IMG_1493Well, it’s Christmas.  I suspect you might have already known that.

That pile under the tree has now pretty much been devoured.  We have eaten our eggs, coffee cake and sausage and we have our croque monsieurs and chicken cacciatore to come.  We are watching Pixar Shorts Vol II (though last night we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas and Christmas Eve on Sesame Street and we watched Mickey’s Christmas Carol while opening presents), which Thomas got for Christmas.  And tonight it will be all about the new companion on the Christmas episode of Doctor Who.  Though before that, we’ll go out in the snow (yes – we actually have received the gift of a white christmas – at least it’s a gift to Erik).

Thanks to everyone who sent Thomas things – except for the pile in the back, everything under the tree was pretty much for him.  And he has been enjoying it all this morning.

One thing I (Erik) have always loved about Christmas is Christmas music.  It drives a lot of people nuts, but I love it.  Rather then embed a bunch of things, I have decided to throw in a bunch of links.

Happy Xmas is not only my favorite Christmas songs, it is one of my favorite songs, period, and can be played at any time of the year.  Do They Know It’s Christmas is the key Christmas song of growing up in the 80’s and it began the trend of big charity events from rock stars.  Two modern versions of old traditional Christmas songs that I have always loved are Bob Seger’s version of Little Drummer Boy (from A Very Special Christmas) and the version of Do You Hear What I Hear by Spiraling, which incorporates Baba O’Riley (you have to hear it to believe it).  Both of these links are videos which use Christmas lights to accompany the songs.  There’s no video to go along with the great rendition of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan, but it is great just to hear.  Of course, one of the great rock and roll Christmas songs is the Bruce Springsteen version fo Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  And no list of Christmas songs would seem to be complete without the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (who Veronica and I saw live in 2000).  My absolute favorite from them is Christmas Eve Sarajevo (which uses a variety of songs).  And really, what would Christmas be without a little bit of silly fun?  So here’s Another Christmas Song by Stephen Colbert.

One last thing with one last song.  As I said, we watched Christmas Eve on Sesame Street last night.  I watched it every year growing up.  Last year we found a video copy and watched it with Thomas and he loved it so much we were watching it all the way into March.  The first Christmas songs I learned were traditional ones (Silent Night taught me the keys on the piano – possibly the easiest song every to play on a piano).  Feliz Navidad was the first one outside of traditional carols that I knew, because of the opening of Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, as it begins with an instrumental and grows into the song in a really wonderful scene.  I always loved this song (made better when we moved to California and lived not far from Feliciano – his house had great candy on Halloween).  If you have never watched Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, try to track it down and if you have kids, watch it with them.