So I went to Spanish class with Thomas today and it turned out fine. They played a series of games focusing on nine Spanish nouns (why he needs to know worm and snail, I’m not sure, but hey, it’s vocabulary). He was wiggly and not particularly verbal, but with me there he wasn’t any more of a handful than the other kids.

Unfortunately the afterschool daycare isn’t going to work out. The ratio of teachers to kids is just to great for him to be there. They were willing to take him for an hour until they go to recess, but that would only be 3:15. I’d need to leave work an hour early to get him, or Erik would not be able to work full shift (which was the whole goal in trying daycare in the first place).

Another positive however is that Thomas is going to start going to start going to music class tomorrow with one of the other kindergarten classes, and he is going to start going to one of the other classrooms twice a week for one of their sessions. We are hoping to build that up to daily soon.

Most people who read the blog for the family updates have already seen his kindergarten picture, but just in case I thought I’d post it here as well.