I am working on a number of future posts, including the next Nighthawk Awards (1991 – possibly this weekend), the next Adapted Screenplay (1954 – soon) and the various fill-in posts that come between (one RCM done, a few Great Reads done, working on FLOB: The Adventures of Tintin).

There is one post I am not currently working on.  This is around the time that I start work on the next History of the Academy Awards: Best Picture as things turn towards Oscar prognostication.  But I haven’t.  And I’m not, at least anytime soon.  The last several years I have really pushed it to get to all the big Oscar potential movies so I could put my reviews up immediately after the Oscars.  But those take their toll.  So this year I’m not doing that.  It means I won’t have the posts up until probably months later, but it also means I won’t be going to three movies on the same day, two of them by myself, like I did one day last year.  I can relax more and just see the films I most want to see (which is probably Rogue One, then Rogue One again, then most likely Rogue One again).  Last year, in the month between Force Awakens opened and the Oscar nominations, I went to the movies 14 times and that runs into money (“What will you take to run into an open manhole?”  “Just the cover charge”).  Two of those movies were with Veronica and Thomas and one more with Veronica while the other 11 were by myself.  It gets lonely.  Also, I have a new job that is very tiring while, at the same time, I am looking for a more permanent job.  So, between work, Thomas, being married and getting all the other posts done, it doesn’t leave a lot of time.  I sent a petition to the higher authorities to extend the day by several hours, but it turns out atheists don’t have higher authorities, so that didn’t get me anywhere.

So, for those few of you who wait for my reviews, well, I’ll get them done when they get done, which will depend on what the films are and when they get released on DVD.  Please don’t ask in the comments field of a different post when they will be done – I’ll try to do some sort of post around the Oscars about that.  I will still do my reactions to the nominations because I don’t have to have seen the films to do that, but the Year in Film will likely be delayed as well.  That should have a benefit though, in that the last few Years in Film were posted with a lot of films not having been seen yet that will eventually be superseded by the Nighthawk Awards.  Hopefully that won’t be as big a deal with this year, since it will be posted later.

One last thing about the comments.  I appreciate most comments, even if they’re not in agreement with me.  However, because this began as a family blog, and because I don’t tolerate nasty comments, all comments have to be approved before they appear.  I no longer am able to do that while at work, so if your comment doesn’t show up for several hours after posting it, well, that’s because it has to be approved.  Unless it’s exceedingly impolite, it is likely to be approved as soon as I get a chance.  I try to reply to most comments if they seem like they require a response.  Corrections I rarely reply to, but I often make the corrections.

To thank you all for reading and to hope that you continue reading, I leave you this recent picture of me that I think says it all.  Amusingly, as it is the only picture in this post, it will post on Veronica’s Facebook page, no doubt confusing my family members, but since I’m not on Facebook, it doesn’t really bother me.