Thomas and Alison enjoying their time in the rink.

Thomas and Alison enjoying their time in the rink.

Hopefully in the next few days, I’ll get the next Great Read post up (All the President’s Men), followed by, a planned order of Nighthawk Awards: 1976 (which will prominently feature All the President’s Men), Adapted Screenplay: 1947, Nighthawk Awards: 1977, RCM: Superman, Nighthawk Awards: 1978, the next great read and then the 1979 awards and the Oscar decade post.  Other things might get in the way, especially since we’ll probably hit Christmas by then.  Also I’m working on the 1948 Adapted Screenplay post and that’s the year the WGA began their awards and there’s a lot for me to read.  I didn’t catch up during the Bond posts as much as I had hoped.

As for the Best Picture – 2015, that may or may not get done by the time the Oscars happen.  I still haven’t seen hardly anything.  For most films that’s not a problem, but for films like The Martian or Steve Jobs, which are expected to contend and are now exiting theaters, that’s much more problematic, since if they’re out of theaters before I see them, I have to wait until they’re available on DVD and that might not happen before the Oscars on February 28.

Meanwhile, I may supplement with some things like a Star Trek post (once we finally finish going through the 3rd TOS season, which will be soon since I won’t start watching Jessica Jones until we finish Star Trek and V is really anxious to get her Tennant fix on) or a For Love of Books: Tintin.  The 3.0 version of the Top 100 Directors is taking shape, but there are certain films out (Carol) or coming out (The Revenant) that will play into that, so I can’t imagine it will come out before January at the earliest, and depending on certain films, possibly not until March or so.  The Nighthawk Awards will keep rolling on no matter what.

As for the delay, well, family hit town for this most family oriented of holidays which just went gobbling through and thus we have the picture on the left.  Also, until January, pretty much no work on the blog gets done on Sundays after 1 pm, or on Monday or Thursday nights.  After January 3, that frees up the two nights but the weekends are still pretty much written off.