I’m still too sick to do a real post, but I thought I would put this up.  I am quite good at tracking down Oscar nominees  (I have seen 2843 of the 3005 films nominated for feature film awards and by the end of today will have seen 820 of the 827 Oscar winners), whether it be through Interlibrary loan, TCM, buying them online or on YouTube.  So when very hard to find films with lots of nominations or actual Oscar winning films that I have never seen actually become easily available to watch, I try to let people know.

Well, in the slate of massive recent additions to the Watch Instantly portion of Netflix are Brazil (a very hard to find 1944 film which was nominated for Musical Score, Sound and Song), Gaily Gaily (a hard to find 1969 film nominated for Sound, Art Direction and Costume Design) and, most importantly, Captain Carey USA – the winner of Best Song from 1950 (for “Mona Lisa”) – the most recent winner I hadn’t seen (and am watching while I type this).

Aside from The Patriot (which is lost), this now leaves me with only four films left with more than 2 nominations than I haven’t seen (The Big Fisherman, A Certain Smile, Man of Conquest, Army Girl) and only seven Oscar winners (Marie-Louise, The Scoundrel, Transatlantic, The Patriot, The Bridge of San Luis Rey, The Dove and The Way of All Flesh – and at least two of those – Patriot and Flesh – are lost).

There was a lot of grumbling when Netflix made the deal to wait 28 days on new releases but would be given more access on Watch Instantly to older films, but if these hard to find films are finally going to be available to see – well, I will take that trade any day.