So, this is a very different list than the one that will be appearing in the next post as you will already know from the Actress list.  In fact, rather than repeat the entire introduction from that post, I will just say that you should click on that link and read that intro first.  But the key to this list is that this is the favorites list, not the best, so remember that for all the bits about the actor.

What I hint at in that Actress post but will be upfront with on this one is that any actor on my Top 100 list isn’t given a description here (and usually not a picture either).

Even though I am technically including this as part of the Century of Film series, I go all the way through to the present.  Also, though I focus on film, I do sometimes list a television show as one of the listed items, especially for a few who are more my favorites because of television rather than film.

This list was actually really difficult to compose, a lot more difficult than the actress list which says more about how much better roles have been provided for men than for women.  There are a lot of complicating factors.  Does James Dean make the list and Al Pacino not make the list (that’s right – he doesn’t make my Top 100 Favorite Actors list) because Pacino’s later career is filled with a lot of dreck whereas Dean had the three roles and then died and didn’t survive to make worthless crap?  And what can be beloved to one person is not to another.  I remember being surprised by the level of passion for Kurt Russell and Jeff Goldblum when they were cast in Guardians and Thor when they come nowhere near making my list.  Knocking Tom Hanks and Jeff Bridges off the list (yes, they are off the list) made me realize that my passions and other people’s passions are not the same.  I really like all of the Avengers actors, which is part of why Endgame worked so well for me but they are basically non-existent on this list.  I love great acting but in the end, Brando was out.  And personality can affect it as well.  Tom Cruise does make the list still but he would have been a lot higher if this list had been made before 2005 or so.  Likewise, Kevin Spacey would have been high on the list even a few years ago but there’s no way I can say he’s a favorite when the evidence that he’s a serious creep seems pretty solid, the positive outcome of his legal case notwithstanding.

#100  –  John Mills

Favorite Film:  Hamlet
Favorite Performance:  Willie Mossop in Hobson’s Choice
Favorite Line:  “Hurry, Maitland, is the curse of civilization.”  “The fact that I hurry, Madam, gives certain people the leisure to make such observations.”  (The Chalk Garden)
Don’t Overlook:  Ice Cold in Alex

#99  –  Derek Jacobi

b. 1938, English
I’m not sure that I knew who Derek Jacobi was before I started watching the Kenneth Branagh films but I soon learned to really appreciate him.  Of course, I never got to see his great work on stage (his Hamlet is what inspired Branagh to be an actor) but he’s done a lot of great television and films, especially as a part of Branagh’s regular troupe.  His absence from the forthcoming list is why this is about film acting.
Favorite Film:  Hamlet
Favorite Performance:  Claudius in I Claudius
Favorite Line:  “I am the Master.”  (Doctor Who – “Utopia”)
Don’t Overlook:  Love is the Devil

#98  –  Chow Yun-Fat

b. 1955, Hong Kong
It was the late 90’s and I was visiting my friend Jay.  He had me watch two films, Hard Boiled and The Killer, and I was hooked on the brilliant actor at the heart of both of them.
Favorite Film:  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Favorite Performance:  Li Mu-bai in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Favorite Line:  “I would rather be a ghost, drifting by your side as a condemned soul, than enter heaven without you.”  (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
Don’t Overlook:  Curse of the Golden Flower

#97  –  Michael Palin

b. 1943, English
My favorite actor among the Pythons.  He’s also an enjoyable writer (I’ve read his published diaries).  But outside of Python he’s taken a lot better roles than Cleese and he’s been great fun to watch in all of them.
Favorite Film:  Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Favorite Performance:  Ken in A Fish Called Wanda
Favorite Line:  “Listen, strange women lyin’ in ponds distributin’ swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.”  (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
Don’t Overlook:  The Missionary

#96  –  Mandy Patinkin

b. 1952, American
When I first saw The Princess Bride I had no idea that Inigo could also sing but once I heard him in the original production of Evita, I knew this would be one of my favorites.
Favorite Film:  The Princess Bride
Favorite Performance:  Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride
Favorite Line:  “Hello.  My name is Inigo Montoya.  You killed my father.  Prepare to die.”  (The Princess Bride)
Don’t Overlook:  Yentl

#95  –  Ben Whishaw

b. 1980, English
When I first saw him, killing women for their scent, I never imagined how far he would come.  I didn’t realize my wife would develop a massive crush on him or that he would be a wonderful Q or so perfectly cast as the voice of a wee bear.  Veronica’s list would start with him, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who didn’t make my list but came close) and Benedict.
Favorite Film:  Skyfall
Favorite Performance:  Q in Skyfall
Favorite Line:  “Dear Aunt Lucy. I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner but so much has been happening. I even met the explorer’s daughter, but she tried to stuff me, so Mrs. Bird threw her off a roof.”  (Paddington)
Don’t Overlook:  Paddington 2

#94  –  Nicol Williamson

b. 1936-2011, Scottish
I use almost any excuse to post this article.  It sums up Williamson perfectly and I can’t decide if I like him in spite of his personality or because of it.  Either way, I wish I’d seen the play and I’m always fascinated by him on film.
Favorite Film:  Excalibur
Favorite Performance:  Merlin in Excalibur
Favorite Line:  “Looking at the cake is like looking at the future, until you’ve tasted it what do you really know? And then, of course, it’s too late.”  (Excalibur)
Don’t Overlook:  Hamlet

#93  –  Terrence Stamp

b. 1938, English
He was Zod.  Then, some two decades later, he was Chancellor Valorum.  But it’s all the stuff before and in-between, things like Billy Budd, The Collector, The Adventures of Priscilla and The Limey that really make him so interesting.
Favorite Film:  Superman II
Favorite Performance:  Bernadette Bassinger in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Favorite Line:  “No more fucking Abba.”  (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert)
Don’t Overlook:  The Limey

#92  –  Jeremy Irons

Favorite Film:  The Lion King
Favorite Performance:  Humbert Humbert in Lolita
Favorite Line:  “What I heard then was the melody of children at play, nothing but that. And I knew that the hopelessly poignant thing was not Lolita’s absence from my side, but the absence of her voice from that chorus.”  (Lolita)
Don’t Overlook:  Kingdom of Heaven

#91  –  Jim Broadbent

Favorite Film:  Harry Potter and the Death Hallows Part II
Favorite Performance:  Warner Purcell in Bullets over Broadway
Favorite Line:  “Homesickness is like most sicknesses. It will pass.”  (Brooklyn)
Don’t Overlook:  Inkheart

#90  –  Sam Neill

b. 1947, in Northern Ireland but raised in New Zealand
What great symmetry.  First he wanted to see Montana, then he was actually in Montana.  I would write more but I devoted a bit of my review of Hunt for the Wilderpeople (at the bottom here) to why I like Neill and I why I feel he’s under-appreciated.
Favorite Film:  Thor: Ragnarok
Favorite Performance:  Uncle Hec in Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Favorite Line:  “I would have liked to have seen Montana.”  (The Hunt for Red October)
Don’t Overlook:  The Dish

#89  –  Jeffrey Wright

b. 1965, American
I long knew who Jeffrey Wright was before I began to really appreciate him but then again I wasn’t lucky enough to see him on stage in Angels in America.  But whether he’s in Angels or playing the best Felix Leiter (by far) or his brilliant turn in Westworld or telling Dick Cheney to go fuck himself in W he’s always a delight to watch.
Favorite Film:  Casino Royale
Favorite Performance:  Bernard Lowe in Westworld
Favorite Line:  “Respect the delicate ecology of your delusions.”  (Angels in America)
Don’t Overlook:  W

#88  –  Colin Firth

b. 1960, English
His funniest moment might be in the horrible St Trinian’s film when Rupert Everett says they met in “another time” and Firth replies “Another country,” a reference to their first film together.  But then came the weird stretch where twice in three years he was cuckolded by a Fiennes in films that won Best Picture and he became more well-known, though not particularly liked.  That would come more after Bridget Jones, Love Actually, Nanny McPhee and a slough of other films that showed he could be a great actor and a fairly good comic one at that.
Favorite Film:  Shakespeare in Love
Favorite Performance:  George Falconer in A Single Man
Favorite Line:  “I have the right to be heard.  I have a voice!”  (The King’s Speech)
Don’t Overlook:  Fever Pitch

#87  –  Javier Bardem

b. 1969, Spanish
I was already ranking him as a great actor for performances like Before Night Falls and Mar Adentro before I started to realize I was smiling anytime I saw that he was going to be in a film.  Who else could play such a fine line between repulsive villain and desirable hunk?
Favorite Film:  Skyfall
Favorite Performance:  Raoul Silva in Skyfall
Favorite Line:  “You know I always have your best interests.”  “Well, not when you’re trying to kill me.”  (Vicky Cristina Barcelona)
Don’t Overlook:  Mar Adentro

#86  –  Groucho Marx

b. 1890-1977, American
Was there anyone better with a quip or a cutting insult?  Groucho didn’t so much act as just play Groucho but given how hilarious he was, who really cares?  With lines like “Go and never darken my towels again” do we care if there’s any actual acting involved?
Favorite Film:  Duck Soup
Favorite Performance:  Rufus T. Firefly in Duck Soup
Favorite Line:  “We go forth to fight for this woman’s honor which is probably more than she ever did.”  (Duck Soup)
Don’t Overlook:  Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter

#85  –  Steve Buscemi

b. 1957, American
With his death scenes, he kept getting smaller and smaller, being put through that wood chipper and then just being a bunch of ashes in a coffee can bought at Ralph’s.  But he’s consistently interesting and entertaining even if he bizarrely also chooses to do Adam Sandler films.
Favorite Film:  The Big Lebowski
Favorite Performance:  Seymour in Ghost World
Favorite Line:  “Then we can go to the In and Out?”  (The Big Lebowski)
Don’t Overlook:  Miracle Workers

#84  –  Hugo Weaving

b. 1967, born in Nigeria to English parents, raised in Australia
I knew who he was before he was Elrond.  To some people he might be Mr. Smith but fuck those people because The Matrix is stupid.  He’s the blind guy in Proof, he’s the draq queen with a son, he’s the terrorist in V for Vendetta, he’s the freaking Red Skull and he’s Elrond.
Favorite Film:  The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Favorite Performance:  Elrond in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Favorite Line:  “The ring cannot be destroyed, Gimli, son of Gloin, by any craft that we here possess.”  (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)
Don’t Overlook:  V for Vendetta

#83  –  Timothy Spall

b. 1957, English
For an actor who so often plays good, kind people, he’s most known for playing a cowardly wizard who transforms into a rat.  But hey, that got him a major credit in one film (Half-Blood Prince) that he doesn’t even have a line of dialogue in.  But check out all the great Mike Leigh films he’s in and you’ll get a better measure of his worth.
Favorite Film:  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Favorite Performance:  Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Favorite Line:  “Yeah, but you’ve got to get the chicken first to get the egg, and then you get the egg… to get the chicken out of…”  (Chicken Run)
Don’t Overlook:  Life is Sweet

#82  –  Hugh Grant

b. 1960, English
What’s amazing is how he can be such a nervous wreck and so calm and collected at the same time.  In Paddington 2 he seems to do it all at once, from calm and collected villain to overly hysterical actor (during the end credits).  He’s actually got quite a wide range if you make certain to see films like An Awfully Big Adventure or Florence Foster Jenkins.
Favorite Film:  Four Weddings and a Funeral
Favorite Performance:  Charles in Four Weddings and a Funeral
Favorite Line:  “Exit bear, pursued by an actor.”  (Paddington 2)
Don’t Overlook:  An Awfully Big Adventure

#81  –  Christian Bale

Favorite Film:  The Dark Knight
Favorite Performance:  Batman / Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight
Favorite Line:  “She was the Picasso of passive-aggressive karate.”  (American Hustle)
Don’t Overlook:  The Prestige

#80  –  Bill Murray

Favorite Film:  The Royal Tenenbaums
Favorite Performance:  Bob Harris in Lost in Translation
Favorite Line:  “We’re Americans.  You know what that means?  It means our forefathers were kicked out of every decent country in the world.”  (Stripes)
Don’t Overlook:  Tootsie

#79  –  Robert De Niro

Favorite Film:  GoodFellas
Favorite Performance:  Harry Tuttle in Brazil
Favorite Line:  “You talkin’ to me?”  (Taxi Driver)
Don’t Overlook:  Ronin

#78  –  Ronald Colman

b. 1891-1958, English
It’s all about the voice.  I first started watching Colman when I started watching Best Picture nominees from the 30’s and 40’s (he’s in five of them) and I always loved listening to his voice.  It had a noble tone to it and you knew it was the kind of voice you wanted to follow.  Which makes it so maddening, of course, that he only did a couple of dozen films after the introduction of sound.
Favorite Film:  A Tale of Two Cities
Favorite Performance:  Sidney Carton in A Tale of Two Cities
Favorite Line:  “It’s a far, far better thing I do than I have ever done. It’s a far, far better rest I go to than I have ever known.”  (A Tale of Two Cities)
Don’t Overlook:  The Prisoner of Zenda

#77  –  Tom Cruise

Favorite Film:  Minority Report
Favorite Performance:  Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder
Favorite Line:  “I am silently judging you.”  (Magnolia)
Don’t Overlook:  Vanilla Sky

#76  –  Peter Dinklage

b. 1969, American
He was a favorite of mine almost a decade before Game of Thrones even began.  From the minute I saw him in The Station Agent, I was impressed as could be.  That he could do a role like Tyrion after such a goofy film like Knights of Badassdom just shows his range.
Favorite Film:  The Station Agent
Favorite Performance:  Tyrion in Game of Thrones
Favorite Line:  “I drink and I know things.”  (Game of Thrones)
Don’t Overlook:  Find Me Guilty

#75  –  Liam Neeson

b. 1952, Irish
Before his wife died and he started acting in every idiotic film that came along, he was one of the most fascinating actors around.  That he could be a morally grey Jedi and a morally grey Batman character says a lot about what we expect out of him.  Perhaps someday he will return to being in great films.
Favorite Film:  Excalibur
Favorite Performance:  Ra’s al Guhl in Batman Begins
Favorite Line:  “If someone stands in the way of true justice… you simply walk up behind them and stab them in the heart.”  (Batman Begins)
Don’t Overlook:  The Bounty

#74  –  Bob Hoskins

Favorite Film:  Who Framed Roger Rabbitt
Favorite Performance:  Eddie Valiant in Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Favorite Line:  “It’s Good Friday.  Have a Bloody Mary.”  (The Long Good Friday)
Don’t Overlook:  Pennies from Heaven

#73  –  Matt Damon

Favorite Film:  Thor: Ragnarok
Favorite Performance:  “Matt Damon” in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Favorite Line:  “Mark Whitacre, secret agent 0014.”  “Why 0014?”  “Because I’m twice as smart as 007.”  (The Informant)
Don’t Overlook:  Behind the Candelabra

#72  –  Gene Wilder

1933-2016, American
Like a lot of kids, I knew him first as Willy Wonka.  Or maybe I actually knew him first as George Caldwell in Silver Streak. Eventually I would know him for all his wonderful roles in Mel Brooks films as well as his buddy Comedies with Richard Pryor.  He only made 22 films but I’ve seen almost all of them.
Favorite Film:  The Producers
Favorite Performance:  Leo Bloom in The Producers
Favorite Line:  “You’ve got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know… morons.”  (Blazing Saddles)
Don’t Overlook:  Start the Revolution Without Me

#71  –  Takashi Shimura

b. 1905-1982, Japanese
Everyone connects Kurosawa with Toshiro Mifune but Shimura was his star first and was actually in more of Kurosawa’s films (21 of 30).
Favorite Film:  The Seven Samurai
Favorite Performance:  Kanji Watanabe in Ikiru
Favorite Line:  “The enemy must be lured in. So we can attack them. If we only defend, we lose the war.”  (Seven Samurai)
Don’t Overlook:  Drunken Angel

#70  –  Montgomery Clift

b. 1920-1966
“That’s Montgomery Clift, honey!”  “Monty this seems strange to me.”  How many actors inspire one really good song, let alone two?  He was a fascinating actor before he had the accident and lost his confidence but he was even fascinating after that if not as good.  One of the first (and best) of the method actors to move into film.
Favorite Film:  Red River
Favorite Performance:  Prew in From Here to Eternity
Favorite Line:  “A man loves a thing that don’t mean it’s gotta love him back.”  (From Here to Eternity)
Don’t Overlook:  The Heiress

#69  –  Hugh Bonneville

b. 1963, English
Funnily enough, I have never seen Downton Abbey and yet my passion for Bonneville and his acting does come from television, namely his hilarious turn as Ian Fletcher on Twenty Twelve and W1A (and I hear that name in my head with David Tennant’s narration) or his guest turns on Doctor Who or Galavant.  My mother continually confuses him with Jim Broadbent in spite of an age difference significant enough that they played the same character in the same film at different ages (Iris).
Favorite Film:  Paddington 2
Favorite Performance:  Head of Deliverance Ian Fletcher in Twenty Twelve
Favorite Line:  “We’re the lords of the sea.”  “Technically, next to the sea.”  (Galavant)
Don’t Overlook:  Iris

#68  –  Dustin Hoffman

Favorite Film:  All the President’s Men
Favorite Performance:  Ben Braddock in The Graduate
Favorite Line:  “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me. (pause)  Aren’t you?”  (The Graduate)
Don’t Overlook:  Perfume – The Story of a Murderer

#67  –  Gary Oldman

Favorite Film:  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Favorite Performance:  George Smiley in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Favorite Line:  “He’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it.”  (The Dark Knight)
Don’t Overlook:  Bram Stoker’s Dracula

#66  –  Michael Keaton

Favorite Film:  Much Ado About Nothing
Favorite Performance:  Riggan Thomson in Birdman
Favorite Line:  “I’ve seen The Exorcist 167 times and it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it!”  (Beetlejuice)
Don’t Overlook:  Toy Story 3

#65  –  James Dean

b. 1931-1955, American
Just three films.  That’s all we’ve got.  Maybe he would have fallen hard like Brando.  But instead we get two magnificent performances and one rather solid one and an icon for all-time.
Favorite Film:  Rebel without a Cause
Favorite Performance:  Jim Stark in Rebel without a Cause
Favorite Line:  “The first thing, I saw you, and, uh, I said, boy, this is gonna be one terrific day, so you better live it up, because tomorrow you’ll be nothing.”  (Rebel without a Cause)
Don’t Overlook:  East of Eden

#64  –  Glenn Ford

b. 1916-2006, Canadian, raised in America
I would know him as an old man and nothing more for years.  But then I would start to see his old performances, his work opposite Rita Hayworth and his solid Westerns and would get the true measure of him as an actor.
Favorite Film:  Superman
Favorite Performance:  Dave Bannion in The Big Heat
Favorite Line:  “I hated her so I couldn’t get her out of my mind for a minute”  (Gilda)
Don’t Overlook:  The Sheepman

#63  –  Max von Sydow

Favorite Film:  Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Favorite Performance:  Antonius Block in The Seventh Seal
Favorite Line:  “We must make an idol of our fear, and call it god.”  (The Seventh Seal)
Don’t Overlook:  Hour of the Wolf

#62  –  Burt Lancaster

Favorite Film:  Field of Dreams
Favorite Performance:  Lou in Atlantic City
Favorite Line:  “Yes, it used to be beautiful – what with the rackets, whoring, guns.”  (Atlantic City)
Don’t Overlook:  Brute Force

#61  –  Warren Beatty

Favorite Film:  Bonnie and Clyde
Favorite Performance:  Clyde Barrow in Bonnie and Clyde
Favorite Line:  “This here’s Miss Bonnie Parker. I’m Clyde Barrow. We rob banks.”  (Bonnie and Clyde)
Don’t Overlook:  Bulworth

#60  –  Gene Kelly

b. 1912-1996, American
I remember when I first saw him in The Three Musketeers.  It had never occurred to me that a dancer might be the perfect person to play D’Artangan and the way he leaps about makes it so much fun to watch.  And he’s always great for a song or a dance and yet I can’t stop thinking of him as the stand-in for H. L. Mencken in his bitterly sarcastic performance in Inherit the Wind.
Favorite Film:  Singin’ in the Rain
Favorite Performance:  E. K. Hornbeck in Inherit the Wind
Favorite Line:  “Madam, I had a nice clean place to stay… and I left it, to come here.”  (Inherit the Wind)
Don’t Overlook:  The Three Musketeers

#59  –  Jimmy Stewart

Favorite Film:  The Philadelphia Story
Favorite Performance:  George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life
Favorite Line:  “Well, I’ve wrestled with reality for 35 years, Doctor, and I’m happy to state I finally won out over it.”  (Harvey)
Don’t Overlook:  Winchester ’73

#58  –  Sean Connery

b. 1930, Scottish
The original James Bond on film and so much more than that.  I could have easily listed one of his Bond performances as my favorite or the way he’s so fun as Henry Jones or so brilliant in his Oscar-winning role in The Untouchables or The Man Who Would Be King or any of a number of other movies.
Favorite Film:  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Favorite Performance:  Marko Ramius in The Hunt for Red October
Favorite Line:  “You wanna know how to get Capone? They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. *That’s* the *Chicago* way! And that’s how you get Capone.”  (The Untouchables)
Don’t Overlook:  The Rock

#57  –  Paul Newman

Favorite Film:  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Favorite Performance:  Donald Sullivan in Nobody’s Fool
Favorite Line:  “Fat man, you shoot a great game of pool.”  (The Hustler)
Don’t Overlook:  Empire Falls

#56  –  William Powell

1892-1984, American
It’s hard to believe that he didn’t make the Top 100 Actors but that’s the way it fell out and as it turned out Myrna Loy didn’t make the Actress list so it’s appropriate.  He’s so charming and funny as Nick Charles and then he just continued to make movies with Loy aside from other brilliant work like My Man Godfrey or even early work like The Last Command.  Definitely my favorite of the male stars at MGM in the 30’s.
Favorite Film:  The Thin Man
Favorite Performance:  Nick Charles in The Thin Man
Favorite Line:  “I read where you were shot five times in the tabloids.”  “It’s not true. He didn’t come anywhere near my tabloids.”  (The Thin Man)
Don’t Overlook:  The Last Command

#55  –  Daniel Radcliffe

b. 1989, English
The measure of our (and it’s definitely mutual) appreciation of Dan Radcliffe is not in the 8 Harry Potter films but in the other things he’s done, namely television.  The fact that we’ve even watched crap like Victor Frankenstein or bizarreness like Swiss Army Man we’ve also dived into David Copperfield, My Boy Jack, A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Miracle Workers, all because of our fondness.
Favorite Film:  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Favorite Performance:  Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Favorite Line:  “Be brave, Professor. Be brave like my mother… Otherwise, you disgrace her. Otherwise, she died for nothing. Otherwise, the bowl will remain empty… forever.”  (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)
Don’t Overlook:  What If

#54  –  Jack Lemmon

Favorite Film:  Some Like It Hot
Favorite Performance:  Jerry  /  Daphne in Some Like It Hot
Favorite Line:  “Captain, it is I, Ensign Pulver, and I just threw your stinkin’ palm tree overboard! Now what’s all this crud about no movie tonight?”  (Mister Roberts)
Don’t Overlook:  Glengarry Glen Ross

#53  –  Bruce Campbell

b. 1958, American
I barely even knew who he was when I first met Veronica in spite of all the ads on my comic books from late 1992 for Army of Darkness.  But after meeting her (and then meeting Campbell multiple times), I came to appreciate the chin and the man and how much fun he was to watch.
Favorite Film:  Spider-Man 2
Favorite Performance:  Ash in Army of Darkness
Favorite Line:  “This is my boomstick.”  (Army of Darkness)
Don’t Overlook:  The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

#52  –  Robin Williams

Favorite Film:  The Birdcage
Favorite Performance:  The Genie in Aladdin
Favorite Line:  “I’m history, no I’m mythology!”  (Aladdin)
Don’t Overlook:  Awakenings

#51  –  Kevin Kline

Favorite Film:  A Fish Called Wanda
Favorite Performance:  Otto in A Fish Called Wanda
Favorite Line:  “It’s K-K-K-Ken! C-c-c-coming to k-k-k-kill me!”  (A Fish Called Wanda)
Don’t Overlook:  Sophie’s Choice

#50  –  Michael Caine

Favorite Film:  The Dark Knight
Favorite Performance:  Lloyd Fellowes in Noises Off
Favorite Line:  “Some men aren’t looking for anything logical. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”  (The Dark Knight)
Don’t Overlook:  The Weather Man

#49  –  Peter Sellers

Favorite Film:  Dr. Strangelove
Favorite Performance:  Claire Quilty in Lolita
Favorite Line:  “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room.”  (Dr. Strangelove)
Don’t Overlook:  I’m All Right Jack

#48  –  Johnny Depp

Favorite Film:  Ed Wood
Favorite Performance:  Ed Wood in Ed Wood
Favorite Line:  “Really? Worst film you ever saw. Well, my next one will be better.”  (Ed Wood)
Don’t Overlook:  Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

#47  –  Henry Fonda

Favorite Film:  Once Upon a Time in the West
Favorite Performance:  Mister Roberts in Mister Roberts
Favorite Line:  “How can you trust a man that wears both a belt and suspenders? Man can’t even trust his own pants.”  (Once Upon a Time in the West)
Don’t Overlook:  The Ox-Bow Incident

#46  –  Albert Finney

Favorite Film:  Skyfall
Favorite Performance:  Tom Jones in Tom Jones
Favorite Line:  “Has it occurred to you that there are too many clues in this room?”  (Murder on the Orient Express)
Don’t Overlook:  Under the Volcano

#45  –  Antonio Banderas

b. 1960, Spanish
I had seen him in some Almodovar films but I still thought of him as an actor in mostly crappy Action films for far too long.  Then I returned to the Almodovar around the time he became Zorro and then he became Puss.  After that, it was a joy every time I would see him or even hear him.
Favorite Film:  Shrek 2
Favorite Performance:  Puss in Puss in Boots
Favorite Line:  “I have broken the fourth commandment, padre.”  “You killed somebody?”  “No, that is not the fourth commandment.”  “Of course not.”  (The Mask of Zorro)
Don’t Overlook:  Evita

#44  –  Jean Gabin

Favorite Film:  The Grand Illusion
Favorite Performance:  Jean in Port of Shadows
Favorite Line:  “We’ve got to end this damn war and make it the last!”  (The Grand Illusion)
Don’t Overlook:  Moontide

#43  –  Charles Laughton

Favorite Film:  Les Miserables
Favorite Performance:  Sir Wilfred Roberts in Witness for the Prosecution
Favorite Line:  “I am constantly surprised that women’s hats do not provoke more murders.”  (Witness for the Prosecution)
Don’t Overlook:  Advise & Consent

#42  –  Alan Rickman

Favorite Film:  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Favorite Performance:  The Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Favorite Line:  “Why a spoon, cousin?  Why not an axe?”  “Because it’s DULL, you twit. It’ll hurt more.”  (Murder on the Orient Express)
Don’t Overlook:  An Awfully Big Adventure

#41  –  Ian Holm

Favorite Film:  The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Favorite Performance:  Ash in Alien
Favorite Line:  “You are COOKING? How DARE you cook in MY kitchen! Where do you get the gall to attempt something so monumentally idiotic? I should have you drawn and quartered! I’ll do it! I think the law is on my side! Larousse, draw and quarter this man! *After* you put him in the duck press to squeeze the fat out of his head!”  (Ratatouille)
Don’t Overlook:  The Madness of King George

#40  –  Erich von Stroheim

1885-1957, Austrian
It was always about Sunset Blvd.  Of course, I would later realize that he was a director of monumental talent and also that he was a brilliant actor as well.  In some ways, he was Orson Welles before Welles was around to fill that role.  I have never been disappointed in any film with him in it.
Favorite Film:  Sunset Blvd.
Favorite Performance:  Max von Mayerling in Sunset Blvd.
Favorite Line:  “There was a maharajah who came all the way from India to beg one of her silk stockings. Later he strangled himself with it!”  (Sunset Blvd.)
Don’t Overlook:  The Great Gabbo

#39  –  Boris Karloff

1887-1969, English
His performance as the Monster was so amazing, so moving that you could sense it even under all that makeup.  He would make a career out of playing those kinds of roles but when you could get a chance to see him in other things, in films like Five Star Final or The Body Snatcher or Bedlam you could get a better sense of all that talent that was often buried.
Favorite Film:  The Bride of Frankenstein
Favorite Performance:  The Monster in The Bride of Frankenstein
Favorite Line:  “You go.  We belong dead.”  (The Bride of Frankenstein)
Don’t Overlook:  Five Star Final

#38  –  Benedict Cumberbatch

b. 1976, English
Just six weeks older than Veronica and she’s all good with that.  She was watching him as Sherlock while I was discovering him in films like Tinker Tailor and The War Horse.  But she won me over on Sherlock (obviously) and he would quickly became a favorite for both of us.  I just wish we could watch all of his television but things like Patrick Melrose and Brexit are just too much for us to take.
Favorite Film:  Avengers: Endgame
Favorite Performance:  Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock
Favorite Line:  “Anderson, don’t talk out loud. You lower the IQ of the whole street.”  (Sherlock)
Don’t Overlook:  Starter for 10

#37  –  Kirk Douglas

Favorite Film:  Out of the Past
Favorite Performance:  Whit Sterling in Out of the Past
Favorite Line:  “I’ve done a lot of lying in my time. I’ve lied to men who wear belts. I’ve lied to men who wear suspenders. But I’d never be so stupid as to lie to a man who wears both belt and suspenders.”  (Ace in the Hole)
Don’t Overlook:  A Letter to Three Wives

#36  –  Errol Flynn

1909-1959, Australian
Who else has been like Flynn?  Well, my original post would seem to suggest three but really Flynn was like no one else before or after him.  He could be effortlessly funny, endlessly athletic and was a rogue and a charmer all at once.
Favorite Film:  The Adventures of Robin Hood
Favorite Performance:  Robin Hood in The Adventures of Robin Hood
Favorite Line:  “Good morning, Uncle.”  (Captain Blood)
Don’t Overlook:  The Sun Also Rises

#35  –  Kevin Costner

Favorite Film:  Field of Dreams
Favorite Performance:  Crash Davis in Bull Durham
Favorite Line:  “I held it like an egg,”  “Yeah, and he scrambled the son of a bitch. Look at that, he hit the fucking bull! Guy gets a free steak!”  (Bull Durham)
Don’t Overlook:  A Perfect World

#34  –  William Hurt

Favorite Film:  Avengers: Endgame
Favorite Performance:  Nick in The Big Chill
Favorite Line:  “The last time I spoke with Alex, we had a fight. I yelled at him.”  “That’s probably why he killed himself.”  (The Big Chill)
Don’t Overlook:  A History of Violence

#33  –  Jack Nicholson

Favorite Film:  Chinatown
Favorite Performance:  Jake Gittes in Chinatown
Favorite Line:  “He passed away two weeks ago and one week ago he bought the land. That’s unusual.”  (Chinatown)
Don’t Overlook:  Mars Attacks!

#32  –  Fredric March

Favorite Film:  Les Miserables
Favorite Performance:  Al Stephenson in The Best Years of Our Lives
Favorite Line:  “I wish that we may never meet when you are less beautiful, and I must be less kind.”  (Death Takes a Holiday)
Don’t Overlook:  Death of a Salesman

#31  –  Richard Burton

Favorite Film:  The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
Favorite Performance:  George in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf
Favorite Line:  “Who did the painting?”  “Some Greek with a moustache that Martha attacked one night.”  (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf)
Don’t Overlook:  1984

#30  –  Anthony Hopkins

Favorite Film:  Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Favorite Performance:  Hannibal Lector in The Silence of the Lambs
Favorite Line:  “I do wish we could chat longer, but… I’m having an old friend for dinner.”  (The Silence of the Lambs)
Don’t Overlook:  Magic

#29  –  Christopher Lee

1922-2015, English
Aside from all the things listed in that meme to the right, consider that he was Dracula, he was Frankenstein’s Monster, but he was also in the Best Picture winning Hamlet, he was a Bond villain (and related to Ian Fleming), he actually knew Tolkien and wanted to play Gandalf (and was willing to settle for Saruman) and he was a Sith.
Favorite Film:  The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Favorite Performance:  Saruman in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Favorite Line:  “They will find the Ring and kill the one who carries it.”  (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)
Don’t Overlook:  The Hound of the Baskervilles

#28  –  Steve McQueen

1930-1980, American
Steve McQueen always did seem like he was the most interesting man in the world.  It’s surprising that I still have him so high when so much of what I love him for comes from just two films (The Great Escape and The Magnificent Seven).
Favorite Film:  The Great Escape
Favorite Performance:  Hilts in The Great Escape
Favorite Line:  “We deal in lead, friend.”  (The Magnificent Seven)
Don’t Overlook:  Love with the Proper Stranger

#27  –  Denzel Washington

Favorite Film:  Much Ado About Nothing
Favorite Performance:  Trip in Glory
Favorite Line:  “We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock.  Plymouth Rock landed on us!”  (Malcolm X)
Don’t Overlook:  A Soldier’s Story

#26  –  Leonardo DiCaprio

Favorite Film:  Gangs of New York
Favorite Performance:  Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street
Favorite Line:  “I fucked her brains out … for eleven seconds.”  (The Wolf of Wall Street)
Don’t Overlook:  Django Unchained

#25  –  Laurence Olivier

Favorite Film:  Richard III
Favorite Performance:  Richard III in Richard III
Favorite Line:  “We few, we band of brothers.”  (Henry V)
Don’t Overlook:  Carrie

#24  –  Peter Lorre

b. 1904-1964, Hungarian, raised in Austria
He would explode in film with his mesmerizing performance in M before crossing to Britain, working with Hitchcock and then making it to Hollywood and working with Bogart.  One of the great character actors, a man you could never trust, except in real life, where he gave the advice to Bogie to go for happiness and go for Bacall.
Favorite Film:  The Maltese Falcon
Favorite Performance:  Joel Cairo in The Maltese Falcon
Favorite Line:  “You will please clasp your hands together at the back of your neck.”  (The Maltese Falcon)
Don’t Overlook:  Beat the Devil

#23  –  David Tennant

b. 1971, Scottish
At first, he was just a villain who only appeared at the beginning and end of the fourth Harry Potter.  But then he was the Doctor and one of the best (I prefer Troughton but it’s close).  After that, while I’ve seen him in some films and I’ll watch any film he’s in, he’s been my favorite television actor, whether it be Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Good Omens or his brilliant narration of both Twenty Twelve and W1A.
Favorite Film:  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Favorite Performance:  The Doctor in Doctor Who
Favorite Line:  “Oh no, of course, you mostly went hands-free didn’t you? It was like, ‘Hey, I’m the Doctor, I can save the universe using a kettle and some string! And look at me, I’m wearing a vegetable.’”  (Doctor Who)
Don’t Overlook:  Fright Night

#22  –  Denholm Elliot

b. 1922-1992, English
Elliott’s performance in Last Crusade is what annoyed my friend Tavis about the film (that he had gone from serious to comic relief) but he was so entertaining he won me over and I started paying more attention to him.  Sadly, he would die just a few years later
Favorite Film:  Raiders of the Lost Ark
Favorite Performance:  Mr. Emerson in A Room with a View
Favorite Line:  “Good God.”  “Yes, that’s just what the Hebrews thought.”  (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
Don’t Overlook:  Noises Off

#21  –  Gene Hackman

Favorite Film:  Superman II
Favorite Performance:  Harold the Blind Man in Young Frankenstein
Favorite Line:  “We all have our little faults.  Mine’s in California.”  (Superman)
Don’t Overlook:  No Way Out

#20  –  Charlie Chaplin

Favorite Film:  Modern Times
Favorite Performance:  Adenoid Hynkel in The Great Dictator
Favorite Line:  “Look up, Hannah.”  (The Great Dictator)
Don’t Overlook:  Monsieur Verdoux

#19  –  William Holden

Favorite Film:  Sunset Blvd.
Favorite Performance:  Joe Gillis in Sunset Blvd.
Favorite Line:  “Sometimes it’s interesting to see just how bad – bad writing can be. This promised to go the limit.”  (Sunset Blvd.)
Don’t Overlook:  The Moon is Blue

#18  –  Samuel L. Jackson

b. 1948, American
First I saw him in Jurassic Park then had my mind blown with his performance in Pulp Fiction.  Afterwards, of course, he was just Mace in the prequels and Nick Fury in the MCU so no reason why he would be one of my favorite actors, is there?
Favorite Film:  The Avengers
Favorite Performance:  Nick Fury in The Avengers
Favorite Line:  “The truth is you’re the weak. And I’m the tyranny of evil men. But I’m tryin’, Ringo. I’m tryin’ real hard to be the shepherd.”  (Pulp Fiction)
Don’t Overlook:  Deep Blue Sea  (best death scene ever!)

#17  –  Cary Grant

Favorite Film:  The Philadelphia Story
Favorite Performance:  Walter Burns in His Girl Friday
Favorite Line:  “No, no, never mind the Chinese earthquake for heaven’s sake…Look, I don’t care if there’s a million dead…No, no, junk the Polish Corridor…Take all those Miss America pictures off Page Six…Take Hitler and stick him on the funny page…No, no, leave the rooster story alone – that’s human interest.”  (His Girl Friday)
Don’t Overlook:  Arsenic and Old Lace

#16  –  Kenneth Branagh

Favorite Film:  Much Ado About Nothing
Favorite Performance:  Hamlet in Hamlet
Favorite Line:  “She loves me.  Why?”  (Much Ado About Nothing)
Don’t Overlook:  Othello

#15  –  Claude Rains

Favorite Film:  Casablanca
Favorite Performance:  Captain Renault in Casablanca
Favorite Line:  “Major Strasser has been shot.  Round up the usual suspects.”  (Casablanca)
Don’t Overlook:  Anthony Adverse

#14  –  James Cagney

Favorite Film:  Yankee Doodle Dandy
Favorite Performance:  George M. Cohan in Yankee Doodle Dandy
Favorite Line:  “Listen, Nan, send a new boy and girl on right away, and make sure they’re not in love with each other.”  “Right.”  “Get a couple already married.”  (Footlight Parade)
Don’t Overlook:  Footlight Parade

#13  –  Leslie Howard

Favorite Film:  Pygmalion
Favorite Performance:  Alan Squier in The Petrified Forest
Favorite Line:  “Let there be killing. All this evening I’ve had a feeling of destiny closing in.”  (The Petrified Forest)
Don’t Overlook:  It’s Love I’m After

#12  –  Peter Cushing

b. 1913-1994, English
As one meme puts it, he was the Doctor and Sherlock, so top that.  Of course, the first thing I saw him in was Star Wars, which was all I knew for a long time but then I discovered the Hammer Horror films (in the years before Christopher Lee came to the Star Wars franchise) and gained a whole new admiration for Cushing as an actor.
Favorite Film:  Star Wars
Favorite Performance:  Van Helsing in Horror of Dracula
Favorite Line:  “Evacuate?  In our moment of triumph?”  (Star Wars)
Don’t Overlook:  The Hound of the Baskervilles

#11  –  Orson Welles

Favorite Film:  Touch of Evil
Favorite Performance:  Hank Quinlan in Touch of Evil
Favorite Line:  “Take him out and shoot him.”  (Catch-22)
Don’t Overlook:  Macbeth

#10  –  George Clooney

Favorite Film:  O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Favorite Performance:  Jack Foley in Out of Sight
Favorite Line:  “Damn, we’re in a tight spot.”  (O Brother, Where Art Thou?)
Don’t Overlook:  Solaris

#9  –  Ian McKellen

Favorite Film:  The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Favorite Performance:  Gandalf the Grey in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Favorite Line:  “I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Arnor. You cannot pass. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udun. Go back to the Shadow! You shall not pass!”  (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring)
Don’t Overlook:  Mr. Holmes

#8  –  Ralph Fiennes

Favorite Film:  The Grand Budapest Hotel
Favorite Performance:  M. Gustave in The Grand Budapest Hotel
Favorite Line:  “You see, there are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity. Indeed that’s what we provide in our own modest, humble, insignificant… oh, fuck it.”  (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
Don’t Overlook:  Oscar and Lucinda

#7  –  Daniel Day-Lewis

Favorite Film:  The Last of the Mohicans
Favorite Performance:  Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln
Favorite Line:  “I need this! This amendment is that cure! We’ve stepped out upon the world stage now. Now! With the fate of human dignity in our hands. Blood’s been spilled to afford us this moment now! Now! Now!”  (Lincoln)
Don’t Overlook:  My Beautiful Laundrette

#6  –  Ewan McGregor

Favorite Film:  Trainspotting
Favorite Performance:  Mark Renton in Trainspotting
Favorite Line:  “Some hate the English. I don’t. They’re just wankers. We, on the other hand, are colonized by wankers.”  (Trainspotting)
Don’t Overlook:  Beginners

#5  –  Harrison Ford

Favorite Film:  Star Wars
Favorite Performance:  Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark
Favorite Line:  “I’d just as soon kiss a wookie.”  “I can arrange that.  You could use a good kiss.”  (Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back)
Don’t Overlook:  The Mosquito Coast

#4  –  Toshiro Mifune

Favorite Film:  Seven Samurai
Favorite Performance:  Kikuchiyo in Seven Samurai
Favorite Line:  “If it hadn’t been for that wind, I wouldn’t have killed him.”  (Rashomon)
Don’t Overlook:  I Live in Fear

#3  –  Lon Chaney

Favorite Film:  The Phantom of the Opera
Favorite Performance:  Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Favorite Line:  “That’s all there is to life. A little laughter… a little tear.”  (The Unholy Three)
Don’t Overlook:  Oliver Twist

#2  –  Humphrey Bogart

Favorite Film:  The Maltese Falcon
Favorite Performance:  Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon
Favorite Line:  “The waters.  I came to Casablanca for my health.”  “But we’re in the middle of the desert.”  “I was misinformed.”  (Casablanca)
Don’t Overlook:  In a Lonely Place

#1  –  Alec Guinness

Favorite Film:  Star Wars
Favorite Performance:  Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars
Favorite Line:  “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”  (Star Wars)
Don’t Overlook:  The Comedians