I hope you all enjoyed 2012.  We actually spent the whole year in one place, a place we like living in, so that alone was good for us.  And Thomas is having a much better time now at the end of the year than he was having during the start.

So, if you come to the blog to read about Thomas and to follow what he’s doing, we’ll try to keep updating it in 2013 as much as we can.  Meanwhile, now that Veronica and I both have iPhones, we’ll be trying to put more videos of him up on YouTube.  If you keep watching after the first video, it will keep playing them.  Or you can find them all here.

But, if you are here for the posts about film and literature and other random things that I feel like writing about, keep reading after the jump.


  • Year in Film / The History of the Academy Awards: Best Picture
    • I started last year with 1996 and I made it all the way through 2009 by the end of the year.  Not the best job, but it means I am almost done.  My plan here is to finish 2010 (as soon as I rewatch the films – my plan had called for YiF: 2010 to go up yesterday but it’s not nearly ready) and get it up soon.  Then, 2011 will probably follow around mid-January.  Then, sometime after the Oscars (24 Feb), I will put 2012 up.  That will bring things up to the present day and that will be the end, at least for now.
  • For Love of Film:
    • So far I have only done one For Love of Film post – the Hammer Horror post I desperately worked on during the hurricane to get it up in time for Halloween.  But, I have others on the way, including Ealing Comedies and Harry Potter (moved up a bit because I got the Blu Ray box for Christmas).
  • Awards:
    • For the last three years I have done a post of Oscar trivia on the morning of the nominations (10 Jan this year).  Last year I also did one about the DGA nominations that morning and I’ll probably do one again (8 Jan).  Then, I might do other posts about the Oscar nominations, like the last couple of years (the snub article and the directors articles).  Expect something this year.
  • The History of the Academy Awards: Best Director – ranked
    • I did one of these every few months, covering 25 directors at a time.  My current plan is to do the next one soon after the Oscar nominations (once I know if anyone new is on the list, though I suspect only Ben Affleck will be joining it).  The next one up is #125-101.


  • Top 100 Novels:
    • I covered novels #25-5 this year.  My plan is that hopefully by the end of January, I will cover #4, 3 and 2.  Then I will give a complete list before I do #1 – the current plan for that is sometime in early February, though we’ll see how much I can keep to the schedule that I am already several days behind on and what other things pop up.
  • For Love of Books:
    • I got through 4 of these this year – all of them tied in to Top 100 Novels.  You can find all of them by going here.  The next one is going to be Discworld, with a co-written post by me and Veronica, now that we have both read all the books.  That should be sometime in January.  Then there will be one tied to the #1 novel.

New Series:

  • I’ll be finishing up both the Year in Film / Best Picture series and Top 100 Novels this year.  So there are two things I am considering beginning, while I continue the For Love of Film / Books posts.  One is The History of the Golden Globes: Best Picture – Comedy / Musical, because it has so much less overlap with the Academy films.  Also, Best Adapted Screenplay.  In the latter, I will be covering both the films and their original sources, reviewing both and reviewing how well the film does with the adaptation.  But we’ll see what comes with either of those.

Oh, and there is work and family and the playoffs (I’m predicting Broncos over Packers at the moment, though the Pats are the only area sports team not to win a title in our time here and they came painfully close twice – but I don’t know if my nerves can take another Pats Super Bowl), so I’ll get to it as best as I can.