Thomas in his costume.

Thomas had a Fairy Tale Theater at school last week.  One of those things where we suddenly learn he has to choose a character and come to school in a costume.  We decided to go the old-fashioned route and make the costume.  And by we, I mean Veronica, with one idea from me.

The shirt was something he already had.  The belt is Veronica’s.  The sweatpants were borrowed from our friend Terry when he got sick in Oregon last year.  The hat is made from some felt from an unfinished art project at his art class.  The beard was my input – it’s construction paper with holes cut out so it can fit over his ears and cotton balls glued to the front.  He also has pointy ears made from construction paper.

It went okay.  The class has a microphone which Thomas finds very distracting, so that was an issue.  But one more big project down.

And speaking of big projects, I have been going through boxes of old pictures, ranging from the early 40’s (pictures of my Mom) to recent pictures.  I am going to scan a bunch and we’ll probably have them up on Veronica’s Facebook page because it’s a lot easier to put them there then to put them here.  So keep an eye out for them.