or, what I did when I got pneumonia over Thanksgiving for a second damn time.

deathstar (that’s a Powerpoint presentation)

img_1512So, I recently sold some books and my deal with Veronica was that if I made enough off the sale, that I would be spending that money on the new version of the LEGO Death Star that was being released this fall.  Well, I made enough and when this was released, I immediately ordered it.  It arrived on September 25.  And then it sat.  And sat.  And sat.

See, I knew I needed the dining room table to put it together.  I also knew I would need several days to do it.  Which meant I needed a break from Thomas’ ABA so that I could have the table for enough days.  So it sat and I waited.

Then I got pneumonia.  For the third time (I had it in 2010 and I had it the first time way back during Thanksgiving of 1995).  So, last Monday, I finally opened this box that I have had for two months and the building began.  There were 10 numbered bags (the way LEGO works these days that actually meant there were something like 50 bags, but you open them in groups by the number), which meant I could do it in 10 sittings essentially.  So, two on Monday, two on Tuesday, two on Wednesday, only one on Thursday morning, then moving it to the Star Wars LEGO cabinet (of course I have a cabinet entirely for Star Wars LEGO – in fact, my Star Wars LEGO no longer fits in just one cabinet) and clearing the table and adding in the leaf for Thanksgiving dinner, then one sitting each on Friday, on Saturday morning and then on Sunday evening during the Chiefs – Broncos game (which was still tied and scoreless when I finished, so clearly they were waiting for me to finish before starting the scoring).  So, it’s finally done.  Enjoy the link above, which is a Powerpoint presentation I put together with all the pictures.