I never did like that song anyway.  So, I’ll go with a different one.

You can take your snow and shove it /
This is our Christmas and we love it . . .

Yes, it’s only in the mid 60’s with some scattered showers, but last year on Christmas, it snowed several inches with a flash freeze and 30 mph wind gusts, so the hell with that.  We’ve come home and San Diego is where we’re staying and this year snow won’t keep us from going to the movies (Mary Poppins Returns at 10:30).

A Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and Happy Holidays to those who have other holidays in mind.  I’ll wait until the 31st to cover the year and talk about what might be upcoming.

So, yes, I’m embedding the same video as last year.  Because this is our Christmas now and because there’s just a half-season left of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, one of the wildest, most imaginative television shows I have ever seen and you should try to get into it before it’s gone.