January has been a rough start to the new year. Thomas came down with a very persistent stomach bug part way though the month. Initially it seemed like it was only going to last a day or two, but it came back and lasted the better part of a week. Just as he was finally recovered sufficiently to go back to school, Veronica came down with the same bug. Fortunately she was only home from work for two days, but those two days put her really far behind on a few key projects. Thomas definitely regressed a bit from missing the structure of his school schedule. He’s needed a lot of reminding about rules in the first week since he’s been back, but seems to be getting back on track quickly. A bigger issue is him fixating on everybody being sick. If anyone leaves the room or is out, he constantly asks if they are sick. He has also started saying he needs to throw up when he doesn’t. We need to read “the boy who cried ‘wolf'” and hope that he understands the concept.

The weather has been horribly cold the last few days. It’s been a striking contrast to earlier in the week when we had a brief thaw.

Erik continues to be very happy to be at the Brookline Booksmith, especially in light of recent changes at Borders, both at the corporate and local levels.