Thomas hugs his newest plush friend - a gigantic Olaf.

Thomas hugs his newest plush friend – a gigantic Olaf.

A very Merry Xmas

And a Happy New Year

Let’s hope it’s a good one

Without any fear

That, of course, is my favorite Christmas song.  You can listen to it here.  Or, there’s the Alarm version.  Or, if you prefer a more angelic voice, there’s Sarah McLachlan.  Or, if you want a bit of a medley, go to the bottom of the post and you have U2 singing it acoustically, followed by their brilliant take on “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” and the video for “Do They Know It’s Christmas”.

IMG_0500All the presents in the picture to the left have been devoured (Thomas was so excited this year he wanted to open everything, no matter who it was for).  Breakfast has been eaten.  Right now, Thomas is sitting with Veronica watching what might be her favorite Christmas special: “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” (you know, the animated one where Santa’s gonna skip the town because of the letter the mouse wrote and now he has to fix the problem – the one with the song “Even a Miracle Needs a Hand” that will get stuck in your head for all eternity).  My own favorite special we watched last night, as I wrote about yesterday.  Veronica got some nice new boots and a new sweater and some Jaffa Cakes (it turns out some British food is actually good).  I got a new Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! (if you don’t get it, see The LEGO Movie) and the little bit to the right that means Christmas in July for me and Veronica.IMG_0506

Later, Veronica is going to attempt to make a leg of lamb.  It turns out we needed a rack and we don’t have one, so Veronica has made one out a pie tin, because she’s clever that way (the Doctor would so approve of her – don’t forget to watch tonight’s Christmas special).  So, a Merry Christmas to all (or a late Happy Chanukah, or Happy Kwanza or Happy Solstice, or whatever your appropriate celebration may be).