Thomas was definitely the shortest route to Wall Drug in 2005.

It occurs to me that we never put up anything about our trip in August.  I guess several days of a child throwing up in the backseat ending with a day of torrential rain will do that to you.

Maybe not quite the shortest anymore in 2011.

Well, if you say that we saw some friends we hadn’t seen in years, saw some family, saw some very sparsely inhabited parts of Canada, Veronica had a good conference and I discovered that you can’t get phone reception at 1353 feet and finally saw a game at Wrigley as a measure of a successful trip, then we had a successful trip.

But, when you plan to come back at a leisurely pace and see some sights, but instead blow across the country in a few days again because of a sick child and tropical storms and just wanting to get home, it doesn’t feel so great by the end of it.

Thomas and I on the jackalope (8/25/05)

Anyway, I wanted to get some pictures up.  Most of the pictures we took on the trip we will try to e-mail to the people who are in them.  But I wanted to get these few pictures up to let all of you who haven’t seen Thomas lately how much he has grown since 2005.  I deliberately stopped at Wall Drug so we could some perspective shots, since we had these from our visit there when we were moving to Boston in 2005.

Thomas and I on the jackalope (8/28/11)