Over a decade back now, Powells City of Books asked for a poem of 20 lines or less that summed up how you felt about Portland (it was for a contest).  I found it while packing and so, it seems like an interesting post as we say goodbye to yet another city.

I miss:
Corrin singing “Burnside will be our street” in the Crystal Ballroom,
coyotes that ride the Max
and miles and miles of books.
I miss stuffed salmon at Jake’s,
my favorite meal.
I miss seven bridges and Simpsons references.
I miss Belmont Street,
where you find the best desserts in al the city
and the best video store in all the world.
I miss the park blocks,
shopping for my son (and myself) at Finnegan’s.
I miss the friends I have left behind,
the hospital where my son was born,
even the Jesus freaks in Pioneer Square.
I do not miss the Oregon Rain Festival;
held annually, January 1 to December 31 (with a six week summer vacation).
I love watching the snow fall gently in my Boston suburb.
My wife preferred the rain.