I'm 40, so this is where I'm at.

I’m 40, so this is where I’m at.

All right, the books are all unpacked and I’m actually back to working on 1967, but I’m not close to finished because Thomas is out of school.

But, I had meant to post something about this before.  You may have heard that Maggie Gyllenhall was turned down for a role as being “too old” when the actor was 55.  She’s 37.  That’s ridiculous.  She’s incredibly sexy and a fantastic actress and she should always be hired.  That also fits into Amy Schumer’s hilarious Last Fuckable Day.  The ageism (and sexism) inherent in this is ridiculous.  So, I was prompted to find this article, which I wrote four years ago for Sex Week over at CC2K.  A major point of the article was that actresses can be sexy no matter the age.  Appreciate them at whatever age they are.  Go watch one of the movies beginning at 50 and appreciate an older sexy woman.  Then go watch any film with Maggie Gyllenhall because she’s a FANTASTIC ACTRESS AND IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW SEXY SHE IS!  More on a story idea down below that’s relevant to this.

Back in 2002, I came up with a film idea.  It was about a young man in a coma (or at least badly hurt, in a hospital).  He is visited by five women.  One of them, there the entire time, is his snarky sister.  I wanted Maggie Gyllenhall for that role (this was right after I first saw Donnie Darko).  Over the course of the film you meet three of the guy’s former flames and they are women of vastly different age.  You realize that the guy dates woman of a certain age (around 40), but has been doing that since he was quite young and is still doing it.  When the lover ages out of his zone, he breaks up with her.  I wanted three actresses about a decade apart each – say, Susan Sarandon, Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts.  At the end, it turns out he’s been forever marked by having a sex kitten actress mother that he has an oedipal complex over.  She, of course, would come in towards the end of the film, and be played by Jane Fonda.

I never fully developed the idea but I liked the concept because I wanted to write strong female roles for five actresses all about a decade apart (Gyllenhall is a decade younger then Roberts, Fonda is a decade older than Sarandon), and while the male would be the focal point, I wanted to focus on all the females.  Someone, please take my idea and run with it.  There aren’t enough good female roles to go around.