Thomas blows out the candles on his baseball cake

Yes, Thomas is now seven (insert you feeling old here).  As you probably know by now, this means that it’s June 20, and of course, that Veronica has made another impressive cake.

Her comment: “It isn’t his best cake ever.”  Yeah, well, the baseball looks pretty good to me and to Thomas, and as you might know, she has given herself a high hurdle to leap.  When Thomas turned 3, there was the Blue’s Clues cake.  When he turned 4, there was the Very Hungry Caterpillar cake (no picture, unfortunately, because Veronica had broken the camera).  When he turned 5, it was the ice cream cone cake.  Last year, he had the rainbow cake.  Now, it is the baseball cake.

Thomas does love maps

Thomas with his new box of Lego

Thank you to everyone who sent cards.  We got him a big box of Lego – old style that is designed to let you build whatever you want instead of specific models.  He also got new Cars pajamas, a drawing pad, a visual Encyclopedia – so he can look up whatever he wants, and a nice book I found for him at work – Transit Maps of the World.  Given his obsession with the MBTA map system, this will be good.  He spent most of the time after dinner looking at it.  For breakfast we took him to Dunkin, because he can never stop talking about it, and for dinner, we went to Border Cafe.

School runs to the end of this week (because of all the snow days) and then next Monday he begins camp.  Hopefully, it will all go well.

And, oh yeah, we also applied for passports today, because we’ll be going through Canada on our way to Wisconsin this summer.