So, having completed the Year in Film and The History of the Academy Awards: Best Picture series, this is what is coming up now.  I will be doing two different things.  Like with those two series, both will cover the same year, in back-to-back posts.

The first, in each year, will be Best Adapted Screenplay.  I had considered doing another history of the Academy Awards, focusing on the Best Adapted Screenplay category.  But I want to expand on that – dealing with films that were nominated by other groups (WGA, BAFTA, Globes, etc) as well as scripts that I feel were among the best and weren’t nominated by any groups.  But I won’t just talking about the films – but also the original source material and the adaptations.  So, I won’t be doing one on Original Screenplay – this is a combination of literature and film all at once.

This is why there hasn’t been a post yet – because the first one, covering the pre-Oscar years has been taking a long time.

Following each post on Best Adapted Screenplay, will be one on my Nighthawk Awards.  These will be, essentially, updates on the awards I put in all the categories of the Academy Awards posts, when I mentioned my own nominees after the Oscar nominees in each year.  Except, I won’t be dealing with the Oscars – just my own nominees.

I won’t limit myself to the original Oscar categories – every year will get the full treatment of all the categories.  In addition, I’ll list the films that were originally released in those years and what year they do appear in, so as to head off the inevitable questions of why certain films aren’t mentioned (all of my awards follow the Oscar eligibility, even when I don’t mention the Oscars – so prior to 1934, they will be combined years).  I will also list all eligible Foreign films for that category.  And maybe all eligible Animated films as well (that I’ve seen).

But the awards posts won’t just be straight lists.  I will be trying to add in some commentary – films you may have missed, categories worth paying attention to.

But it’s all a work in progress, so we’ll see what happens as they all develop.  But that’s what’s coming next.  Expect the first Best Adapted Screenplay post any day now.  Hopefully.