzog version instead which is reviewed here.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.2  (288)

Wyatt Earp
6/24/94, 191 min, PG-13, Western, Warner Bros
d:  L. Kasdan
w:  L. Kasdan, D. Gordon
a:  K. Costner, D. Quaid, G. Hackman
You have to know what you’re in for: a long, more thoughtful look at the West.  A bit of Dances with Wolves meets the traditional Western.  I dropped it several points but I still see it as a strong *** with good direction, great cinematography and compelling characters but it’s definitely not for those with a lack of patience.
me:  ***  /  MC:  47  /  RT:  42  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.7  (40,248)
B.O. gross:  $25,052,000

Zero Patience
3/30/94, 97 min, Musical, Strand Releasing
d:  J. Greyson
w:  J. Greyson
a:  J. Robinson, N. Fauteux, D. Heatherington
This film wants to look at the life of Gaetan Dugas, the flight attendant branded as Patient Zero because of media reactions to And the Band Played On but it does so really incoherently and the film is just a mess.
me:  **  /  RT:  50  /  IMDb:  5.1  (597)
B.O. gross:  $217,300

non-Oscar Eligible Films that earned an L.A. release

note:  These are films that were not on the Academy reminder list but were listed on the old oscars.org site as being from 1994.  That means the Academy thinks they got an L.A. release in 1994 (no matter what any other source might say) but were either not submitted for Academy eligibility or were ineligible due to Academy rules (Foreign film being submitted in a previous year, original release prior to 1/1/92 no matter the L.A. release)

American Cyborg: Steel Warrior
1/7/94, 94 min, R, Sci-Fi, Cannon
d: B. Davidson
w: B. Crounse, B. Davidson, B. Friedman, C. Pearce, D. Pequignot
a:  J. Ryan, N. Hansen
This film is as stupid as you would think from the title but it also has, aside from its cyborg, a land full of sterility and a killer android.  Another film that makes me wonder if people are deliberately trying to normalize the voter rating on the IMDb because this went from 3.7 to 4.2 in a year.
me:  .5  /  IMDb:  4.2  (1119)

… And God Spoke
aka: The Making of ‘…And God Spoke’
1994, 82 min, R, Comedy, Brookwood Entertainment
d: A. Borman
w: A. Borman, M. Borman, G. Malins, M. Curtis
A bizarre little mockumentary about a group of filmmakers with no budget and a lot of problems trying to make a Biblical Epic.  It doesn’t really work all that well.  Don’t be fooled by the perfect RT score since it only had eight reviews.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  100  /  IMDb:  6.6  (801)
B.O. gross:  $58,484

3/4/94, 98 min, Sci-Fi, Blue Rider Pictures
d:  P.J. Roth
w:  P.J. Roth, G-C. Scandiuzzi, R. Schmidt
a:  R. Keats, M. Cox, L.A. Russell
A crappy Sci-Fi film with a budget so low that you’ve never heard of anyone involved with it.
me:  .5  /  IMDb:  4.5  (945)

Art Deco Detective
9/16/94, 101 min, Mystery, Trident
d:  P. Mora
w:  P. Mora
a:  J.D. Johnston, J. Ball, J. Chiros
Mediocre little mystery about a detective who is being set up for a crime.  Almost entirely unseen (some of the fewest votes on the IMDb for the year) but now available online complete if you feel the need.
me:  **  /  IMDb:  5.6  (20)

The Beans of Egypt, Maine
11/23/94, 99 min, R, Drama, IRS
d:  J. Warren
w:  B. Phillips  (from the novel by C. Chute)
a:  M. Plimpton, K. Lynch, R. Hauer
A not particularly pleasant film about a family in Maine (the Beans – it’s not a metaphor, it’s really the name of the family) and how they interact with the people in their town.
me:  **.5  /  IMDb:  5.3  (233)
B.O. gross:  $73,956

Belle Epoque
2/25/94, 109 min, R, Comedy, Sony Pictures Classics, Spain (Spanish)
d:  F. Trueba
w:  F. Trueba, R. Azcona, J.L. Garcia Sanchez
a:  P. Cruz, M. Diaz-Aroca, G. Diego
A charming Romantic Comedy that takes place in that brief, beautiful age (thus the title) in Spain that came between the end of the monarchy and the rise of Franco.  Just the second film from 19 year old Penelope Cruz.  Winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1993 which is why it wasn’t Oscar eligible.
me:  ***.5  /  RT:  94  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.1  (8582)
B.O. gross:  $5,418,216

Bhaji on the Beach
5/1/94, 101 min, R, Comedy, First Look International, UK (English / Punjabi)
d:  G. Chadha
w:  G. Chadha, M. Syal
a:  K. Vithana, J. Harkishin, S. Khajuria
An interesting confluence of two worlds because this is a British film, made in Britain and taking place in Blackpool (where a group of people go to see the Lights) but the group involved are of mostly Indian descent and the director and writer are both of Indian-British descent.  Sadly, once you get past that, the story is fairly common, but it is interesting for all of that.
me:  ***  /  RT:  89  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.3  (922)
B.O. gross:  $734,634

4/22/94, 96 min, R, Horror, Triumph Films
d:  J. Flynn
w:  B. Owens, A.K. Walker
a:  E. Furlong, F. Langella, T.R. Smith
I hate to go for the obvious joke, but there’s nothing to scan in this mindless Horror / Sci-Fi film about a teen who becomes a murderer when his inner self is released through a malevolent video game.
me:  *  /  RT:  17  /  E:  **  /  IMDb:  6.1  (9291)
B.O. gross:  $4,352,094

Bullet in the Head
136 min, Action, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  J. Woo
w:  J. Woo, J. Chun, P. Leung
a:  T.C-W. Leung, J. Cheung, W. Lee
Made between The Killer and Hard Boiled.  I think John Woo does action very well but isn’t so good on emotions so I’m not as big a fan of this film as many others are.  But it is a good deal better than most of the films Woo made after coming to the States.
me:  ***  /  RT:  100  /  IMDb:  7.6  (8880)

The Castle of Cagliostro
aka:  ルパン三世 カリオストロの城; Rupan sansei: Kariosutoro no shiro; Lupin the 3rd: Castle of Cagilostro
100 min, PG-13, Mystery, Streamline Pictures, Japan (Japanese)
d:  H. Miyazaki
w:  H. Miyazaki, H. Yamazaki  (from the graphic novel series by M. Punch with characters created by M. Leblanc)
a:  Y. Yamada, E. Masuyama, K. Kobayashi
The very first Miyazaki film, made before Ghibli was even founded.  It’s actually the continuation of a television show and a Manga series and though it’s solidly entertaining, it doesn’t have the Miyazaki touch yet.  Originally released in 1979.
me:  ***  /  MC:  71  /  RT:  92  /  IMDb:  7.7  (20,233)

The Cement Garden
2/11/94, 105 min, Drama, October Films, UK
d:  A. Birkin
w:  A. Birkin  (from the novel by I. McEwan)
a:  A. Robertson, C. Gainsbourg, A. Coulthard
Based on Ian McEwan’s first novel, published back in 1978 and co-written by McEwan himself, this film is rather dour as is the case with most of what McEwan has written and most films made from his novels.  It does have a good early performance from Charlotte Gainsbourg.
me:  **  /  RT:  100  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.1  (4034)
B.O. gross:  $322,975

12/9/94, 112 min, R, Drama, IRS, UK
d:  S. Poliakoff
w:  S. Poliakoff
a:  C. Dance, C. Owen, M. Richardson, L. Headey
In spite of an interesting cast and a depressing subject (a doctor sterilizing young women in the 19th Century), it’s a bit too dour and self-righteous.  Clive Owen plays a young doctor who opposes Charles Dance’s methods.  Owen’s sister is played by Lena Headey but she shares no scenes with Dance 20 years before playing his daughter on Game of Thrones.
me:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.0  (269)
B.O. gross:  $7,271

Combination Platter
11/1/93, 84 min, Drama, Arrow
d:  T. Chan
w:  T. Chan, E. Baker
a:  J. Lau, C. O’Brien, C-M. Chan
A bit of a melancholy film about a Chinese immigrant living in the country illegally who’s trying to get married so he can stay.  Good story but a bit slow, even at only 84 minutes.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.2  (148)

Crime Story
107 min, R, Action, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  K. Wong / J. Chan
w:  T.N. Chun, M.K. Chan, L.L. Cheung, C-S. Cheung, T. Chan
a:  J. Chan
Jackie Chan is a policeman in this one, in an Action film that’s actually based on a real life crime story.  Good enough action and a compelling enough story keeps the film going.  If you can, avoid the dubbed version at all costs, badly dubbed like so many Jackie Chan films are.
me:  ***  /  RT:  94  /  IMDb:  6.8  (4930)

4/1/94, 94 min, R, Horror, October Films, Mexico (Spanish)
d:  G. del Toro
w:  G. del Toro
a:  F. Luppi, R. Perlman, C. Brook
The birth of a master.  This is the first feature film from Guillermo del Toro and he emerges fully realized as a visionary filmmaker with a brilliant imagination and a fantastic visual eye.  It’s ostensibly a Horror film about a man who has made himself immortal, but it creates a mythology and helps pave the way for films like Pan’s Labyrinth.
me:  ***.5  /  MC:  70  /  RT:  90  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.7  (23,450)
B.O. gross:  $621,392

Death Wish V: The Face of Death
1/14/94, 95 min, R, Action, Trimark Pictures
d:  A.A. Goldstein
w:  A.A. Goldstein, M. Colleary  (from characters created by B. Garfield)
a:  C. Bronson, L-A. Down
After making their final shitty film together, Kinjite, J. Lee Thompson retired and Charles Bronson should have, especially when Cannon self-destructed.  Instead, Bronson actually took a role that reminded people he once could at least sort of act (Indian Runner) and then came this piece of shit, more of the worthless vigilante, except at least Thompson wasn’t around to direct (and thankfully, after this, Bronson wouldn’t act anymore either).  I rate this at a 2 and I honestly feel part of my brain won’t let me put it at a zero because I have Exit to Eden, at a 1, firmly entrenched as the worst film of the year.
me:  .5  /  MC:  25  /  RT:  0  /  IMDb:  4.9  (5916)
B.O. gross:  $1,702,394

December Bride
9/9/94, 88 min, Drama, MD Wax Courier Films, Ireland
d:  T. O’Sullivan
w:  D. Rudkin  (from the novel by S.H. Bell)
a:  D. McCann, S. Reeves, C. Hinds
Decent Irish Drama about a woman who is impregnated by one of two brothers but decides to have the baby and live on her own.  Released in Ireland in 1991, finally got a U.S. release in 1994 (apparently) but no info listed at Box Office Mojo.  Most notable for being an early major film role for Ciarán Hinds.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.5  (281)

Dr. Bethune
aka:  Bethune: The Making of a Hero
9/1/93, 168 min, Drama, Tara, Canada
d:  P. Borsos
w:  T. Allan  (from his novel)
a:  D. Sutherland, H. Mirren
A kind of boring biopic of Dr. Bethune, a famous Canadian doctor who worked in early 20th Century China.  Apparently there was much fighting during the filmmaking between the writer and Donald Sutherland who plays Bethune as kind of a saint.
me:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.6  (294)

Dragon Lord
aka:  龙少爷, Lung siu yeh, Dragon Strike
102 min, PG-13, Action, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  J. Chan
w:  J. Chan, E. Tang, B. Wong
a:  J. Chan
Another of the gazillion Jackie Chan films listed for this year, no matter what the IMDb or Box Office Mojo might say.  A decent Action film with some romance and action for Jackie as the son of an aristocrat.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.6  (2878)

Dragons Forever
aka:  飛龍猛將, Fei lung mang jeung
93 min, Action, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  S.K-B. Hung, C. Yuen
w:  G. Chan, Y. Leung, C-H. Szeto
a:  J. Chan
Yet another of the gazillion Jackie Chan films listed for this year.  This one was originally released in Hong Kong in 1988.  Another rather enjoyable Action Comedy from Chan.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.3  (6159)

Drunken Master
aka:  醉拳, Zui quan
111 min, PG-13, Action, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  W-P. Yuen
w:  L. Hsiao, S-Y. Ng
a:  J. Chan, S.T. Yuen
A fun Martial Artists Comedy, in some ways the original and the one that made a star out of Jackie Chan way back in 1978 all though American audiences wouldn’t realize that until 1994.
me:  ***  /  RT:  81  /  IMDb:  7.6  (30,497)

Drunken Master II
aka:  醉拳二, Jui kuen II, The Legend of Drunken Master
2/10/94, 102 min, R, Action, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  C-L. Liu, J. Chan (uncredited)
w:  E. Tang, M-M. Tong, K-C. Yuen  (from characters created by L. Hsiao and S-Y. Nig)
a:  J. Chan
Actually, as The Legend of Drunken Master, apparently not released until 2000 but the old oscars.org definitely listed this film here in 1994.  A sequel to the original but really more of a remake with some truly fantastic martial arts scenes and some good comedy as well.  Another of the many Jackie Chan films that made it to the States this year.
me:  ***  /  MC:  74  /  RT:  83  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.3  (38,822)

The East is Red: Swordsman 3
aka:  東方不敗 – 風雲再起; Dung Fong Bat Bai: Fung wan joi hei; Swordsman III: The East is Red
98 min, Fantasy, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  S-T. Ching  /  R. Lee
w:  T. Cheung, R. Szeto, H. Tsui  (from the novel by L. Cha)
a:  B. Lin, J. Wang, R. Yu
Decently done Hong Kong wuxia film, the third in the series that was starting to lost its charm.
me:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.3  (1261)

aka:  Beckett Directed Beckett: Endgame by Samuel Beckett
96 min, Drama
d:  S. Beckett
w:  S. Beckett
a:  B. Thorpe, R. Cluchey, T. Garcia-Suro
Not my favorite Beckett play to begin with and then it has the added burden of just being a filmed stage production (directed by Beckett himself though it must have been filmed a while before since Beckett died in 1989).  Rather a burden to have to get through.
me:  **  /  IMDb:  8.6  (22)

Erotic Ghost Story
aka:  聊齋艷譚; Liu jai yim taam
90 min, Fantasy, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  N.C. Lam
w:  K. Tsang
a:  A. Yip. C.J. Ha, S. Man
Back in the 70’s, it was common for adult films to be eligible and even to be submitted to the Oscars.  Here we have a retro look at that with this quasi-adult film from China, a combination erotic / Fantasy film that’s not badly done.
me:  **  /  IMDb:  5.9  (520)

Highway Patrolman
aka:  El patrullero
11/1/93, 104 min, Drama, First Look International, Spanish
d:  A. Cox
w:  L. O’Brien
a:  R. Sosa, B. Bichir, V. Bauche
I’m not a fan of Alex Cox and the star of this film is so little known he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.  Yet, this film about a Mexican patrolman in the Northern rural area actually holds together fairly decently.
me:  ***  /  RT:  100  /  IMDb:  7.2  (556)

I Only Want You to Love Me
aka:   Ich will doch nur, daß ihr mich liebt
4/15/94, 104 min, Drama, Bavaria, West Germany (German)
d:  R.W. Fassbinder
w:  R.W. Fassbinder  (from the book by K. Antes and C. Erhardt)
a:  V. Zeplichal, E. Aberle, A. Allerson
A Fassbinder film that was originally made for television back in 1976 (which is why it’s listed as being from West Germany) but finally got a U.S. theatrical release in this year.  Fascinating Drama about a man in prison for murder and how his life worked out that he ended up there.  Not one of his best but far from his worst.
me:  ***  /  RT:  100  /  IMDb:  8.0  (993)

Ivan and Abraham
3/23/94, 105 min, Drama, New Yorker Films, France (Yiddish)
d:  Y. Zauberman
w:  Y. Zauberman
a:  R. Alexandrovitch, A. Yakovlev, V. Mashkov
Moving story about a friendship between a Christian and a Jew in 1930s Poland who try to escape the coming conflict and hold their friendship together.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.1  (221)

5/6/94, 114 min, Comedy, October Films, Spain (Spanish)
d:  P. Almodóvar
w:  P. Almodóvar
a:  V. Forqué, P. Coyote, V. Abril
One of the weirder Almodóvar films and that’s saying a hell of a lot.  Also one of his weaker films, less because of the weirdness and more because, unlike most of his films, it doesn’t have a strong female performance to hold it together.  I won’t detail the plot which takes several pages on Wikipedia to explain.
me:  ***  /  MC:  53  /  RT:  57  /  IMDb:  6.5  (10,720)
B.O. gross:  $2,019,581

Killing Zoe
8/19/94, 96 min, R, Crime, October Films
d:  R. Avary
w:  R. Avary
a:  E. Stoltz, M. Raymond, E.P. Chaltiel
Written and directed by the other Pulp Fiction co-writer, Roger Avary, this film has a bit of style but no real content.  Eric Stoltz is a thief in Paris and there’s a heist but it’s really just an exercise in style.
me:  **  /  RT:  36  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.5  (18,460)
B.O. gross:  $418,961

La Scorta
5/6/94, 96 min, Crime, First Look International, Italy (Italian)
d:  R. Tognazzi
w:  G. Diana, S. Izzo, S. Sudriè, G. Romoli
a:  C. Amendola, E. Lo Verso, C. Cecchi
This film was in contention at Cannes but don’t let that fool you.  This story about a judge and his bodyguards who are trying to clean up their Sicilian town while the local politicians, in bed with the Mafia, work against them is fairly mediocre.
me:  **.5  /  MC:  58  /  RT:  57  /  IMDb:  6.8  (751)
B.O. gross:  $147,107

The Last Seduction
10/26/94, 110 min, R, Suspense, October Films
d:  J. Sahl
w:  S. Baranick
a:  L. Fiorentino, B. Pullman
This was a big deal in 1994 because the film couldn’t get a theatrical distribution deal and played on HBO before it played in theaters, thus making Linda Fiorentino’s femme fatale performance ineligible for the Oscar.  The film is strong but it’s really all about Fiorentino who has never been close to as good since.
me:  ***.5  /  MC:  85  /  RT:  94  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  7.1  (18,279)
B.O. gross:  $5,842,603

The Legend of Fong Sai-Yuk II
aka:  方世玉續集; Fong Sai Yuk 2; The Legend II
95 min, R, Action, Rim Film, Hong Kong (Mandarin)
d:  C. Yuen
w:  K.C. Chen, J. Lau
a:  J. Li, J. Siao, A. Cheng
Jet Li returns as the Chinese folk hero with a blend of action and comedy though he doesn’t the comedy nearly as well as Jackie Chan and his action doesn’t seem to have the unbridled fun that Chan has which is especially relevant this year with all the Chan films finally hitting the States.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.1  (3661)

Leprechaun 2
4/8/94, 85 min, R, Fantasy, Trimark Pictures
d:  R. Flender
w:  T. Meyer, A. Septien  (from characters created by M. Jones)
a:  W. Davis, C. Heath, S. Durkin
Well, it’s not the worst film of the year thanks to Exit to Eden but it’s pretty damn close.  Sequel to the 1990 Horror film about an almost demonic Leprechaun played by Warwick Davis is just utter crap on every level.
me:  .5  /  RT:  0  /  IMDb:  4.5  (7312)
B.O. gross:  $2,260,622

The Line, the Cross & the Curve
44 min, Musical, UK
d:  K. Bush
w:  K. Bush
a:  K. Bush, M. Richardson
Not so much a film as an extended music video from Kate Bush (which she even directed) but it got a theatrical release (in spite of only running 50 minutes) and must have played in L.A..
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.8  (311)

Love & a .45
11/23/94, 101 min, R, Crime, Trimark Pictures
d:  C.M. Talkington
w:  C.M. Talkington
a:  G. Bellows, R. Zellweger
As she is currently vying for another Oscar nomination, I look back at Renée Zellweger’s first starring role (she had done several small roles over the previous year).  It got good reviews but I find this Crime film about criminal lovers on the run to be just a mess not helped by Gil Bellows’ really weak performance as the other lead.  If you have to watch a “criminal lovers on the run” film from this year you’re better off with Natural Born Killers.
me:  *  /  RT:  83  /  IMDb:  6.1  (3583)
B.O. gross:  $35,200

Lucebert, Time and Farewell
52 min, Documentary, Netherlands (Dutch)
d:  J. van der Keuken
w:  J. van der Keuken
A film I doubly don’t care about because it’s less than an hour long and it’s a documentary.  Decently made enough film about the poet of the COBRA movement.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.3  (33)

Makin’ Up
AKA:  Abgeschminkt!; Making Up
9/16/94, 55 min, Comedy, Seventh Art Releasing, Germany (German)
d:  K. von Garnier
w:  K. von Garnier, H. Jaenicke, B. Taylor
a:  K. Riemann, N. Kronjäger, G. Burkhard
A German satire about a woman who is getting into romantic entanglements so that she can fuel her comic strip.  Only the Academy lists it as Makin’ Up.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.5  (551)

A Man in Uniform
6/24/94, 99 min, R, Suspense, IRS, Canada
d:  D. Wellington
w:  D. Wellington
a:  T. McCamus, B. Bako, K. Tighe
A strange Suspense film about an actor who is cast as a cop and starts to believe he really is one and gets involved in a weird case.
me:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.7  (519)

Mary from Beijing
aka:  夢醒時分; Meng xing shi fen; Awakening
97 min, Drama, Rim Film, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  S. Chang
w:  S. Chang
a:  L. Ah Mon, K. Bee, C. Cheung
A 1992 Hong Kong Drama that apparently got a 1994 U.S. release (the IMDb lists Rim Film distributing a 1994 release but no date).  I tried looking for it under all of those titles listed above with no luck.
IMDb:  6.7  (66)

Memoirs of a Madman
aka:  Natural Born Crazies
100 min
d:  G. Baluzy / M. Baluzy
w:  G. Baluzy, M. Baluzy
a:  B. Brechard, R. Craven, Q. Crisp
It’s hard to even find out anything about this.  It’s barely seen, has a poster on the IMDb that’s almost certainly wrong and has directors who have very few other credits and no Wikipedia page.
IMDb:  5.2  (6)

Minbo — Or the Gentle Art of Japanese Extortion
aka:  ミンボーの女; Minbô no onna
10/19/94, 123 min, Comedy, Northern Art Entertainment, Japan (Japanese)
d:  J. Itami
w:  J. Itami
a:  N. Miyamoto, Y. Daichi, T. Murata
Is this what Coppola was afraid would happen?  Maybe if he had been satirical?  This is a satirical look at the Yakuza and was apparently such a hit in Japan and so ridiculed the Yakuza that the director was actually assaulted because of it.  It’s decently funny.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.2  (689)

Mother’s Boys
3/18/94, 96 min, R, Suspense, Miramax
d:  Y. Simoneau
w:  B. Schneider, R. Hawley  (from the novel by B. Taylor)
a:  K.L. Curtis, P. Gallagher, J. Whalley-Kilmer
Grim, ugly, nasty film about a woman (Jamie Lee Curtis) who leaves her husband and sons and then wants the boys back.  It also wastes Joanne Whalley-Kilmer as the new woman in her husband’s life.
me:  *  /  RT:  43  /  IMDb:  5.4  (2694)
B.O. gross:  $737,548

Mr. Write
5/6/94, 89 min, PG-13, Comedy, MDP Worldwide
d:  C. Loventhal
w:  H.J. Morris  (from his play)
a:  P. Reiser, J. Tuck, M. Mull
One of the two most painful omissions on the list, not because it’s any good (from the IMDb user rating and the fact that it stars Paul Reiser it’s clearly terrible) but because it’s the only movie aside from The Hawk that has an MPAA rating or over 100 votes on the IMDb that I wasn’t able to see.
IMDb:  3.7  (145)

My Life’s in Turnaround
6/17/94, 84 min, R, Comedy, Arrow
d:  E. Schaeffer / D.L. Ward
w:  E. Schaeffer, D.L. Ward
a:  E. Schaeffer, D.L. Ward, D. Clein, D. Wheeler-Nicholson
This one is a bit longer because it’s the last film I viewed for this project, the day before the first post went up.  That’s because I had to get the film twice (the first library that sent it to me had a case that was so badly designed that the disc had already been broken to get it out and was useless).  I also want to be careful because I have nothing positive to say about this film but I want to be measured in what I say.  That’s because in 1996, Eric Schaeffer’s next film, If Lucy Fell (which is only marginally better than this film) was released and the review in The Oregonian was the nastiest you will find not written by John Simon, slamming Schaeffer not only on the quality of his film but also noting that he was so ugly it wasn’t conceivable that he could have been allowed to star in a film.  The problem is that Schaeffer doesn’t seem to have any talent.  This film is about two talentless guys (which the characters and the film don’t even seem to be aware of) who want to make a movie, somehow hook up with a producer and even manage to meet some actual actors (Phoebe Cates and Martha Plimpton, playing themselves, and I can’t fathom why) but are too inept to do anything with it.  The film is never funny and is appallingly made, even for the low budget (supposedly around $200,000).  The worst is a bizarrely gratuitous nude scene with star Debra Clein (who never made another film), the end of a scene where she has been in bed with Ward (though with some clothes on) and when he gets up to leave, it goes back to her, just to get a shot of her breasts, but the camera actually moves, just so it can get her breasts in frame, making it not only gratuitous but inept as well.  I don’t know why six of the seven reviews listed on RT gave it positive reviews and of the five reviews on the IMDb, three had linkrot and the other two were two different reviews from the Washington Post, one positive, one negative.
me:  .5  /  RT:  86  /  IMDb:  4.4  (303)
B.O. gross:  $163,383

aka:  迷宮物語; Meikyû monogatari
50 min, Sci-Fi, Japan (Japanese)
d:  Y. Kawajiri / Rintaro / K. Ôtomo
w:  Y. Kawajiri, Rintaro, K. Ôtomo  (from stories by T. Mayumura)
a:  H. Yoshida, M. Tsukayama, Y. Mizushima
Not considered in my own film listings because it’s a short (50 minutes) as far as I’m concerned.  Fascinating anime film that is really a collection of three even shorter films.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.2  (2213)

Night of the Demons 2
5/1/94, 96 min, R, Fantasy, Republic Entertainment
d:  B. Trenchard-Smith
w:  J. Augustyn, J. Penzi  (based on characters created by Augustyn)
a:  C. Harris, D. Heames, R. Jayne
I’ve never seen the original Night of the Demons and based on this film, I don’t really see the need to ever bother.  Stupid and very badly acted supernatural Horror film.
me:  *  /  IMDb:  6.0  (4149)

Once a Cop
aka:  超級計劃; Chiu kup gai wak
104 min, R, Action, Rim Film, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  S. Tong
w:  S.L. Kang, T.H. Mok, S. Tong  (based on a character created by E. Tang, M. Fibe, Y.L. Wai, uncredited)
a:  M. Yeoh
Michelle Yeoh stars in this spin-off of the Jackie Chan Police Story movies.  Yeoh is fun to watch but the film is just okay.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.1  (3267)

Once Upon a Time in China II
aka:  黃飛鴻之二男兒當自強; Wong Fei Hung II: Nam yee tung chi keung
9/1/93, 113 min, R, Action, Rim Film, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  H. Tsui
w:  H. Tsui, T. Chan, T. Cheung  (based on characters created by H. Tsui, K. Yuen, Y. Leung, T. Elsa, uncredited)
a:  J. Li
Jet Li continues to play a different Chinese folk hero (this one doesn’t involve humor).
me:  ***  /  RT:  93  /  IMDb:  7.4  (8077)

Once Upon a Time in China III
aka:  黃飛鴻之三獅王爭霸; Wong Fei Hung III: Si wong jaang ba
109 min, R, Action, Rim Film, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  H. Tsui
w:  H. Tsui, T. Chan, T. Cheung  (based on characters created by H. Tsui, K. Yuen, Y. Leung, T. Elsa, uncredited)
a:  J. Li
The third of a several part film series continues with Jet Li.
me:  ***  /  RT:  63  /  IMDb:  6.8  (5685)

A Passion to Kill
11/1/94, 95 min, R, Suspense, A-Pix Entertainment
d:  R. King
w:  W. Delligan
a:  S. Bakula, C. Field, S. Kelley
An attempt for Scott Bakula to be a film actor which failed.  A terrible thriller about a psychiatrist involved with his friend’s wife and she might be a killer but you won’t care about any of it.
me:  *.5  /  IMDb:  4.6  (208)

A Place in the World
aka:  Un lugar en el mundo
7/1/94, 120 min, PG, Drama, First Look International, Argentina (Spanish)
d:  A. Aristarain
w:  A. Aristarain, A. Lecchi, K. Saavedra
a:  J. Sacristan, F. Luppi, L. Benedetto
Nominated by the Academy for Best Foreign Film in 1992 and then they decided, oh, wait, you’re really an Argentine film but you were submitted by Uruguay, we’re revoking that nomination.  I personally wouldn’t have nominated it (I have it as high *** which isn’t quite good enough for my list) but it’s a strong film and close to being worthy and I think the Academy rules are stupid anyway.  It’s about several different people in Argentina just after the death of Juan Peron in 1974.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.9  (2027)
B.O. gross:  $99,707

Police Story II
aka:  警察故事續集, Ging chaat goo si juk jaap
101 min, PG-13, Action, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  J. Chan
w:  J. Chan, P.B. Clay, E. Tang  (based on characters created by Chan and Tang)
a:  J. Chan, M. Cheung, K-H. Lam
A solid Jackie Chan Action film (directed by Chan himself) that is a sequel to the 1985 film that was a big hit in Hong Kong.  One of (obviously) many Chan films to arrive in 1994 even if the IMDb doesn’t list it as doing so.  Good action but less Comedy than many current fans of Jackie Chan might expect.
me:  ***  /  RT:  88  /  IMDb:  7.2  (13,998)

The Princess and the Goblin
6/3/94, 82 min, G, Kids, Hemdale, UK
d:  J. Gémes
w:  R. Lyons  (from the novel by G. MacDonald)
a:  J. Ackland, C. Bloom, R. Kinnear
Proof, I suppose, that Don Bluth wasn’t the only one who decided to make a Disney-like animated hit but forgot that a big part of what makes the Disney films so good is the quality of the songs.  The music is terrible and the animation is passable leading to a fairly poor film.
me:  **  /  IMDb:  6.9  (2089)
B.O. gross:  $2,105,078

Project A
aka:  A計劃; ‘A’ gai wak
105 min, PG-13, Action, Rim Film, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  J. Chan, S.K-B. Hung (uncredited)
w:  J. Chan, E. Tang
a:  J. Chan, S.K-B. Hung, B. Yuen
One of the films that helped make Jackie Chan a star in Hong Kong, a solid Action Comedy that never fails to be entertaining.  With Chan as director and writer it showed that Chan was willing to do any risky stunt and that he had a love of film history because he replicates a famous Harold Lloyd stunt from Safety Last.
me:  ***  /  RT:  82  /  IMDb:  7.4  (12,580)

Project A — Part II
aka:  A計劃續集; ‘A’ gai wak 2
101 min, PG-13, Action, Rim Film, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  J. Chan
w:  J. Chan, E. Tang, Y. Ting (based on characters created by J. Chan and E. Tang)
a:  J. Chan, M. Cheung, R. Kwan
Overall, not quite as good a film as Project A but it contains one of Chan’s best stunts ever, when he shows his love of film history again, this time replicating the Buster Keaton stunt from Steamboat Bill, Jr. with a building crashing down on him and him being missed because of the window.
me:  ***  /  RT:  67  /  IMDb:  7.2  (7681)

Raining Stones
3/11/94, 90 min, Drama, Northern Arts Entertainment, UK
d:  K. Loach
w:  J. Allen
a:  B. Jones, J. Brown, G. Phoenix
Ken Loach is not really for me.  His films are well written but they don’t interest me and the general lack of well known actors just makes them seem too amateurish.  This one, about another man who makes bad choices, is a low *** but like most Loach films, I just can’t connect with it.
me:  ***  /  RT:  100  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.4  (3622)
B.O. gross:  $89,388

Red Rock West
1/28/94, 98 min, R, Crime, Roxie Releasing
d:  J. Dahl
w:  J. Dahl, R. Dahl
a:  N. Cage, L.F. Boyle, D. Hopper
After The Last Seduction was such a hit this film, Dahl’s previous one, also managed a cinematic release.  Interesting modern day noir with Nicolas Cage as a drifter mistaken for a hit man.  Nice and dark and stylish.
me:  ***.5  /  MC:  79  /  RT:  95  /  E:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.0  (17,743)
B.O. gross:  $2,502,551

10/1/94, 90 min, Drama, Seventh Art Releasing
d:  D. Fishel
w:  D. Fishel
a:  K. Sillas, D. Ilku, M. Price
Little seen Romance about a New York model and a drifter.
IMDb:  6.7  (39)

3/11/94, 95 min, R, Drama, Roxie Releasing, Germany
d:  P. Adlon
w:  P. Adlon, F.O. Adlon
a:  A.O. Kawagley, R. Zech, k.d. lang
Another small indie film from this year that got solid reviews but isn’t actually very good perhaps because the acting, as so often is the case in films like this, is really bad.  A story about a woman in Alaska who investigates her past.
me:  **  /  RT:  71  /  IMDb:  6.2  (538)
B.O. gross:  $37,484

102 min, Drama, Iran (Persian)
d:  D. Mehrjui
w:  D. Mehrjui  (from the play by H. Ibsen)
a:  N. Karimi, Y. Maleknasr, K. Shakibai
An Iranian version of the classic Ibsen play A Doll’s House.  Solid Drama with a good performance from Niki Karimi as the title role.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.7  (467)

The Scent of Green Papaya
aka:  Mùi du du xanh
1/28/94, 104 min, Drama, First Look International, Vietnam (Vietnamese)
d:  A.H. Tran
w:  A.H. Tran
a:  N.Y-K. Tran, M.S. Lu, T.L. Truong
Beautiful Vietnamese romance between a pianist and his servant (there is more to it than that but that kind of sums it up) that was an Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film the year before (it lost to Belle Epoque).  Off the top of my head, not only the best film from Vietnam, but the best from the entire Indochina peninsula.
me:  ****  /  RT:  100  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  7.3  (6980)
B.O. gross:  $1,700,992

Shades of Black
114 min, Drama, Headliner
d:  Mary Haverstick
w:  Mary Haverstick
a:  Jennifer MacDonald, Trisha McCormick
Tiny little film that seems like an amateur production.  It’s hard to tell how badly written it is because the acting is so unbearably bad, like a bunch of people got together and filmed their movie.  It’s about a bicyclist who joins a performing troupe and the relationships that come out of that.  So little known that I had to add in the running time and plot description on the IMDb which I only know because it suddenly ended up on YouTube a few months back which is how I was able to watch it.
me:  **

Shrunken Heads
86 min, R, Horror, Kushner-Locke Company
d:  R. Elfman
w:  C. Band, M. Bright
a:  J. Harris, M. Foster, A. Egan
How do you get a great composer like Danny Elfman to score your crappy little Horror film that no one heard of, cares about or will ever want to see because it’s terrible?  Easy.  Be his brother.  Richard Elfman had directed some of Oingo Boingo’s videos and a decade later managed to make this film.  Don’t bother with it.
me:  *  /  IMDb:  5.1  (895)

Silent Möbius
aka:  サイレントメビウス; Sairento mebiusu
7/23/93, 50 min, Sci-Fi, Streamline Pictures, Japan (Japanese)
d:  K. Tomisawa, M. Kikuchi
w:  M. Kikuchi  (from his own manga)
a:  N. Matsui, T. Fujita, G. Takashima
At only 50 minutes, not normally long enough for me to consider (so I don’t list it in my regular spreadsheet) but a “movie” version of a popular and quite fascinating Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror Anime show.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.6  (145)

Sioux City
9/1/94, 102 min, PG-13, Mystery, IRS
d:  L.D. Phillips
w:  L.V. Browne
a:  L.D. Phillips, S. Richardson-Whitfield, M. Dillon
Odd that Lou Diamond Phillips, who is Fillipino-American, would choose to cast himself as a Lakota Sioux in this lackluster Mystery about a man trying to get in touch with his roots after his adopted (Jewish) parents die.
me:  **  /  IMDb:  5.9  (302)

The Slingshot
aka:  Kådisbellan
6/3/94, 102 min, R, Drama, Sony Pictures Classics, Sweden (Swedish)
d:  Å. Sandgren
w:  Å. Sandgren; R. Schütt
a:  J. Salén, S. Skarsgård, B. Frydman
This one took until recently and it was killing me since it’s not only a 1994 film but it was an Oscar submission (the Swedish submission from 1993) and it was the earliest Sony Pictures Classics film I hadn’t seen.  In the same vein as My Life as a Dog, a period piece about a boy growing up and his problems (like that his father, played by Stellan Skarsgård is a socialist) and the humorous ways he deals with them.
me:  ***  /   RT:  89  /  IMDb:  6.4  (1768)
B.O. gross:  $308,368

Sunday’s Children
aka:  Söndagsbarn
4/20/94, 118 min, Drama, Castle Hill Productions, Sweden (Swedish)
d:  D. Bergman
w:  I. Bergman
a:  T. Berggren, H. Linnros, L. Endre
Directed by his son Daniel and about his father Erik (whom Fanny & Alexander was also about but this one is a nicer portrait), this is another Ingmar Bergman script during his “retirement” from film.  Solid writing (of course) but Daniel doesn’t have the same directorial abilities as his father when it comes to actors or technical achievements.  Still, an overall solid film.
me:  ***  /  RT:  100  /  IMDb:  7.7  (709)

The Trial
11/24/93, 120 min, PG-13, Drama, Angelika Films, UK
d:  D.H. Jones
w:  H. Pinter  (from the novel by F. Kafka)
a:  K. MacLachlan, A. Hopkins, J. Robards
If you want to watch a version of Kafka’s brilliant novel you are much better off watching the Orson Welles version with Anthony Perkins than this one with Kyle McLachlan.  Anthony Hopkins isn’t terrible but that’s faint praise in this year given his other performances.
me:  **  /  RT:  33  /  E:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.0  (1953)
B.O. gross:  $119,267

Twin Dragons
aka:  雙龍會; Seong lung wui; Brother vs. Brother
104 min, PG-13, Action, Hong King (Cantonese)
d:  R. Lam, H. Tsui
w:  H. Tsui, B. Wong, T. Cheung, Y. Wong
a:  J. Chan, M. Cheung, T.R. Kwan
Of all the Jackie Chan films that ended up getting released in the States in 1994 (as you can see, there were a lot of them), this is one of the weakest.  It’s the story of twins who were separated at birth and it has some comedy and some action but there are much better Chan films on this list that you can go for, both in terms of comedy and action.
me:  **.5  /  RT:  45  /  IMDb:  6.4  (9806)

Two Cops
aka:  투캅스; Tukabseu
110 min, Comedy, South Korea (Korean)
d:  W-S. Lang
w:  S-H. Kim
a:  S-K. Ahn, Y. Hong, S-W. Ji
A South Korean buddy comedy action film about two very different cops who get teamed together.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.3  (198)

Vermont is for Lovers
88 min, Comedy, Zeitgeist Films
d:  J. O’Brien
w:  J. O’Brien
a:  G. Thrush, M. Cohn, A. O’Brien
Somewhere between a documentary and a feature film, it’s about a couple who visit Vermont for the purpose of getting married and talk to many of the locals.  It doesn’t quite know what it is but I know that it’s boring.
me:  **  /  IMDb:  7.0  (22)

The Wedding Gift
AKA:  Wide-Eyed and Legless
7/1/94, 90 min, Comedy, Miramax, UK
d:  R. Loncraine
w:  J. Rosenthal  (from books by D. Longden)
a:  J. Walters, J. Broadbent, T. Hird
It was hard to identify what this film actually was until I got a copy of the Motion Picture Almanac out of the library.  This is an odd made for TV British film that got released under a different title in theaters in the States.  Julie Walters has a degenerative disease so she tries to set her husband (Jim Broadbent) up with someone for the future.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.4  (195)

Wheels on Meals
aka:  快餐車; Kuai can che
108 min, Action, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  S.K-B. Hung
w:  E. Tang, G-G. Lee
a:  J. Chan, B. Yuen, S.K-B. Hung
Yet another Jackie Chan action comedy in this year of the Jackie Chan action comedies arriving in the States.  Not as memorable as most of his output on this list but still entertaining.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.2  (9714)

White Badge
aka:  하얀전쟁; Hayan chonjaeng
124 min, War, South Korea (Korean)
d:  J. Jeong
w:  S.Y. Gong, J. Jeong, Y.C. Jo, S. Shim  (from the novel by J. Ahn)
a:  S-K. Ahn, K. Lee, H. Shim
An interesting approach to the Vietnam War, dealing with South Koreans who fought in the war (it’s a South Korean film, after all) but aside from that aspect, it becomes a fairly standard (if decently well-made) Vietnam War film.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.9  (162)

Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East?
aka:  달마가 동쪽으로 간 까닭은?; Dharmaga tongjoguro kan kkadalgun
9/24/93, 137 min, Drama, Milestone Film & Video, South Korea (Korean)
d:  Y-K. Bae
w:  Y-K. Bae
a:  Y. Pan-Yong, S. Won-Sop, J-J. Huang
If I don’t have this higher is it because I don’t really get what it’s trying to do, to explain several Zen ideas over the course of a narrative film that doesn’t really have a narrative?  It’s interesting, somewhat, and it’s well-filmed but it leaves me going ‘huh?’ and so I put it at low-to-mid *** and leave it at that.
me:  ***  /  RT:  100  /  IMDb:  7.7  (1102)

Wicked City
aka:  妖獣都市; Yôjû toshi
8/20/93, 82 min, Horror, Streamline Pictures, Japan (Japanese)
d:  Y. Kawajiri
w:  Y. Kawajiri  (from the novel by H. Kikuchi)
a:  Y. Yara, T. Fuhita, I. Nagai
A 1987 Anime film that can’t decide if it’s an Action film, a Fantasy film, a Sci-Fi film or even something else.  It would be too complicated to even try to explain the plot so if my low **.5 rating leaves you wanting more, you can find it without a problem.
me:  **.5  /  IMDb:  6.8  (4842)

9/17/93, 72 min, Comedy, Zeitgeist Films, UK
d:  D. Jarman
w:  D. Jarman, T. Eagleton, K. Butler
a:  K. Johnson, M. Gough, T. Swinton
Whether you take to him or not, you can not deny that Derek Jarman was an utterly unique visionary director.  I, however, don’t take to him and this rather bizarre biopic (sort-of) of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein never really works on any level for me.  You know it’s going to be esoteric when the screenplay is co-written by a literary theorist (Terry Eagleton).  It also isn’t helped that I was a philosophy minor who never really took to Wittgenstein and every time I hear him I think, like you should: “And Wittgenstein was a beery swine who was just as sloshed as Schlegel”.
me:  **  /  RT:  83  /  IMDb:  6.9  (1841)

aka:  ゼイラム; Zeriam; Zeiramu
5/6/94, 92 min, Action, Orion, Japan (Japanese)
d:  K. Amemiya
w:  K. Amemiya, H. Matsumoto
a:  Y. Moriyama, K. Ida, Y. Hotaru
A bizarre Japanese Sci-Fi film with special effects that are appalling.  It’s stunning that this film somehow managed to get a U.S. release even if it was three years after it was first released in Japan.
me:  *  /  IMDb:  6.5  (457)

non-Oscar Eligible Documentaries that earned an L.A. release

note:  The following films were all listed at oscars.org when the website was still live.  So these all appear to have had an L.A. release and includes the Oscar winner for Best Feature Documentary (Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision) and two of the nominees (Freedom on My Mind, A Great Day in Harlem).  Even stranger, the final two nominees (Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter, D-Day Remembered) were not listed either here or as eligible films.  Since I don’t track Documentaries and my pieces focus on feature films, I will simply be listing the films in alphabetical order, though I will still include links.  As a film buff, I do have to recommend The Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl.

Films Released in the U.S. in 1994 but possibly not in L.A.

note:  These are films that were not listed on oscars.org but have a confirmed U.S. release date in this year, either because of the IMDb, BoxOfficeMojo, the Motion Picture Almanac or some other source that listed it as being released in the U.S. in 1994.  Lack of an actual release date just means I don’t have a specific date in spite of confirmation that it was released in this year.

The Boys of St. Vincent’s
93 min, Drama, Canada
d:  J.N. Smith
w:  J.N. Smith, D. Walsh, S. Grana
a:  H. Czerny, J. Morina, B. Dooley
A Canadian television movie that managed a U.S. theatrical release and then actually was up for some awards.  Henry Czerny is quite good as a priest who is accused of abuse and is trying to come to terms with his arrest and his own actions.
me:  ***  /  RT:  100  /  IMDb:  7.6  (1471)

The Bride with White Hair
aka: 白髮魔女傳; Bai fa mo nu zhuan
89 min, Fantasy, Century Pacific, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  R. Yu
w:  R. Yu, K-T. Lam, D. Wu  (from the novel by Y. Liang)
a:  B. Lin, L. Cheung, F. Ng
This film and its sequel were two of the first films that Veronica ever recommended to me.  I really like both of them, fantastic fantasy romance stories with a martial arts aspect because they’re both Hong Kong films.  It’s hard to say that one is better than the other though there might be a slight nod to the sequel.  One of the films in this year that I most heartily recommend because it is likely to have been overlooked.
me:  ***.5  /  RT:  100  /  IMDb:  6.9  (2894)

The Conjugal Bed
aka: Patul conjugal
7/1/94, 102 min, Comedy, Leisure Time Features, Romania (Romanian)
d:  M. Daneliuc
w:  M. Daneliuc
a:  G. Dinica, C. Bloos, V. Teodosiu
It’s not that often that Balkan countries submit a Romantic Comedy for their Oscar submission but in 1993, that’s exactly what Romania did.  It didn’t earn a nomination and at a low *** it didn’t deserve one, but give credit to them for doing something different.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.1  (273)

Frank and Jesse
10/28/94, 105 min, Western, Trimark Pictures
d:  R. Boris
w:  R. Boris
a:  R. Lowe, B. Paxton
Weak Western that was made for HBO but got a theatrical release (though why they bothered since it only made $50,000 makes you wonder).  If you want to know how weak it is, it’s got Rob Lowe and Bill Paxton as Jesse and Frank James.
me:  **  /  IMDb:  5.8  (1311)
B.O. gross:  $50,004

Grave of the Fireflies
aka:  白髮魔女傳; Hotaru no haka
89 min, Drama, Japan (Japanese)
d:  I. Takahata
w:  I. Takahata  (from the story by A. Nosaka)
a:  T. Tatsumi, A. Shiraishi
I don’t know why I always go on about Leaving Las Vegas as the most depressing film ever when there is this film.  Perhaps because it’s animated, perhaps because it happens in war, perhaps because it’s so beautiful with the images, I embrace this film much more than Leaving Las Vegas.  Or maybe just because it’s better, one of the greatest animated films ever made even if it is one of the saddest.  There is a longer review of it in the Adapted Screenplay post.  If you can watch this film and not be moved you are seriously fucked up.  In the last year, it has actually gone up five spots in the Top 250 at the IMDb.
me:  ****  /  RT:  97  /  E:  ****  /  IMDb:  8.5  (182,492)

2/4/94, R, Action, Miramax
d:  D. Sarafian
w:  S. Sommers
a:  C. Lambert, M. Van Peebles, D. Leary, P. Stewart
Stupid Action film that has both Christopher Lambert and Denis Leary and, bizarrely, Patrick Stewart as a wheelchair bound druglord.  Written by director Stephen Sommers but not directed by him.
me:  *.5  /  RT:  15  /  E:  /  IMDb:  5.3  (2948)
B.O. gross:  $3,411,885

Holy Matrimony
4/8/94, 93 min, PG-13, Comedy, Disney (Hollywood)
d:  L. Nimoy
w:  D. Weisberg, D. Cook
a:  P. Arquette, J. Gordon-Levitt, A. Mueller-Stahl
A thief, played by Patricia Arquette hides out in an isolated religious community and ends up marrying a kid (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt).  How far had Leonard Nimoy fallen that he was directing this?  One of the rare Disney releases (through Hollywood Pictures) that wasn’t Oscar eligible, luckily for them, since it’s awful.
me:  *  /  IMDb:  5.1  (1157)
B.O. gross:  $713,234

It Runs in the Family
aka:  My Summer Story
9/23/94, 85 min, PG, Comedy, MGM
d:  B. Clark
w:  B. Clark, J. Shepherd, L. Brown  (from Shepherd’s memoir)
a:  C. Grodin, K. Culkin, M. Steenburgen
Crappy sequel to A Christmas Story with even more terrible narration from Jean Shepherd, determined to tell us about his life.
me:  **  /  IMDb:  5.7  (1305)
B.O. gross:  $70,936

aka:  Hell
10/19/94, 102 min, Suspense, MK2, France (French)
d:  C. Chabrol
w:  C. Chabrol  (from the unfinished screenplay by H-G. Clouzot, J. Ferry, J-A. Lacour)
a:  E. Béart, F. Cluzet, N. Cardone
Claude Chabrol doing what he does best, crafting a solid Suspense film where you’re not quite sure about the characters.  In this case, François Cluzet plays a hotel owner who is convinced his wife is cheating on him.  His wife (Emmanuelle Béart) is sexy as hell and acts in such a way that you might think he’s right, but it’s Chabrol, so you’re never quite certain.
me:  ***  /  RT:  100  /  E:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.2  (3550)
B.O. gross:  $39,003

Le sexe des étoiles
104 min, 104 min, Drama, First Run Features, Canada (French)
d:  P. Baillargeon
w:  M. Proulx
a:  M.C. Mercier, D. Mercier, T. Pelletier
A teenager reunited with her long-lost father must now deal with the fact that he is no longer a he.  A bit before its time and it isn’t too bad but not all that much above mediocre either.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.2  (216)

Once a Thief
aka:  縱橫四海, Chung hang sei hoi
108 min, R, Action, Rim Film, Hong Kong (Cantonese)
d:  J. Woo
w:  J. Woo, J. Chun, C. Ko
a:  Y-F. Chow, L. Cheung, C. Chung
Unfortunately, I was spoiled when it comes to John Woo and Chow Yun-Fat.  I watched The Killer and Hard Boiled before I saw the weaker films, of which this is one.  Three orphans are raised by a crime boss to be thieves.  This was actually made between their two brilliant collaborations and it tries for some comedy but not really that successfully.
me:  **  /  RT:  80  /  IMDb:  6.8  (5158)

Paris, France
2/4/94, 112 min, NC-17, Drama, Alliance, Canada
d:  J. Ciccoritti
w:  T. Walmsley  (from his novel)
a:  L. Hope, P. Outerbridge, V. Ertmanis
A stranger comes into the lives of three people who run a publishing house.  An erotic entanglement Drama that is pretty bad.  The only NC-17 film released this year and its lack of quality is clear in that, according to BOM, it was the lowest grossing NC-17 film released between the rating’s establishment in 1990 and 2007.
me:  *.5  /  IMDb:  5.2  (421)
B.O. gross:  $44,159

Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow
aka:  Police Academy: Mission to Moscow
8/26/94, 83 min, PG, Comedy, Warner Bros
d:  A. Metter
w:  R. Davis, M.S. Chodos  (from characters created by N. Israel and P. Proft)
a:  G. Gaynes, M. Winslow, C. Forlani, C. Lee, R. Perlman
This series had run its course when I saw Police Academy 4 back in 1987.  Here, without the original star (Steve Guttenberg) it’s just pathetic, barely released in theaters.  It wastes the film debut of an adorable Claire Forlani as well as Christopher Lee and Ron Perlman (all three as Russians) and brings forth basically no laughs.  Yet, somehow this has gone up 18 spots in the IMDb Bottom 250 in the last year.
me:  .5  /  RT:  0  /  IMDb:  3.6  (27,989)
B.O. gross:  $126,247

A Story of Floating Weeds
aka:  浮草物語; Ukikusa monogatari
January 1994, 86 min, Drama, Japan (Japanese)
d:  Y. Ozu
w:  Y. Ozu, T. Ikeda
a:  T. Sakamoto, C. Iida, K. Mitsui
Reviewed in full in my Adapted Screenplay post for 1970 because that’s when the remake (also made by Ozu) was released in the States.  One of Ozu’s best films, a moving meditation on family and the way that transitory people come in and out of lives.  To my mind, easily the best Japanese film made before Kurosawa started directing, yet, for some reason, not released in the States until 1994.
me:  ***.5  /  IMDb:  7.9  (2470)

That Night’s Wife
aka:  その夜の妻; Sono yo no tsuma
3/17/94, 65 min, Drama, Japan (Japanese)
d:  Y. Ozu
w:  K. Noda  (from the novel by O. Shisgall)
a:  M. Ichimura, T. Okada, C. Ryû
Another Ozu film but not nearly on the same level.  It’s a good film, of course, because Ozu didn’t make bad films.  This dates from 1930 and it’s just an okay Drama; it wouldn’t be until 1934 with A Story of Floating Weeds that Ozu would really make that big step into being a really good screenwriter and director.
me:  ***  /   IMDb:  7.0  (531)

A Troll in Central Park
10/7/94, 76 min, G, Kids, Warner Bros
d:  D. Bluth  /  G. Goldman
w:  D. Bluth, S. Krieger, G. Goldman, J. Pomeroy, T.J. Kuenster
a:  D. DeLuise, C. Leachman
I saw this originally when trying to get all the animated films and good lord is it terrible.  Don Bluth started well when he first left Disney with The Secret of Nimh and his video game Dragon’s Lair will always have a special place in my heart even if I was terrible at it but in the 90’s, Bluth’s output was horrendous (except for Anastasia).  This fairy tale like story of two kids who meet up with a troll in Central Park has a lot of songs but nothing to offer even little kids.  Co-director Gary Goldman blamed the poor box office on Warner Bros not supporting it but what was there to support?
me:  *.5  /  IMDb:  5.4  (5511)
B.O. gross:  $71,368

Whore 2
aka:  Amos Kolleck’s Bad Girls
1/28/94, 85 min, R, Drama, Castle Hill Productions
d:  A. Kollek
w:  A. Kollek
a:  N. McPherson, P. Kellym S. Hill
This film doesn’t seem to know what it is which is appropriate because it doesn’t seem to know what its title is either.  It’s titled Whore 2 even though it has nothing to do with the 1990 film Whore (which was also know as If You Can’t Say It Just See It), but the trailer lists Whore 2 while saying Bad Girls and Box Office Mojo has it as Amos Kolleck’s Bad Girls even though the director’s name has no ‘c’ in it.  It’s a quasi-documentary / drama about real life whores in a hotel in New York and it’s not very good, no matter whatever it wants to be.
me:  **  /  IMDb:  4.6  (204)
B.O. gross:  $14,320

1994 Films Never Released in the U.S. in theaters

note:  These films in one sense don’t belong here because I can’t confirm that they were ever released in the States.  However, they are films that I have seen and that were originally released in their home countries in 1994 (including a number that were submitted for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars in 1994 – some of those were originally released in their home countries in late 1993 but I list them as 1994 films because of their Oscar submission).  Because I have to place such films somewhere, any film I can’t find a U.S. release date for gets placed in its original release year.

90 min, Drama, Chile (Spanish)
d:  G. Justiniano
w:  G. Justiniano, G. Frias
a:  J. Jung, P. Vicuña, J. Secall
Drama from Chile that was their submission for Best Foreign Film.  Apparently almost never seen as it has so few votes on the IMDb, the only review has linkrot and there isn’t a description of its plot on the IMDb or Wikipedia.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.5  (113)

Asterix Conquers America
aka:  Astérix et les indiens
85 min, Kids, France (French)
d:  G. Hahn
w:  A. Uderzo, P. Tchernia, T. Platt, G. Hahn  (from the comic book by R. Goscinny and A. Uderzo)
a:  R. Carel, P. Tornade
Had my brothers not lived in France when young, I would have no idea who Asterix was.  The Asterix films are all decently enjoyable, if not great and this one, where Asterix and Obelix journey to pre-1492 America is no exception.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  5.9  (5758)

Autumn: October in Algiers
aka:  Automne… Octobre à Alger
92 min, Drama, Algeria (French)
d:  M. Lakhdar-Hamina
w:  M. Lakhdar-Hamina, A. Bouaziz
a:  M. Lakhdar-Hamina, N. Koritz
The Algerian submission for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars, it’s a depressing Drama about an uprising in Algiers that is put down by inexperienced soldiers that lead to tragic results.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  5.0  (21)

The Awkward Age
aka:  Magarece godine
97 min, Drama, Bosnia (Serbo-Croatian)
d:  N. Dizdarevic
w:  N. Dizdarevic, T. Haveric  (from the novel by B. Copic)
a:  D. Trninic, S. Kahriman, I. Bjelan
A schoolboy Drama set in Bosnia in the days between the two wars was the Bosnian submission for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars, the first from that country and the last until they won the award in 2001.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.4  (60)

Cradle Song
aka:  Canción de cuna
101 min, Drama, Spain (Spanish)
d:  J.L. Garci
w:  J.L. Garci, M. Lejárraga  (from the play by G. Martinez Sierra)
The Spanish submission for Best Foreign Film is a religious Drama about a group of nuns who find a baby on their doorstep and must decide what to do.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.6  (730)

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
aka:  Ti kniver i hjertet
96 min, Drama, Norway (Norwegian)
d:  M. Hoist
w:  M. Hoist, L.S. Christensen  (from the novel by Christensen)
a:  M.D. Garfalk, T. Halbo, J.D. Kornstad
A strange Norwegian film that was their submission for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars in this year about a teen who isn’t accepted by his peers but then meets a very strange guy during his summer holidays.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.6  (614)

82 min, Kids, Germany (German)
d:  M. Schaack
w:  A. Prinicci, M. Kluger  (from the novel by Prinicci)
a:  U. Tukur, M. Adorf, H. Schneider
A German Animated film that wants to be for adults but doesn’t really succeed at it.  It tries to be a lot of things, a Fantasy, a Mystery, but I still classify it as a Kids film because it deals with this talking cat and it never really rises above the level of speaking to children.  Not very good.
me:  **  /  IMDb:  7.2  (3222)

In the Heat of the Sun
aka:  Yang guang can lan de ri zi
134 min, Drama, China / Hong Kong (Mandarin)
d:  W. Jiang
w:  W. Jiang  (from the story by S. Wang)
a:  Y. Xia, S. Dai, H. Fang
An interesting film in that it is kind of a nostalgic look back at the Cultural Revolution with star Xia Xu standing in for director Jiang Wen at the time.
me:  /  IMDb:  8.3  (3089)

Land of Dreams
aka:  Ard el ahlam
118 min, Drama, Egypt (Arabic)
d:  D.A. Sayed
w:  H. Fawzi
a:  F. Hamamah, Y El-Fakharany, H. Selim
The Egyptian Oscar submission is a Comedy about a woman on New Year’s Eve who has a chance to go to America.  Because the Foreign Film submission dates aren’t aligned with the calendar year (see the rules in the Awards post), this is actually a 1993 film but because it was a 1994 Oscar submission, I list it as a 1994 film.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.9  (152)

The Last Dance
aka:  Sista dansen
113 min, Drama, Sweden (Swedish)
d:  C. Nutley
w:  C. Nutley
a:  H. Bergström, R. Brynolfsson, E. Fröling
The Swedish Oscar submission though it’s directed by a Brit (who works in the Swedish film industry) and is set in England (it’s about a murder in Blackpool).
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  4.9  (608)

Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses
94 min, Musical, Finland
d:  A. Kaurismäki
w:  A. Kaurismäki, S. Järvenpää, M. Valtonen  (based on their characters)
a:  T-T. Erkinharju, B. Granfelt
I was introduced to the Leningrad Cowboys through an ex-girlfriend of mine and I found their music fascinating.  Then I discovered their history.  The first film (Leningrad Cowboys Go America) is damn funny with some really good music.  This follow-up isn’t nearly on the same level (in fact, it’s one of Aki Kaurismäki’s weakest films) but still has some amusing moments.
me:  **.5  /  IMDb:  5.7  (1196)

Life and Death of the Hollywood Kid
aka:  Hollywood Kid Eu Saeng-ae  (헐리우드 키드의 생애)
114 min, Drama, South Korea (Korean)
d:  J. Jeong
w:  J. Jeong  (from the novel by J. Ahn)
a:  M. Choi, Y.J. Dok-Go
A South Korean drama-comedy about a young man who is obsessed with Hollywood and the way it affects his actions, including his attempts at romance.  The South Korean submission for Best Foreign Film.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.1  (65)

Linda Sara
107 min, Drama, Puerto Rico (Spanish)
d:  J. Morales
w:  J. Morales
a:  D. Lugo, J. Rosaly, J. Morales
The Puerto Rican submission for Best Foreign Film is the story of four siblings who decide to reinvent their own history when they start selling off their family possessions.  A mid-*** film.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.4  (86)

104 min, Drama, Slovenia (Slovene)
d:  A. Verbic
w:  S. Kuscer
a:  T. Dimitrievska, D. Grasic, U. Hlebec
Not a lot of Horror films get submitted to the Oscars but that’s what Slovenia did.  Nine people go looking for Morana, the goddess of death and as you can guess, it doesn’t go well for them.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.4  (97)

Movie Days
82 min, Kids, Iceland (Icelandic)
d:  F. Þ. Friðriksson
w:  F. Þ. Friðriksson, E. Guðmundsson
a:  Ö. Arnarsson, R. Haraldsson
Oscar submission from Iceland.  This is kind of the Cinema Paradiso of Iceland (about a boy growing up in the 60’s who loves going to the movies) except that Cinema Paradiso is a great film and this one is just okay.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.5  (308)

Necronomicon: Book of the Dead
96 min, R, Horror, August Entertainment
d:  C. Gans, S. Kaneko, B. Yuzna
w:  B.V. Friedman, C. Gans, K. Ito, B. Yuzna  (from stories by H.P. Lovecraft)
a:  J. Combs, T. Azito
Terrible Horror film that hearkens back to H.P. Lovecraft (a character in the linking narrative even plays Lovecraft) but made without any talent or the ability to really horrify.
me:  *  /  IMDb:  5.8  (4767)

aka:  Nattevagten
107 min, R, Suspense, Denmark, Danish
d:  O. Bornedal
w:  O. Bornedal
a:  N. Coster-Waldau
If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you can look here to see where Nikolaj Coster-Waldau got his start as a night watchman at a morgue who gets caught up in strange happenings there.  The director would later remake the film in English with Ewan McGregor, but as is often the case, the original is better, even if it’s still not great.
me:  **.5  /  IMDb:  7.3  (13,619)

Pepe and Fifi
aka:  Pepe si Fifi
105 min, Drama, Romania (Romanian)
d:  D. Pita
w:  D. Pita, I. Eliad
a:  C. Iacob, I. Movila, L. Biclea
Romania’s submission for Best Foreign Film is not exactly happy-go-lucky.  It’s about a pair of siblings who are trying for a better life just after the revolution and can’t escape the mob.
me:  /  IMDb:  7.2  (79)

Prince of Jutland
aka:  Royal Deceit
103 min, R, Drama, Netherlands
d:  G. Axel
w:  G. Axel, E. Kjersgaard  (from the story by S. Grammaticus)
a:  G. Byrne, H. Mirren, C. Bale, B. Cox
What if we told the story of Hamlet, based on the historical story rather than say, you know, using the Shakespearean language that makes it so brilliant?  And imagine if a talented director (Gabriel Axel) suddenly lost all ability to direct actors so that a film with the likes of Christian Bale, Gabriel Byrne, Helen Mirren and Brian Cox (and the debut of Andy Serkis) is just completely dead on-screen.  That’s what you’ve got here, believe it or not.
me:  **.5  /  IMDb:  5.6  (1802)

Principio y fin
aka:  The Beginning and the End
188 min, Drama, Mexico (Spanish)
d:  A. Ripstein
w:  P. A. Garciadiego  (from the novel by N. Mahfouz)
a:  E. Laguardia, J. Egurrola, B. Guerra
The epic story of a Mexican family (over three hours long) was the 1993 Mexican submission for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars.  Worth watching but it can start to drag after a while.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.9  (328)

Rice People
aka:  Neak sre
125 min, Drama, Cambodia (Khmer)
d:  R. Panh
w:  R. Panh, E. Deboise  (from the novel by S. Ahmad)
a:  P. Phan, M. Soth, C. Naline
From director Rithy Pranh, who would become much better known two decades later for directing The Missing Picture, this is the rare non-documentary.  It’s the story of one year in the life of a Cambodian family in the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge regime.  The Cambodian submission for Best Foreign Film, the first time it had ever submitted.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.2  (242)

450 min, Drama, Hungary (Hungarian)
d:  B. Tarr
w:  B. Tarr, M. Vig, P. Dobai, B. Mihok, L. Kraszanhorkai  (from the novel by L. Krasznahorkai)
a:  M. Vig, P. Horvath, L. feLugossy
It’s good and held up by many as a classic but at an interminable length, it just goes on so long that it’s hard to keep your focus on it.  Actually not the Hungarian submission to the Oscars as it was passed over for Woyzeck.
me:  ***  /  RT:  100  /  IMDb:  8.5  (7380)

A Shadow You Soon Will Be
aka:  Una sombra ya pronto serás
105 min, Drama, Argentina (Spanish)
d:  H. Olivera
w:  H. Olivera, O. Soriano  (from the novel by O. Soriano)
a:  M. Sola, P. Soriano, M. Coria
The Oscar submission for Best Foreign Film from Argentina, this is the story of a man who leaves a broken drown train and wanders among the Pampas, meeting different people.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.5  (79)

The Strategy of the Snail
aka:  La estrategia del caracol
116 min, Drama, Colombia (Spanish)
d:  S. Cabrera
w:  S. Cabrera, H. Dorado, J. Goldenberg, R. Jimeno, F. Ramirez
a:  F. Cabrera, F. Ramirez, D. Guido
Though released at first in Colombia in 1993, this was the 1994 Colombian submission for Best Foreign Film.  It deals with the differences in the social stratification in Bogota.  Like many of the submissions in this year, a mid to low ***.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.8  (1859)

Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatjana
aka:  Pidä huivista kiinni, Tatjana
62 min, Comedy, Finland (Finnish)
d:  A. Kaurismäki
w:  A. Kaurismäki, S. Karvenpää
a:  K. Outinen, M. Pellonpää
Not one of Aki Kaurismäki’s better films, this is a weak ***, the story of two men and their rather aimless journey after leaving their mothers’ homes.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.3  (2433)

Tarzan of Manisa
aka:  Manisa tarzani
101 min, Drama, Turkey (Turkish)
d:  O. Oguz
w:  N. Oguz
a:  T. Bulut, S. Saglar, P. Afsar
A Turkish biopic (their submission for Best Foreign Film) about a man who returned from war to find his home destroyed and eventually became a sort of guru / gardener for the community, known as “Tarzan” because eventually he only wore a loincloth.  A pretty typical biopic.
me:  **.5  /  IMDb:  5.7  (103)

Vukovar: The Way Home
aka:  Vukovar se vraca kuci
99 min, Drama, Croatia (Serbo-Croat)
d:  B. Schmidt
w:  P. Pavlicic
a:  G. Navojec, S. Marin, H. Janson
The Croatian submission for Best Foreign Film, it’s the story of several people who are forced to leave the city of Vukovar during Croatia’s struggle for independence.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  6.0  (182)

Whispering Pages
aka:  Tikhiye stranitsy
77 min, Drama, Russia (Russian)
d:  A. Sokurov
w:  A. Sokurov
a:  A. Cherednik, S. Barkovskiy, E. Koroleva
Like all of Sukorov’s films, it is visually interesting but has severe flaws in its ability to tell any sort of story.  A lonely, wretched man wanders the streets of some 19th Century Russian city, seeing poverty, despair, even death.  Many online mention a Dostoevsky influence but it seemed more like Knut Hamsun’s Hunger to me.  Originally watched because it, like most Sukorov films, is on the TSPDT initial list.
me:  ***  /  RT:  100  /  IMDb:  7.1  (380)

Who Am I to You…!
aka:  Hum Aapke Hain Koun…!
206 min, Musical, India (Hindi)
d:  S.R. Barjatya
w:  S.R. Barjatya
a:  M. Dixit, S. Khan, M. Bahl
Bollywood Musicals aren’t really my thing, sitting through three hours of songs before finally resolving the plot.  This is essentially a decent Rom-Com with a lot of songs.
me:  ***  /  IMDb:  7.6  (15,968)

Without Compassion
aka:  Sin compasión
120 min, Drama, Peru (Spanish)
d:  F.J. Lombardi
w:  A. Cabada  (from the novel by F. Dostoevsky)
a:  D. Bertie, A. Davila, J. Chiarella
A Peruvian version of Crime and Punishment, this was their submission to the Oscars for the year.  Has a lot more romance than the original story and isn’t all that good.
me:  **.5  /  IMDb:  7.0  (97)

Ymadawiad Arthur
95 min, Sci-Fi, Wales (Welsh)
d:  M. Evans
a:  I. Evans, M. Hopkins, L. Ifans
A Welsh version of the Arthur legend which I came across in the Overlook Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and so I gave it a try.  Not awful but not particularly good either and almost completely unseen.
me:  **.5  /  IMDb:  5.8  (12)

Not Included

Box Office Mojo Gives a 1994 Release Date but oscars.org said 1995

  • Bulletproof Heart  (1995)
    Thankfully in 1995, since I haven’t been able to see this either.  At $297,415, the only film on Box Office Mojo’s 1994 list I haven’t seen.
  • Café au Lait  (1995)
  • Federal Hill  (1995)
    The only one of these four films that was actually Oscar eligible in 1995.
  • It’s Pat  (1995)
    This one is a bit strange.  Listed with a release date of August and it tanked but oscars.org had it in 1995 (though not Oscar eligible) while the Razzies also nominated it for several awards in 1995.

1994 Films With Oscar Eligibility in a Different Year

1994 Films with an L.A. Release After 1/1/95
(Ineligible for the Oscars)

“Films submitted for Best Foreign Language Film Award consideration shall not be eligible for Academy Award consideration in any category in any subsequent awards year. ”  That’s from page 14 of the Rules for the 67th Academy Awards.  Several of the films below actually might have been eligible for Oscars had they not been submitted for Best Foreign Film in 1994.  In fact, Il Postino, above, only managed to get an Oscar nomination for Best Picture because it wasn’t submitted for Foreign Film.

  • Bandit Queen  (1995)
    Oscar submission from India.  Solid film but I had heard really good things about it in 1995 when it hit the States and having seen Elizabeth before I saw this (they’re both from director Shekhar Kapur), I was a little disappointed.
  • Before the Rain  (1995)
    Oscar nominee from Macedonia, it was #7 on my own list.
  • Burnt by the Sun  (1995)
    The actual Oscar winner, submitted by Russia.  I ranked it #8 for the year in the Foreign Film race.
  • Delta of Venus  (1995)
    Pretty bad film (*.5) from Fine Line.  One of the few English language films on this list.
  • Ermo  (1995)
  • Farinelli: Il Castrato  (1995)
    Oscar submission from Belgium and the weakest Oscar nominee in Foreign Film in several years.
  • Faust  (1995)
    Oscar submission from the Czech Republic.
  • Green Snake  (1995)
  • The Mangler  (1995)
    Horrible adaptation of a weak Stephen King story.  Another English language film.
  • Mina Tannenbaum  (1995)
    My #4 in the Foreign Film race.  A great French film with two really strong lead actress performances (Romane Bohringer and Elsa Zylberstein).
  • The Promise  (1995)
    Oscar submission from Germany.
  • Strawberry and Chocolate  (1995)
    Oscar nominee from Cuba.  At a high *** just misses out on my Foreign Film list.
  • Through the Olive Trees  (1995)
    Oscar submission from Iran.
  • Wild Reeds  (1995)
    Oscar submission from France.
  • Ashes of Time  (1996)
  • Cemetery Man  (1996)
  • Chungking Express  (1996)
  • Cold Fever  (1996)
  • The Day the Sun Turned Cold  (1996)
    Oscar submission from Hong Kong.
  • I Don’t Hate Las Vegas Anymore  (1996)
  • L’America  (1996)
    Oscar submission from Italy.
  • Little Indian, Big City  (1996)
    Disney remade this as Jungle 2 Jungle.
  • Il Mostro  (1996)
    Stupid Roberto Benigni Comedy which I saw when working my way through his films for the Oscar Director project.
  • Of Love and Shadows  (1996)
    Bad adaptation of a good Isabel Allende film.  Not as appalling as House of the Spirits because this film is slightly better and that book is considerably better.
  • The Silences of the Palace  (1996)
  • Knocks at My Door  (1997)
    Oscar submission from Venezuela.
  • La Separation  (1998)
    Very good French film with strong performances from Isabelle Huppert and Daniel Auteuil (as if they ever give anything else) that made my Foreign Film list (at #10).

1994 Films Without an oscars.org Confirmed L.A. Release

  • Lisbon Story  (1995)
  • The Silence of Neto  (2004)
    Oscar submission from Guatemala.
  • Pom Poko  (2012)
    Oscar submission from Japan.  Strange that it would finally get a U.S. release in 2012, a good decade after I owned it on DVD as part of the Studio Ghibli box set.  One of the weaker Ghibli films but that still means it’s quite good and high ***.

My 1994 Films Ranked


  1. Ed Wood
  2. Pulp Fiction
  3. The Shawshank Redemption
  4. Four Weddings and a Funeral
  5. Three Colors: Red
  6. Quiz Show
  7. Heavenly Creatures
  8. Bullets over Broadway
  9. Grave of the Fireflies
  10. Hoop Dreams
  11. Three Colors: White
  12. Clerks
  13. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
  14. Death and the Maiden
  15. Eat Drink Man Woman
  16. The Lion King
  17. The Scent of Green Papaya
  18. The Crow
  19. Nobody’s Fool
  20. The Madness of King George
  21. Queen Margot
  22. Little Women
  23. Leon
  24. Latcho Drom
  25. Belle Epoque
  26. The Hudsucker Proxy
  27. Cronos
  28. The Last Seduction
  29. To Live
  30. Red Rock West
  31. Fiorile
  32. The Bride with White Hair
  33. A Story of Floating Weeds
  34. Interview with the Vampire
  35. Sirens
  36. Savage Nights
  37. Colonel Chabert
  38. Vanya on 42nd Street
  39. A Tale of Winter
  40. Neo-Tokyo
  41. Imaginary Crimes
  42. A Place in the World
  43. The Blue Kite
  44. Forrest Gump
  45. L’Enfer
  46. Sátántangó
  47. Go Fish
  48. The Browning Version
  49. Widow’s Peak
  50. Sunday’s Children
  51. Crooklyn
  52. Drunken Master
  53. Wyatt Earp
  54. Fresh
  55. That’s Entertainment! III
  56. Silent Mobius
  57. The Boys of St. Vincent
  58. The Ref
  59. Spanking the Monkey
  60. Moondance
  61. Oleanna
  62. Star Trek: Generations
  63. Ladybird Ladybird
  64. Rice People
  65. Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
  66. Bitter Moon
  67. Guarding Tess
  68. Backbeat
  69. The Castle of Cagliostro
  70. Living Buddha
  71. Sex, Drugs & Democracy
  72. Sara
  73. Maverick
  74. Ivan and Abraham
  75. L.627
  76. Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould
  77. True Lies
  78. I Am My Own Woman
  79. Fear of a Black Hat
  80. The Paper
  81. Leon the Pig Farmer
  82. La Vie de Boheme
  83. Police Story 2
  84. Legend of Drunken Master
  85. Project A
  86. The Slingshot
  87. Land of Dreams
  88. Bhaji on the Beach
  89. A Shadow You Soon Will Be
  90. The Jungle Book
  91. Minbo or the Gentle Art of Japanese Extortion
  92. Wheels on Meals
  93. In the Heat of the Sun
  94. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare
  95. Mi Vida Loca
  96. Principio y Fin
  97. Woyzeck
  98. Autumn: October in Algiers
  99. Princess Caraboo
  100. Once a Cop
  101. Crime Story
  102. Pepe and Fifi
  103. I Only Want You to Love Me
  104. That Night’s Wife
  105. Clear and Present Danger
  106. Movie Days
  107. Vukovar: The Way Home
  108. Life and Death of the Hollywood Kid
  109. December Bride
  110. Asterix Conquers America
  111. Linda Sara
  112. The Strategy of the Snail
  113. Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
  114. Love After Love
  115. The Wedding Gift
  116. Heals Pour Moi
  117. Why Did Bohdi-Dharma Leave for the Orient?
  118. Amnesia
  119. In Custody
  120. What Happened Was…
  121. Project A Part II
  122. White Badge
  123. Morana
  124. Kika
  125. Blue Chips
  126. Bullet in the Head
  127. Caro Diario
  128. The Conjugal Bed
  129. The Last Dance
  130. Second Best
  131. Dragons Forever
  132. When a Man Loves a Woman
  133. Nell
  134. Makin’ Up
  135. Once Upon a Time in China II
  136. The Santa Clause
  137. Whispering Pages
  138. The Mask
  139. The Legend of Fong Sai-Yuk II
  140. Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatjana
  141. The Awkward Age
  142. I Don’t Want to Talk About it
  143. Raining Stones
  144. Only You
  145. Once Upon a Time in China III
  146. Highway Patrolman
  147. Two Cops
  148. Dragon Lord
  149. Who Am I to You?
  150. Lucebert, Time and Farewell
  151. Cradle Song
  152. Combination Platter
  153. I Like It Like That
  154. I’ll Do Anything
  155. Le Sexe des etoiles
  156. The Line, the Cross and the Curve
  157. Nightwatch
  158. Legends of the Fall
  159. Wolf
  160. The Advocate
  161. The River Wild
  162. Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses
  163. Ciao Professore
  164. Natural Born Killers
  165. Tarzan of Manisa
  166. Disclosure
  167. And God Spoke
  168. A Man of No Importance
  169. The Shadow
  170. Without Compassion
  171. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
  172. Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult
  173. I.Q.
  174. Foreign Student
  175. Twin Dragons
  176. Desperate Remedies
  177. White Fang 2: Myth of the White Wolf
  178. Lassie
  179. Immortal Beloved
  180. Two Small Bodies
  181. La Scorta
  182. Blink
  183. The New Age
  184. Totally Fucked Up
  185. Swordsman III: The East is Red
  186. A la mode
  187. The Swan Princess
  188. Dr. Bethune
  189. Speed
  190. Century
  191. Iron Will
  192. Jason’s Lyric
  193. Above the Rim
  194. Just Like a Woman
  195. Ymadawaid Arthur
  196. The Beans of Egypt, Maine
  197. Camilla
  198. Angie
  199. Barcelona
  200. Black Beauty
  201. A Man in Uniform
  202. Babyfever
  203. Endless Summer II
  204. Junior
  205. The Secret Rapture
  206. Miracle on 34th Street
  207. Stargate
  208. Prince of Jutland
  209. Wicked City
  210. Erotic Ghost Story
  211. A Simple Twist of Fate
  212. My Girl 2
  213. There Goes My Baby
  214. Angels in the Outfield
  215. Sioux City
  216. Naked in New York
  217. Nostradamus
  218. With Honors
  219. Airheads
  220. Safe Passage
  221. Speechless
  222. Jimmy Hollywood
  223. The Inkwell
  224. Killing Zoe
  225. Radioland Murders
  226. 8 Seconds
  227. Monkey Trouble
  228. The Princess and the Goblin
  229. The Favor
  230. Dangerous Game
  231. Where the Rivers Flow North
  232. Vermont is for Lovers
  233. A Million to Juan
  234. The Cement Garden
  235. Blue Sky
  236. Sleep with Me
  237. Felidae
  238. Wittgenstein
  239. The War
  240. Dream Lover
  241. Being Human
  242. Frank & Jesse
  243. Thumbelina
  244. Whore II
  245. Little Buddha
  246. Twogether
  247. Pontiac Moon
  248. Art Deco Detective
  249. Shades of Black
  250. Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale
  251. D2: The Mighty Ducks
  252. Little Giants
  253. Silent Tongue
  254. The Trial
  255. Bad Girls
  256. Martin Lawrence: You So Crazy
  257. Serial Mom
  258. The Client
  259. The Flintstones
  260. Endgame
  261. Salmonberries
  262. Zero Patience
  263. Lightning in a Bottle
  264. Once a Thief
  265. Suture
  266. Romeo is Bleeding
  267. Love Affair
  268. China Moon
  269. Golden Gate
  270. Sugar Hill
  271. Blown Away
  272. City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold
  273. Floundering
  274. Cobb
  275. Blankman
  276. Grief
  277. Rapa Nui
  278. Little Big League
  279. Camp Nowhere
  280. Andre
  281. The Air Up There
  282. Corrina, Corrina
  283. The House of the Spirits
  284. It Runs in the Family
  285. The Scout
  286. Tom and Viv
  287. The Chase
  288. A Good Man in Africa
  289. Prêt-à-Porter
  290. Clean Slate
  291. Threesome
  292. Dumb & Dumber
  293. Gunmen
  294. Drop Zone
  295. My Father the Hero
  296. The Little Rascals
  297. The Next Karate Kid
  298. PCU
  299. Greedy
  300. Paris, France
  301. 3 Ninjas Kick Back
  302. Trading Mom
  303. Reality Bites
  304. A Troll in central Park
  305. The Road to Wellville
  306. A Passion to Kill
  307. Blank Check
  308. Zeram
  309. Major League II
  310. Silent Fall
  311. Mother’s Boys
  312. Getting Even with Dad
  313. Shrunken Heads
  314. I Love Trouble
  315. The Cowboy Way
  316. Body Snatchers
  317. The Pagemaster
  318. Lightning Jack
  319. The Getaway
  320. House Party 3
  321. Trial by Jury
  322. The Puppet Masters
  323. Drop Squad
  324. Timecop
  325. Terminal Velocity
  326. Richie Rich
  327. Necronomicon
  328. The Specialist
  329. Trapped in Paradise
  330. Night of the Demons 2
  331. No Escape
  332. Renaissance Man
  333. Holy Matrimony
  334. Intersection
  335. Baby’s Day Out
  336. Brainscan
  337. Cops & Robbersons
  338. Love and a .45
  339. Improper Conduct
  340. It Could Happen to You
  341. Beverly Hills Cop III
  342. My Life’s in Turnaround
  343. Chasers
  344. Cabin Boy
  345. Double Dragon
  346. A.P.E.X.
  347. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
  348. A Low Down Dirty Shame
  349. Milk Money
  350. Deadfall
  351. Color of Night
  352. Street Fighter
  353. Mixed Nuts
  354. Clifford
  355. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
  356. American Cyborg: Steel Warrior
  357. On Deadly Ground
  358. Surviving the Game
  359. In the Army Now
  360. Police Academy: Mission to Moscow
  361. Wagons East
  362. Car 54, Where Are You?
  363. North
  364. Death Wish V: The Face of Death
  365. Leprechaun 2
  366. Exit to Eden