Veronica and Thomas with Cookie Monster

Erik and Thomas with Bert and Ernie.

Well, Sesame Place had their Free Autism Day again.  We decided not do anything big on the way down like last year (when we went to the Bronx Zoo).  I did, in a fit of insanity, decide to try to show Veronica a little of Manhattan.  It would have been fine, except for the following things:

1 – I went the wrong way at the end of the Throgs Neck Bridge and started heading out on Long Island

2 – I reversed myself by getting on the L.I.E., which, unfortunately, seems to be jam-packed with traffic at noon on a Friday.

3 – I thought this would be a good way to get to the Brooklyn Bridge (which I thought would be a nice way to go), when, in fact, it is a good way to get to the Midtown Tunnel.

4 – Once we were in Manhattan, I forgot that Broadway runs one-way downtown, so my thought of driving her towards Times Square so she could see it, didn’t really work.

5 – Tolls.  F#$%^g TOLLS!  We drove to Philadelphia and back.  Our trip encompassed some 660 miles.  We paid $56 in tolls.  On the list of things I dislike about living on the East Coast, right along with all the damn sporting events happening so late that I’m exhausted just staying up to watch them, tolls is one.  I used to drive all the time from Portland to Southern California.  2100 miles round trip.  The only time I would ever pay a toll is if I took the Golden Gate Bridge.

Why am I putting up a picture of The Count's Splash Castle? Well, see the giant purple bucket on top? When it fills (@ every 6 minutes), it tips over. The results are in the picture on the right.

Anyway, the drive down actually went fine.  We popped into Central Philadelphia (which Veronica had never been to) and walked past Independence Hall, then got to our hotel (the same one as last year), did some swimming, tried to get Thomas to go to sleep.

For an explanation, see the picture on the left.

The next day, we went to Sesame Place and it was again a lot of fun.  This year the water parts were open (see pictures on left and right).  Thomas had a lot of fun with that.  And the day was warmer and a lot sunnier than last year, so that was nice as well.  We reversed our pictures from last year as you can see up above.

As for the drive back?  Well, there were more tolls, there was more NYC traffic.  And Thomas set a new personal record by throwing up in three states in one day (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts).  So, the less said the better.  But we had fun and now his Spring Break is over and on Monday it’s back to school as normal.  But we got back before all the rain started, so that’s better than we normally do.