Thomas with Ariel and Lisa

Thomas has been progressing quite nicely in school.  He’s been going through a different letter each week and his interest in numbers is beyond belief.

A few weeks ago we had lunch with a couple of his teachers from last year, which we all enjoyed greatly.

Also, each of the last two weekends, he has played with Ella, the daughter of one of Veronica’s co-workers (the second time actually allowed the two of us to finally go see a movie for the first time since last July — Alice in Wonderland, which suffers from some of the same problems that plagued the Narnia films, namely filling out the story with an enormous battle at the end — but we saw it in the Somerville theater, which is also now home to the Museum of Bad Art, so that was enjoyable).

Next up for all of us is a trip to Washington D.C. next month during Thomas’ Spring Break, to see Erik’s sister and mother and a chance for Thomas to play with his cousins.