March 2019

It’s true this image isn’t in English but it saved me a lot of work and basically perfectly covers the Century of Film.  I found it here to give credit where credit is due.

A Century of Film

The 100 Greatest Actresses


Two posts ago, I mentioned that I was not going to do any lists for my Absolute Points list and that it would be obvious why in two posts time.  In the previous post, my 100 Favorite Actresses, I mentioned that most of the actresses would not get a full description and that it would be obvious why in the next post.  This is that post (for both). (more…)


So, this is a very different list than the one that will be appearing in the next post.  This list is similar to my Top 100 Favorite Films.  This is purely a subjective list and does not rank actresses on how good I think they are but how much I enjoy watching them (which also means you can’t argue with my choices but you are free to comment on your own choices of favorites or least favorites – I didn’t include a list of least favorites but it would be topped by Whoopi Goldberg and Goldie Hawn).  Attractiveness has nothing to do with the ranking though there are some actresses that I enjoy partially because I find them highly attractive.  This is a list that basically says, do I want to watch a movie just because this actress is in the film? (more…)

A Century of Film


Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress

The Lists


I have done two previous posts for A Century of Film, one on Best Actress and one on Best Supporting Actress.  In those two posts, I discussed the history of each award and all the various groups that give out such awards.  I also included all-time lists for points from each group based on my own point system. (more…)

” ‘Mama!” She heard Eva’s thin but soaring cry at the instant that she thrust the child away from her and rose from the concrete with a clumsy stumbling motion. ‘Take the baby!’ she called out. ‘Take my little girl!'” (p 590)

My Top 10

  1. Sophie’s Choice
  2. The Verdict
  3. Missing
  4. Das Boot
  5. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  6. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  7. Victor/Victoria
  8. Three Brothers
  9. Blade Runner
  10. The World According to Garp


A Century of Film
Original Song

Like with score, the first awards for such film music came in 1934 when the two categories were added at the Academy Awards.  Unlike with Score, where they seemed to be confusion for quite a while over what qualified, the Oscars from the start tried to limit this category to songs that were written for the film in which they appeared.  This would be more stringent than what the Golden Globes would eventually do, after finally getting started in this category in 1961 and much more so than the BAFTAs which only tried a false-start with such a category and then gave up after just a few years.

Various rules and machinations over the years made the category confusing.  For years, the Oscars allowed every studio to submit a song (and automatically receive a nomination) but that also meant that studios were limited to the one nomination (and thus films were as well).  The Oscars would later have different rules about how many songs from a film could be eligible and when they had to play in the film while the Globes would have no such rules.  Also, because of the rule on original songs, people would often be confused, with some people thinking that a film like Casablanca or Singin’ in the Rain should have earned an Oscar for a song that had existed for years.

For my own rules, I have tried, with some variations, to stick to the Oscar concept.  That means I try to find films in which a song is written for the film that contains both original music (ruling out any song that is new but uses an old tune) and lyrics (ruling out a song like “The Ground Beneath Her Feet” in which the lyrics were from the novel even if the music was new).  For the most part, I have tried to rely on the old database which listed songs in various years but that database sometimes listed ineligible songs and sometimes didn’t list songs that actually earned nominations.  In some cases, I have gone with what I know or at least suspect to be the case.

My own list limits itself to five songs in a film only because my Top 5 only has room for five.  But I don’t care which songs were Oscar submitted in determining my own five.

I will also go ahead and point out my posts on the Top 250 songs of both the 80’s and the 90’s, each of which include several songs that earn Nighthawk wins or nominations.  Those posts will go into depth on each song listed.

My Top 5 Original Songs in Film History:

  1. “Over the Rainbow”, The Wizard of Oz, 1939
  2. “The Rainbow Connection, The Muppet Movie, 1979
  3. “Help”, Help!, 1965
  4. “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, Mary Poppins, 1964
  5. “A Hard Day’s Night”, A Hard Day’s Night, 1964


The brilliant ending to the film that isn’t in the novel but fits the novel’s post-modern metaphysical style.

My Top 10

  1. The French Lieutenant’s Woman
  2. Ragtime
  3. Excalibur
  4. The Lady from Musashino
  5. Superman II

note:  That’s it.  My original list did have six films but I ended up cutting Buddy Buddy after watching it again (which is unlikely to bother anyone since it seemed I had a higher opinion of it than most). (more…)