stktosSo, it’s the 50th anniversary of Star Trek this year, with the first episode having aired on 8 September 1966.  Veronica and I have finished re-watching the original series.  There were several episodes that either Veronica had never seen or had forgotten.  I watched every episode at least once as a kid, what with my Uncle Steve having been an original fan and having every episode on tape (albeit, on Beta).  Also, KCOP, channel 13 in LA, used to air them every night at 11.  I remember watching them every night in high school, although, guaranteed, I would fall asleep in the middle of Spock’s Brain every time, and with good reason.

This wasn’t a planned tribute by us to coincide with the 50th anniversary as I had planned my James Bond posts to coincide with the release of SPECTRE.  Indeed, it was simply the next long show we started watching after finishing Xena, catching up with the current Doctor Who and having finished the first three doctors (we have watched a couple of seasons worth of the Fourth Doctor between each season of Star Trek and are almost on to the Fifth).  We actually started watching the series two and a half years (and two apartments) ago and it took us that long to watch them.  We watched the first season in the apartment we loved, got through the second in the apartment we hated and finished the third season about a month ago (we had to plow through in the end because Veronica really wanted to start watching Jessica Jones and I refused to watch it without watching Daredevil first and I wouldn’t watch Daredevil until we had finished Star Trek and it was a chore because the third season of Trek is quite bad – but, hey, Daredevil and Jessica Jones, while very dark, are fantastic).  We made the lists and rated the episodes as we went along (there are no detailed reviews, just a letter grade for each episode).

muddTop 10 Guest Stars (rank order):

  1. Harcourt Fenton Mudd  (Mudd’s Women  /  I, Mudd)
  2. Kevin Riley  (The Naked Time  /  The Conscience of the King)
  3. Christopher Pike  (The Menagerie)
  4. Khan  (Space Seed)
  5. Commodore Decker  (The Doomsday Machine)
  6. Trelane  (The Squire of Gothos)
  7. Gary Mitchell  (Where No Man Has Gone Before)
  8. John Christopher  (Tomorrow is Yesterday)
  9. T’Pau  (Amok Time)
  10. Dr. Mulhall  (Return to Tomorrow)

Sulu-The-Naked-Time-episode1x04-sulu-and-chekov-7842143-694-530Top 10 Moments (chronological):

  1. “He’s dead, Jim.”  The first use of this line by Dr. McCoy takes place less than 10 minutes into the first episode broadcast!
  2. Sulu running around with the fencing sword.  This ends with the first use of the Vulcan Nerve Pinch and Spock saying “Take D’Artangan down to Sick Bay.”
  3. The look on Spock’s face when he walks in on Kirk kissing Helen in Dagger of the Mind.
  4. The overly affectionate computer in Tomorrow is Yesterday.
  5. Khan’s “evil yoga”.
  6. Spock’s giddiness when first confronted by Kirk in This Side of Paradise.
  7. “Wulcan.”  Chekhov’s ridiculous accent in one of his first lines of dialogue broadcast on the show.
  8. McCoy getting the last word in Journey to Babel.
  9. “I’m a doctor, not an escalator.”  Possibly Bones’ best reaction line (Friday’s Child)
  10. Spock explaining that he is immune to the calming effects of a tribble as he continues to pet it.

TOS2x01jTop 10 Veronica reactions (chronological):

  1. Miri  –  “Stop being creepy, Kirk.” she said to the screen when he starts acting tender towards Miri, who, though hundreds of years old and played by a 19 year old, is a character who hasn’t actually hit puberty yet.
  2. The Corbomite Maneuver  –  “I knew that was Clint Howard.”  Veronica could recognize the odd looking younger brother of Ron even as a baby.
  3. Court Martial  –  When Kirk is kissing the Lt. at the end – “I just realized the problem with Shatner.  It’s not this show, it’s all the other bad television he did when he should have gone back to the theater or movies.”
  4. The Return of the Archons  –  “I was wondering when someone was gonna get around to mentioning the Prime Directive.”
  5. This Side of Paradise  –  “Dear lord, make him stop.”  Talking to Bones about his pronounced Georgia accent while under influence of the spores.
  6. Amok Time  –  “McCoy totally just gave him something to knock him out.”  Veronica being smarter than all the other characters on screen (except McCoy, of course).
  7. Friday’s Child  –  “One red shirt with an actor we’ve never seen before?  He won’t last long.”  He lasted approximately thirty seconds.
  8. The Enterprise Incident  –  “100 %!”  Her response to my question, “What are the odds Scotty will get the cloaking device working in time?”
  9. The Tholian Web  –  “There they go again, the Captain and the first officer leaving the ship.  When will they learn?”  Although, really, she has this reaction in a lot of episodes.
  10. Requiem for Methuselah  –  “Now McCoy’s just being a dick.”  When McCoy is chiding Spock for not understanding Kirk’s reaction to the female android.

Ratings (all notes in parentheses are from Veronica):

  • The Man Trap:  Erik, B, Veronica, B
  • Charlie X:  Erik, B, Veronica, B-  (good concept, Charlie was annoying, and he is taken back, which is a downer)
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before: Erik, A-, Veronica, B  (still figuring out the characters)
  • The Naked Time:  Erik, A, Veronica, A
  • The Enemy Within:  Erik, A-, Veronica  A-
  • Mudd’s Women:  Erik, A-, Veronica, A-
  • What Are Little Girls Made Of:  Erik, B-, Veronica, B+
  • Miri:  Erik, C, Veronica C  (“make it a C, it was creepy”)
  • Dagger of the Mind:  Erik, B-, Veronica, B
  • The Corbomite Maneuver:  Erik, B+, Veronica, B+
  • The Menagerie:  Erik, A, Veronica, A
  • The Conscience of the King:  Erik, A-, Veronica, A
  • Balance of Terror:  Erik, B, Veronica, B
  • Shore Leave:  Erik, A, Veronica, A-
  • The Galileo Seven:  Erik, B-, Veronica, C+
  • The Squire of Gothos:  Erik, B+, Veronica, A-
  • Arena:  Erik, B, Veronica, B
  • Tomorrow is Yesterday:  Erik, B+, Veronica, B+  (“I like that better than “Arena”, I don’t want to give it the same”)
  • Court Martial:  Erik, B, Veronica, A  (for making the Records Officer a main character)
  • The Return of the Archons:  Erik, C+, Veronica, A-
  • Space Seed:  Erik, A-, Veronica, B+  (“he annoys me”)
  • A Taste of Armageddon:  Erik, B+, Veronica, A (“just for the line ‘The haggis is in the fire now.'”)
  • This Side of Paradise:  Erik, B+, Veronica, A-
  • The Devil in the Dark:  Erik, B, Veronica, B-
  • Errand of Mercy:  Erik, B-, Veronica, B
  • The Alternative Factor:  Erik, C+, Veronica, B+
  • City on the Edge of Forever:  Erik, A+, Veronica, A+
  • Operation: Annihilate!:  Erik, B, Veronica, A-
  • Amok Time:  Erik, A-, Veronica, A
  • Who Mourns for Adonais?:  Erik, C+, Veronica, C (“only because she doesn’t end up with him – otherwise it would have been a D”)
  • The Changeling:  Erik, B-, Veronica, C+
  • Mirror, Mirror:  Erik, A+, Veronica, A
  • The Apple:  Erik, C+, Veronica, D+
  • The Doomsday Machine:  Erik, B, Veronica, B
  • Catspaw:  Erik, C+, Veronica, C
  • I, Mudd:  Erik, B-, Veronica, A-
  • Metamorphosis:  Erik, C, Veronica, D+
  • Journey to Babel: Erik B+, Veronica, A  (“would have been better if Nurse Chapel and Amanda had had a discussion about loving Vulcans, but, oh well.”)
  • Friday’s Child:  Erik, B-, Veronica, B+
  • The Deadly Years:  Erik, C, Veronica, C-
  • Obsession:  Erik, C, Veronica, D
  • Wolf in the Fold:  Erik, A-, Veronica, B
  • The Trouble with Tribbles:  Erik, A-, Veronica, A-
  • The Gamesters of Triskelion:  Erik, C+, Veronica, C-
  • A Piece of the Action:  Erik, A, Veronica, B+
  • The Immunity Syndrome:  Erik, C-, Veronica, C-
  • A Private Little War:  Erik, C-, Veronica, D
  • Return to Tomorrow:  Erik, B, Veronica, B
  • Patterns of Force:  Erik, B, Veronica, B-
  • By Any Other Name:  Erik, C+, Veronica, B+
  • The Omega Glory:  Erik, C, Veronica, C+
  • The Ultimate Computer:  Erik, C+, Veronica, C+
  • Bread and Circuses:  Erik, B-, Veronica, B
  • Assignment: Earth: Erik, C-, Veronica, C
  • Spock’s Brain:  Erik, D, Veronica, D
  • The Enterprise Incident:  Erik, B+, Veronica, B+
  • The Paradise Syndrome:  Erik, C-, Veronica, B-
  • And the Children Shall Lead:  Erik, D, Veronica, C-
  • Is There in Truth No Beauty?:  Erik, D+, Veronica, D+
  • Spectre of the Gun:  Erik, B+, Veronica, B+
  • Day of the Dove:  Erik, C-, Veronica, C-
  • For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky:  Erik, C-, Veronica, C
  • The Tholian Web:  Erik, B-, Veronica, B-
  • Plato’s Stepchildren:  Erik, B+, Veronica, B
  • Wink of an Eye:  Erik, C-, Veronica, C
  • The Empath:  Erik, D, Veronica, C
  • Elaan of Troyius:  Erik, C+, Veronica, C+
  • Whom Gods Destroy:  Erik, B-, Veronica, B-
  • Let That Be Your Last Battlefield:  Erik, B+, Veronica, B
  • The Mark of Gideon:  Erik, C+, Veronica, D
  • That Which Survives:  Erik, B-, Veronica, B-
  • The Lights of Zetar:  Erik, B-, Veronica, B
  • Requiem for Methuselah:  Erik, B, Veronica, B
  • The Way to Eden:  Erik, D-, Veronica, C
  • The Cloud Minders:  Erik, C, Veronica, C
  • The Savage Curtain:  Erik, D, Veronica, D
  • All Our Yesterdays:  Erik, B-, Veronica, B-
  • Turnabout Intruder:  Erik, C, Veronica, C

Grades (Veronica):

  • First Season:  B+  (3.37)
  • Second Season:  B-  (2.56)
  • Third Season:  C+  (2.25)
  • Overall Grade:  B-  (2.76)

Grades  (Erik):

  • First Season:  B+  (3.20)
  • Second Season:  B-  (2.67)
  • Third Season:  C  (2.13)
  • Overall Grade:  B-  (2.69)

Note:  For anyone who wonders how Star Trek got cancelled, the third season is your answer.  Every one of my D’s was in that season and there wasn’t a single grade above B+.  Veronica gave out two D’s and two D+’s in the first two seasons, but three D’s and two D+’s in the final season without anything above a B+.

The Way to Eden

Worst Episode  (Erik):  The Way to Eden



Worst Episode  (Veronica):  The Savage Curtain


ForeverTop 10 Episodes  (Veronica):


#10  –  Trouble with Tribbles

#9  –  The Conscience of the King

#8  –  Court Martial

#7  –  The Menagerie

#6  –  The Naked Time

#5  –  Mirror Mirror

#4  –  Amok Time

#3  –  Journey to Babel

#2  –  A Taste of Armageddon

#1  –  City on the Edge of Forever

Kirk_and_Spock_(mirror)Top 10 Episodes  (Erik):


#10  –  Amok Time

#9  –  The Enemy Within

#8  –  Mudd’s Women

#7  –  Wolf in the Fold

#6  –  The Naked Time

#5  –  The Menagerie

#4  –  Shore Leave

#3  –  A Piece of the Action

#2  –  The City on the Edge of Forever

#1  –  Mirror Mirror