This gives you an idea of how much he has grown.

Well, we had a very nice time in D.C.

The drive down was slow and began to get wet in New Jersey and then got very very wet through Maryland and into the District.  Because Stacy had a to-do to do we weren’t all together until close to nine o’clock, but the overall visit went very nice.

Hadley in a boat

Thomas and Will brushing donkeys while Veronica and Stacy look on

On Thursday we went to the Zoo.  It’s a big difference to be able to go to a zoo that’s free and we had a nice time.  Then Grandmartha’s sister, Melinda, came over and we had a very nice dinner out on the deck.

On Friday it was a simply gorgeous day and we went to the Natural History Museum.  Again free.  The whole free national museums is a nice change from things here in Boston.  We managed to get the most amazing parking spot right in front and then spent a couple of hours there with Stacy, Will and Hadley.  Then Stacy took the kids home to nap and we took a nice walk.  We went through the mall, past the White House and up to DuPont Circle where Erik went book shopping and Veronica and Thomas had some ice cream.  Then we all hopped on the metro and headed back to Stacy’s.

Then came the most amazing event.  Veronica and Erik actually got to go to a movie for only the second time since last July.  (Clash of the Titans.  Verdict:  Erik: It was what I expected.  Veronica:  It sucked.)  It was a date night trade for Stacy and Jon for the following night.

An actual sighting of all three members of the Nahmias clan: Dave, Joe, Melinda

On Saturday, the weather took a turn for the worse but that was okay because we were finished with the sight-seeing.  We headed out to Fairfax County to have lunch at Melinda’s.  After dropping off most of the crowd at Stacy’s, Stacy, Erik and Thomas then hopped back in the car to drive Grandmartha to the airport.  Then after dinner Stacy and Jon headed out to the movies and Erik and Veronica just kicked back as the kids were all asleep.

GrandMartha with Hadley, Will, Thomas

Then came Sunday and the long drive home, made longer by some spots of traffic and a lot of rain.  But we’re home and we had a great vacation with no insane days of driving.

These aren’t all the pictures by far, but it’s about what I can reasonably fit in this post.

Thomas and Veronica at the White House