While I am dealing with a bout of the flu and haven’t been able to be at the computer long enough to post anything new, I’ll throw up a family update.

I have the flu.  Getting better.  Still not well.  The last time I had a fever this high (102) was when I had pneumonia at Thanksgiving, 1995.

Veronica is doing fine.  Her department has finished their move and she now has her own office.

We had the meeting for Thomas’ IEP.  It looks he will be staying at the same school next year, which pleases us.  It looks like he will still be a in separate classroom, but a bigger one and he will be doing a lot more mainstreaming, which, again, pleases us.

He is also doing very well at swimming lessons (one unfortunately got cut short when one of the kids pooped in the pool).  He has started singing more songs including “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” and, much to Veronica’s annoyance, “The Final Countdown.”

In a couple of weeks, Thomas will be getting some cavities filled.  Because of fears of how he would react to the drilling, he will actually be put under, which fills us with apprehension, as you can imagine.  That’s on June 4, so we’ll let people know after he’s out and awake.