I’m taking this opportunity now that Erik has completed his director’s list, but hasn’t started his year in film list to post another family update. My job continues to be good. I’ve been a little unfocused lately, but still able to get some work done. Erik is finishing up his first week at the Brookline Booksmith. He is much happier there than at Borders.

It’s been a very busy week for Thomas. First of all, we are trying out the on-site afterschool daycare program. We visited one a week ago, and he went on Monday and Friday. The director still hasn’t said that they will accept him, but he has been doing better than she expected. We are going to send him next Monday and Friday, and hopefully he will settle into the routine more so that the director feels she doesn’t need to have a teacher shadow him so closely. If he gets accepted, it will really free up Erik’s schedule to take on more hours at work.

We also signed Thomas up for afterschool Spanish lessons on Thursdays. This hasn’t gone so well. The first week he had a potty accident and ended up spending much of the time in his classroom with his regular teacher. This last week was pretty much a fiasco with Thomas running all over and finally being sent to the principal’s office since his regular teacher was out sick. The principal tried calling me at work and on my cell phone to come pick Thomas up immediately, but I was in a meeting (and at the time my phone didn’t ring at the front desk-this has since been rectified). He didn’t try calling the home phone or Erik’s cell phone however, so Thomas ended there until the normal pick-up time. At that point the principal told Erik that Thomas was “not appropriate” for the class and basically that he was kicked out. It was probably good that Erik picked him up, because if the principal had said that to me there is a strong possibility I would now be banned from the school grounds. Anyways, I was able to write the director of the Spanish program and it became VERY clear that she and her teachers had no idea Thomas is autistic, nor how to deal with an autistic child. They are, however, willing to try again if I attend the class with him to keep him focused and settled down. So this upcoming Thursday I will be taking him to the class and hopefully that will work out better. If this works out, the only issue is that I have a standing meeting on the second Thursday of each month, but maybe we’ll be lucky and Erik can take him those days.