Thomas among the rocks at Purgatory Chasm

With a weekend visit from my dad and my total inability, it would seem, to get anything typed, there has been a big lag on the blog lately.  We took a trip out to Purgatory Chasm while he was here, which is where the pictures are from.  So, here is a bit of a family update to keep everything going while I try to finish my piece on the next book (Midnight’s Children), the next film year (1983) and the next For Love of Books (Disney).  It would appear that we haven’t done a family update since Christmas so this is long overdue.

First, Thomas is still doing well in school.  He spends more time in the integrated class and we had a nice Open House at his school tonight (in the snow – apparently Mother Nature thinks a big snowstorm will be a great April Fools joke).  He finished ice skating lessons, has been doing roller skating and art class and will be doing softball starting in the late spring (and, hopefully soccer as well).

Me, Thomas and my dad aren't facing the camera, but it's really Purgatory Chasm that the picture is of.

We spent a lot of time trying to plan his summer.  We have finally decided on a summer camp near here.  He will get bussed to it and it will cover the whole day, all week, all summer, which is much more than we were going to get from his school program.  The camp insists they can deal with him, so we’re going to hope for the best.  It will start right after school gets out and carry us at least through our summer travel plans.

What those plans are outside of being in Chicago from 22 – 27 of August are unknown.  We have to be there for SAA for Veronica.  I will be in Phili for SHEAR in mid-July.  We don’t know what we will do outside of that.  I have a close friend having a baby in a couple of weeks and a sibling having one in a few months, so we’ll have to see about other travel plans, including whether or not we make it to Oregon (California is pretty much out).  We’ll be hitting Wisconsin as part of our Chicago trip.

My work is going well.  Veronica’s is as well, as she organized a number of focus groups around the state for MHRAB.  She will be going to Providence on Saturday for NEA.

If the following terms are unfamiliar, you can Google them: Purgatory Chasm, Midnight’s Children, SAA, SHEAR, MHRAB, NEA