Well, 2009 is on the way out the door and it’s snowing here again (which I love and Veronica hates!).

"Oscar" and "Academy Awards" are registered trademarks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. None of my posts are authorized or endorsed by the Academy, but I love to write them anyway.

So, I finished my AFI posts, did a post a day for the month of the Academy Awards, went through my entire Top 100 Directors list and began the Year in Film series.

The Academy Awards posts were a big hit thanks to an external link from Awards Daily.  Because of that initial boost and later, people continuing to find us through Google, thanks particularly to people searching for Spirited Away, Nosferatu, The Godfather or Rachel Hurd-Wood, our blog traffic increased 1621% over 2008.  My Best Picture ranked post ended up with over twice as many hits in 2009 as the whole blog had in 2008.  Coming in second was my Tom Tykwer post thanks to aforementioned Ms. Wood.

So what is in store for 2009?

1 – More family posts.  We’ve recapped things in our Christmas letter.  If you aren’t family and didn’t get an e-mail from me asking for your address and feel you should be getting the Christmas letter, let me know.  We’ll try to keep everybody updated with what Thomas is doing, since that’s why Veronica started this in the first place.

2 – More Academy Awards and Directors.  I intend to update the Top 100 list later this year, after TSPDT updates their Top 1000 and I’ve seen a bit more 2009 films.  I also intend to update the Academy Awards histories after the Oscar nominations on 2 February.  I’ll have to try and figure out how to make them re-post so they’re on the front again.

3 – The Year in Film series, which will continue all the way up until 2009, figuring that by the time I get to it (at the rate I’m going, probably around May or so) I’ll have seen the majority of the films from the year.

4 – The History of the Academy Awards: Best Picture.  I’ll be doing an in depth look at every Best Picture, year by year, since there are only three I haven’t seen (The Patriot, East Lynne, White Parade).  My hope is to somehow eventually turn this into a book, since I don’t believe there is a book out there that looks at those particular films and just those.

5 – The Top 100 Novels.  Trying to get back to literature a bit, I’ll be doing a complete list, with no exceptions (as opposed to my previous list which was only 20th Century English Language).  I’ll be doing these individually, like I did the Top 100 Directors.

6 – Whatever else comes to mind.  I’m going to start intermixing 3-5 so that I don’t get too wrapped up in the Year in Film.  I’m also re-reading all of Philip Roth and will definitely do a post like my Dickens post when I’m done.  We’ll just have to see what else the year will bring.

Happy New Year’s to Everyone!