Veronica teaches Thomas to milk a fake cow. I take a picture and refrain from Wisconsin cheese or cow tipping jokes.

So we went to Story Land to celebrate Thomas’ birthday.

Thomas in Cinderella’s coach.

If you’re not from this area, Story Land is a nice little amusement park that happens to be in the middle of nowhere.  Well, in the middle of the White Mountains.  Yet, somehow, even though I am roaming everywhere in the Fox Cities (pop. 360,000), in this valley tucked up in a mountain range in northern New Hampshire (pop. 185,000), I had perfect phone reception.

To get back to the point, we had a nice time.  It’s an amusement park based around fairy tales.  Well, the older parts of the park are based around fairy tales.  We went on some rides, played with some water, had a nice Sunday out.  (I don’t know which surprised me more about the park though – that they let people bring in outside food or that they actually have designated smoking sections inside the park.)

The Cinderella aspects of the park (there is a castle and a pumpkin ride – the picture to the right is not the ride, it’s a designated picture spot – the actually pumpkin ride coach holds something like 8 people – it was quite sizable) worked nicely – Thomas and I have been slowly watching our way through the Disney Animated Films and we just finished Cinderella on Friday.

There is also a video here of Thomas and V on the flying shoe ride.  There’s not much action to it, so you are forewarned.