Thomas and I front of the Smithsonian (6 August 2004)

a Trailways bus is moving south into Washington D.C. . . .

Paul Simon, 1997

No, we’re not actually taking a bus to D.C., but it is a good song that is overlooked.

We are headed down to D.C. as soon as we get Thomas up and eat some breakfast to visit with my sister and her family, my mother and my aunt.  Thomas has been counting down the days pretty much all month (“Going to see GrandMartha today?”  “No, Thomas.  When are we going to see GrandMartha?”  “On the twenty-first.”  “Right.”).

We got to see one of Veronica’s college roommates yesterday, who was in town for the Marathon.  But now we’re headed out on the road, back on Sunday, possibly going to Hyde Park on the way back.

The last time we went to D.C. we never made it out of my sister’s house, so the only picture I have to put up is from when we went there for my sister’s wedding in 2004.