August 2018

“I was like wandering all over the flat in pain and sickness, trying to shut out the music and like groaning deep out of my guts, and then on top of the pile of books and papers and all that cal that was on the table in the living-room I viddied what I had to do and what I had wanted to do until those old men in the Public Biblio and then Dim and Billyboy disguised as rozzes stopped me, and that was to do myself in, to snuff it, to blast off for ever out of this wicked and cruel world.” (p 192-193)

My Top 10

  1. A Clockwork Orange
  2. The French Connection
  3. The Last Picture Show
  4. McCabe and Mrs. Miller
  5. The Garden of the Finzi-Continis
  6. The Go-Between
  7. They Might Be Giants
  8. The Conformist

Note:  The only reason this year reaches 10 is because I moved The Go-Between into my list after watching it again.  Still a big drop-off from the Top 5 to the second 5.
Second Note:  I wrote that a couple of months ago.  Then I re-watched Sometimes a Great Notion and Dodes Ka-Den and decided that neither of them actually merited being on the list.  So that dropped my list back down to 8.  Sadly, I didn’t decide this until after reading Sometimes a Great Notion, which I thought was nigh on unreadable. (more…)

A Century of Film


Cinematography has always been recognized as one of the most important aspects of film-making.  It was one of the original Tech categories at the very first Academy Awards and is the only Tech category to remain since that initial awards.  While film encompasses many things, it is primarily a visual medium and the look of the film, the way we sees things as they come through from the camera is one of the most important aspects of it.  Hell, that was obvious right from the start, in 1903, when Edwin S. Porter had the cowboy fire the gun towards the camera and even before that when trains were filmed coming towards the camera, frightening people in the cinema in 19th Century. (more…)

So, between trying to find a job and trying to catalog some stuff and still dealing with some unpacking and doing all the detailed work for several different future posts (because of several different issues, I switched what category the next Century of Film post will be three times) as well as trying to get and read the source materials and watch the films for the next Adapted Screenplay post (the move really slowed that up) as well as other details from having moved (a morning at DMV, a morning at Honda, a morning at AAA), things have really fallen behind.  Eventually, hopefully before too long, the next Century of Film post will go up (Cinematography) and hopefully not long after that, the next Adapted Screenplay.