2015-12-25-bestWe hope you had fun.

As ever, still my favorite Christmas song.  Thank you, John Lennon.

We are not roasting chestnuts on an open fire, because 1 – I don’t particularly like that song, 2 – we don’t have a fireplace, 3 – I don’t like nuts, and most importantly, 4 – because it’s too friggin hot!  It was 70° yesterday!  70!  On Christmas Eve!

For once, all the presents haven’t been opened yet, which is causing Veronica much consternation.  We combine various Christmas traditions – there’s no way she’d go for my family’s old tradition of actually spreading things over 12 days but this is the first time in years I’ve managed to keep some of the presents until after lunch.

So, a Happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates it.  Happy late (C)Hanukkah to others.  If your thing is not one of those two, we hope you enjoy that as well.

We got Christmas Eve on Sesame Street watched last night.  We watched Mickey’s Christmas Carol (which we gave to Thomas this year so we wouldn’t have to keep checking Disney every year to find out when it will air).  I’ll be cueing up A Charlie Brown Christmas after I post this.  We also headed to the theaters to watch The Good Dinosaur, a fun movie but one of Pixar’s weakest.

2015-12-25-eyes-closedWe sent out Christmas letters, so if you don’t get one and you think you should have, let us know.

I’m desperately trying to see all the likely Oscar films, so I haven’t had much time to get posts done (that and trying to see Star Wars again, and again, and again).  In the last ten days, I’ve seen Bridge of Spies, Spotlight, Brooklyn, The Danish Girl and Trumbo.  But, soon I will post 1977 (wish I had that done before Star Wars opened).  Then, will be my next RCM (Superman) and then 1978.