skyfall_ver6_xlgThe Films  (ranked):

  1. Skyfall
  2. Casino Royale
  3. Goldfinger
  4. From Russia With Love
  6. Thunderball
  7. Licence to Kill
  8. Quantum of Solace
  9. Dr. No
  10. The Living Daylights
  11. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  12. GoldenEye
  13. For Your Eyes Only
  14. Never Say Never Again
  15. Diamonds are Forever
  16. The Spy Who Loved Me
  17. Tomorrow Never Dies
  18. Moonraker
  19. Live and Let Die
  20. The World is Not Enough
  21. Die Another Day
  22. You Only Live Twice
  23. The Man with the Golden Gun
  24. A View to a Kill
  25. Octopussy

Most Over-Rated Bond Film:  Octopussy
Most Under-Rated Bond Film:  Licence to Kill

These two films have the exact same user rating on the IMDb.  And when I went to watch Octopussy again, I had at least three people tell me how much they like it.  There’s no excuse for that.  There is some irony that For Your Eyes Only, the first Bond film I ever saw, the one that got me into Bond and that I have had on video for close to 30 years doesn’t even make my Top 10.

Olympics 2012: Daniel Craig as James Bond and the QueenThe Bonds  (ranked):

  1. Daniel Craig
  2. Sean Connery
  3. Timothy Dalton
  4. Pierce Brosnan
  5. Roger Moore
  6. George Lazenby

No disrespect to Brosnan for being ranked fourth.  Moore was a mediocre Bond who was in mostly mediocre films.  Lazenby was a pretty terrible Bond who happened to be in a pretty good film.

evagreen-casinoroyaleThe Top 10 Bond Women:

  1. Eva Green  (Casino Royale)
  2. Diana Rigg  (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service)
  3. Michelle Yeoh  (Tomorrow Never Dies)
  4. Naomie Harris  (Skyfall)
  5. Honor Blackman  (Goldfinger)
  6. Carole Boquet  (For Your Eyes Only)
  7. Halle Berry  (Die Another Day)
  8. Isabella Scorupco  (GoldenEye)
  9. Lea Seydoux  (SPECTRE)
  10. Olga Kurylenko  (Quantum of Solace)

Most Over-Rated Bond Girl:  Ursulla Andress (Dr. No)
Most Under-Rated Bond Girl:  Carey Lowell (Licence to Kill)

This list is based off acting performance, usefulness as a character within the film and how interesting they are.  Being a Bond girl that’s also a villain pretty much knocks you off the list.  Beauty does not enter into the qualifications for this list.  I only list Harris in Skyfall because I consider her support in SPECTRE, not a Bond girl.  Andress makes lists like this because of her iconic moment coming out of the surf, not because she’s useful (she’s mostly not) or gives a decent performance (she’s dubbed).  She’s also not my type, so she won’t even make the list below.  Lowell is quite useful and often makes lists of the worst Bond girls ever – I don’t understand that.

berryTop 10 Hottest Bond Women:

  1. Halle Berry  (Die Another Day)
  2. Eva Green  (Casino Royale)
  3. Daniela Bianchi  (From Russia with Love)
  4. Jane Seymour  (Live and Let Die)
  5. Isabella Scorupco  (GoldenEye)
  6. Rosamund Pike  (Die Another Day)
  7. Gemma Arterton  (Quantum of Solace)
  8. Carole Boquet  (For Your Eyes Only)
  9. Claudine Auger  (Thunderball)
  10. Lea Seydoux  (SPECTRE)

I realize even making this list lays me open to charges of sexism, but I’ve just spent most of a month writing about my appreciation for James Bond films, so I think I’ve already laid myself open to that charge.  Because so many Bond girls end up being just eye candy, this list was actually harder to make than the one above.  It is a purely personal list, thus accounting for the relative lack of blondes.

denchThe Top 10 Supporting Characters

  1. Judi Dench  (8 films)
  2. Desmond Llewelyn  (17 films)
  3. Ben Whishaw  (2 films)
  4. Naomie Harris  (2 films)
  5. Bernard Lee  (11 films)
  6. Geoffrey Wright  (2 films)
  7. David Hedison  (2 films)
  8. Ralph Fiennes  (2 films)
  9. Rory Kinnear  (3 films)
  10. Lois Maxwell  (14 films)

These reflect my passion for the Craig films, in that I include four people who are in 2 of his films over Samantha Bond’s appealing Moneypenny, who appeared in 4 films.  My favorite 1 film supporting character is probably either Bernie Casey or Alec McCowan, both from Never Say Never Again.

1123220 - SkyfallThe Top 10 Villains:

  1. Javier Bardem  (Skyfall)
  2. Lotte Lenya  (From Russia with Love)
  3. Christopher Lee  (The Man with the Golden Gun)
  4. Sean Bean  (GoldenEye)
  5. Harold Sakata  (Goldfinger)
  6. Christoph Waltz  (SPECTRE)
  7. Famke Jannsen  (GoldenEye)
  8. Mads Mikkelsen  (Casino Royale)
  9. Yaphet Kotto  (Live and Let Die)
  10. Klaus Maria Brandauer  (Never Say Never Again)

As Bardem is the only villain to even be considered for a Nighthawk Award, let alone earn a nomination, there’s a big drop in quality after him.  Lee has the highest ratio of Quality of Villain to Quality of Film.  The opposite would probably be Adolfo Celi in Thunderball.

The Top 10 Bond Songs:

  1. “A View to a Kill”
  2. “Skyfall”
  3. “For Your Eyes Only”
  4. “Live and Let Die”
  5. “You Know My Name”
  6. “Goldfinger”
  7. “Die Another Day”
  8. “Nobody Does It Better”
  9. “Goldeneye”
  10. “Tomorrow Never Dies”

There’s a big drop between #5 and #6.  I suspect many people would be appalled at having “Die Another Day” on this list, but I actually rather like the song.  Veronica would definitely have a much different list, one that would not include my #3, 7 or 8.

astonThe Top 10 Gadgets:

  1. Aston-Martin DB5  (Goldfinger / Skyfall)
  2. Jetpack  (Thunderball)
  3. remote control BMW  (Tomorrow Never Dies)
  4. Little Nellie  (You Only Live Twice)
  5. Exploding briefcase (From Russia With Love)
  6. Aston-Martin  (The Living Daylights)
  7. Magnetic watch  (Live and Let Die)
  8. Fake fingerprints  (Diamonds are Forever)
  9. camouflage Aston-Martin  (Die Another Day)
  10. Safecracker / photocopier  (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service)

The Top 10 Action Sequences:

  1. The Madagascar chase in Casino Royale
  2. The opening chase in Skyfall
  3. The boat chase in The World is Not Enough
  4. Getting on the seaplane in Licence to Kill
  5. The opening car chase in Quantum of Solace
  6. The ski chase in For Your Eyes Only
  7. The car chase through Rome in SPECTRE
  8. The car chase in the Alps in Goldfinger
  9. The car chase in For Your Eyes Only
  10. The motorcycle chase in Never Say Never Again

For Your Eyes Only is the only film with two sequences, mainly because both of them have considerable elements of comedy to them.