Flash Gordon (1980) US DVD

Look forward to a review. It won’t be as complimentary as one from Seth MacFarlane would be.

Why, you ask, are you starting a new series when you just started two new ones and have barely done any?

Well, for two reasons.

The first is that I had this idea before I even started the two current series (Adapted Screenplay and the Nighthawk Awards) and I want to be able to parse it in at certain points.

The second is that those two series are taking an agonizingly long time to write.  So, along with the Great Reads, I want something to be appearing other than long stretches without posts.  Plus, these are easier to write, and so they can be popped out quicker than the other posts.

So what is this series?  Well, I want to go back and look at a certain group of films.  These are all films which I watched a lot and had opinions regarding before I ever started thinking critically about film, before I had a rating system, before I started writing down all the movies I had seen.  So, to qualify, these have to be films that I first saw before February of 1989, and preferably saw a lot before then.  So, for the most part, films from the early to mid 80’s; I can’t imagine anything released after 1987 will qualify.  They will also be films I haven’t already written about with a critical eye.  So, there won’t be new reviews of Star Wars and Raiders, because what’s the point of that.  Some of them will be films I loved as a kid (Battlestar Gallactica, say), some will be ones I didn’t love so much as a kid (Superman III, perhaps) and some will be ones I enjoyed when I was younger, but dropped my opinion considerably when looking at them from a more critical eye (see that poster up above, for example).  Some of them will be movies I haven’t seen in a really long time that I’ll be going back to (The Secret of Nimh comes to mind).  But I’ll be trying to look at them anew and I’ll be writing about them both in terms of what I thought as a kid and what I think now.  They’re not Oscar nominees and not **** films (probably – I don’t know for certain what I will write about, we’ll have to see how it goes).  They’re fun films from when I was a kid.

So, while I try to get back to finishing reading The Man Who Laughs and getting my post on 1927-28 done, next up will be the first RCM film: Clash of the Titans.