The crazy summer is finally over, and we are hopeful that life will be slowing down and falling into place over the next couple of weeks.

The biggest challenge of the summer comes from Thomas being out of school. Unfortunately I found a wonderful camp for him after it was already full. He ended up attending the Arlington Summer Session, but that was only six weeks, three hours a day, four days a week. So we had several weeks at the front and back end of summer to fill. The person we had lined up to watch him just didn’t work out, so Erik ended up rearranging his work schedule significantly and I took a few days off as well. Thankfully school is started up again, and Thomas is adjusting to being a 1st grader. He is currently placed in a Supported Learning Center classroom, but he’s had integration into a mainstream classroom everyday so far and he will be receiving the mainstream classroom’s homework assignments. Another new feature of this year is that he will be taking the bus one day a week.

And Thomas will be taking the bus because Erik has a new(ish) job. The “A New Nation Votes” project that he worked on a few years ago is back up and running, and he has been hired as the project coordinator. Since he is working for the American Antiquarian Society, he needs to head out to Worcester one day a week – the rest of the week will be at Tufts overseeing data entry, among other duties. So Erik will drive to Worcester, Thomas will take the school bus to and from school, and I’ll take the MBTA bus to and from work and meet Thomas at home. It’s Erik’s second week of work, and they have been crazy to schedule, but they should smooth out next week once we get a bunch of appointments behind us.

Appointments include dentist visits for all of us and a trip to the orthopedist for Thomas. His ankles roll in a bit and his arches are a little collapsed (a problem I share), but thankfully it isn’t bad enough to warrant any treatment. The doctor recommended high-top athletic shoes to help support his ankles and we can continue to have him checked yearly if we feel the need to do so. I think we will probably pass on this unless there is some dramatic change. On the tooth front, Thomas has lost three bottom teeth. He has two permanent teeth coming in, although one is very crooked – I see orthodontists in our future.

As for me, I’m very glad school has started up – both for Thomas and at Tufts. Summer is really the busy time in the DCA and this summer was particularly so with several large accessions outside the normal course of business. Now everyone outside DCA is so busy with the students that they don’t have time to send us stuff for a while and I can get caught up. The Society of American Archivist conference in August in D.C. went really well, and I’m very pleased with the reception my presentation received. There is a ton more work to do on this project and many other projects, but it will all work out. Don’t know how – I guess it’s a mystery. :-)