Thomas at work at his desk

Erik, Veronica and Thomas (with missing teeth)

I have been struggling to keep my allergies in check long enough for short bursts at the computer, but have not yet even come close to finishing the Best Picture of 1987 post, so here are some pictures from yesterday.

Thomas’ class had a Literary Tea where all the parents came in and we looked at their portfolios from the year and they did a little presentation and then we had tea.  It was a nice dress occasion, so Thomas was all snazzy.  The picture on the left is him at his little desk before going to school and it looks like he’s ready for a job.  On the right is all of us at the tea, and you can see how many teeth Thomas has lost (3 in the last two weeks – all in the front on the top).

Anyway, hopefully by tomorrow or Monday enough pollen will have subsided so that I am no longer so miserable.