Sofia Coppola will be showing up when I get to the update.

So, when I finished my list of the Top 100 Directors, back in October of 2009, I promised an update.  My original promise was to update it after the Oscars, but when I talked about what was going to be on the blog in 2010, I pushed it off until October or so.  Well, October has come and gone and there was no update.

There’s a few reasons for that, and that also brings me to the next item.  This year, I will be continuing my regular pieces (Top 100 Novels, Year in Film, Best Picture, For Love of Books) rather than pause for any Oscar updates (except maybe some trivia on nomination day – we’ll see).  By next year, I hope to maybe do a new version of all the categories called Rating the Academy Awards and give out grades and how I think the Academy has done in each year in each category, much like I did here with the Pulitzers.  But this year, I am behind on everything else, not to mention work at both jobs, so I won’t be pausing.

So, why no update?  Well, here are the reasons:

  1. I expect an update soon from TSPDT for the Top 1000 and that affects rankings.
  2. I have to see Biutiful before I can do the list because I am dead certain that Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu will be on the new version.
  3. The main reason  –  When I first started putting stuff together for my update, I got to thinking about Kathryn Bigelow.  Now, she deserved her Oscar, without question.  But I had not been a fan of her previous films.  I thought it would be a shame if the first female to win Best Director at the Oscars would have the lowest ranking of an Oscar winner.  Which got me thinking about the 207 directors who have been nominated for Best Director at the Oscars.  I felt they all deserved to be on the initial list to find out how they ranked.  But for many of them I was missing a considerable portion of their oeuvre (most notable John Farrow, Harry Beaumont, Edouard Molinaro, Herbert Brenon and Lina Wertmuller, all of whom I had seen less than 10% of their films).  So to do it fairly (and to be fair to Bigelow), I needed to start plunging into all of the films ever made by Oscar-nominated directors and that has taken a lot longer than I had planned as I have to balance it against re-watching all the Best Picture nominees.  So, once that is done, I will do the updated list.  As for the potential nominees from this year?  Well, I have already seen all of the films by Fincher, Russell, Nolan, Aronofsky and the Coens.  Social Network, The Fighter and Black Swan might be good enough to put those three on the overall Top 100.  As for Bigelow?  She is sitting at #100 on the list of Oscar nominees.  Down at #207?  Frank Perry.  And right now the only person who looks capable of catching Perry for last place is Adrian Lyne.

So that’s the status.  The Year in Film: 1974 will probably go up tomorrow, followed by Best Picture.  Then possibly another For Love of Books and then the novel that in one sense least belonged on the Modern Library Top 100 list.