It’s that time of year

Brandy and eggnog, there’s plenty of cheer

I’m not going to finish any more of the song because if you know it, then you’ll know why (and why I’m not embedding the video) and if you don’t, well then go here.  It’s appropriate though because it could have been called “A Very Southie Christmas”.  So it will make for a nice comparison to the song that is embedded at the end.

All the presents are open of course, because Veronica insists that’s how it’s done.  We had planned to go to a movie and see my favorite bull (you better not have screwed this up Blue Sky) but it’s a very white and messy Christmas outside (snowing currently, soon there will be a flash freeze, wind gusts above 30 mph) so we’re just staying home for lots of sports (five NBA games, two NFL games) and a Doctor Who regeneration.  The predictions yesterday were 1-3 inches of snow but that’s already wrong.  Yeah, we won’t miss the total inaccuracy of the local meteorologists.

If you have missed the hints lately on the blog and aren’t friends with Veronica on Facebook (or didn’t read the Christmas letter when she posted it), this is our last white Christmas and our last winter dealing with inaccurate New England weather forecasts.  Next Christmas, our forecast will be 70 and sunny.  And that will probably be our forecast every day (in the summer, it will go up towards 95 and very sunny).  All done with snow, weather in general, Southie and having a local NFL team (2 titles while we’ve been here and possibly a third soon), a local NBA team and a good MLB team (seven years since a winning season, 11 since the playoffs, but hey that should make tickets easier to get and cheaper).  So, yes, just after Thomas turns 14, we will become residents of San Diego.  So, now I give you our next Christmas.