So, Thomas is home and adapting.  He’s adapting to the needles better than I am and better than he’s adapting to the food changes.  Do you know how many carbs are in a blueberry bagel?  Holy crap!  But he’s adapting well enough that we’re still heading out west for my mother’s 75th birthday later this summer, although now that’s a plane trip (uggh) rather than a drive.  But Veronica prefers that and it means we’ll be home for both the season finale of Doctor Who and the season premiere of Game of Thrones.  Yes, we’ve plowed through six seasons of GoT in the last two months, thus leading to the picture above (no spoilers) and below (spoilers for season finale of Season Six).  Veronica spent one sleepless night at the hospital plowing through Peter Dinklage’s Facebook posts, which, if you watch GoT, are generally hilarious.

The lack of a drive means that I won’t be adding things to the long gestating “Guide to Driving the Lower 48” and that will sit unfinished for who knows how long (so far, five years and counting).  But, before too long, I will put up the Year in Film and Best Picture for 2016.  That’s because Netflix sent me The Salesman this week, so I feel good about finishing off my Top 20.  The only Oscar nominee I won’t have seen is Allied because Netflix has continually passed that over in my queue for almost 4 months because they apparently only bought like 5 copies of it.  That definitely makes 2016 the first year ever in which I finished the Best Foreign Film nominees before the Best Costume Design nominees.  At some point after that, I will do the 2006 Animated Film and Nighthawk Awards and somewhere in there will be a post on 80’s music, just because.  So, the blog will slowly lumber on, but probably not at the same pace as before.