Veronica and Thomas next to the famous Bronx Zoo cobra. It's actually really small.

Well, the reason for the big gap between the Year in Film and Best Picture for 1984 was that we went down to New York and Philadelphia on Thursday and Friday.

Bert, Veronica, Thomas and Ernie

All started out well on Thursday morning.  We zipped down to the Bronx in 3 1/2 hours (including stopping for breakfast) and we got to the north corner of the Bronx Zoo (Fordham Rd and Southern) by 10:08, just after the zoo opened.  All we had to do then was drive the four blocks down Southern and make a left into the zoo entrance.

It took 72 minutes.  On the worst paved major road I have ever been on.  Maybe next time instead of spending $150 million to run for a third term, Bloomberg should just spend his money on paving the damn road next to one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city.  And put a cop at the intersection who won’t tell me “go down to the next light and make a left” when the next light is a one-way street running the wrong way.

Luckily, the rest of the trip was much better.  The zoo was nice (it was sunny and nice, although windy).  We saw a lot of things (although the Asia monorail didn’t open until the following Saturday) and Thomas had a nice time.  In fact, Thomas did great at both locations on the trip and the drive (but he did have a hard time calming down at night in the hotel because he was so excited).

me, Thomas and Cookie Monster

But Thomas loved the hotel (he always does) and we got to go swimming, which always excites him.  Then we spent Friday at the Free Autism Day at Sesame Place.  Sesame Place is really nice.  A lot of the park wasn’t open, because it is water based and it was not only cold and windy, but the park actually does this day before it opens for the season.

the three of us on the 123 steps

But it didn’t matter.  As it was, we had a very full day before leaving, seeing the various shows, taking pictures with the various characters, going on the rides (Thomas went on his first roller coaster!) and just having fun.

Then we had a nice drive back (we cut through suburban New Jersey, which is actually very pretty in parts), managed to avoid the City and got back before all the rain began.

So, hopefully new posts later this week.  But I have to rewatch the films from 1984 and fit that into the NBA playoffs and work and family and all that.  So I’ll do the best I can.