but it’s well past time to do another family update, so I’ll try and come up with something.

The air conditioning in the “new” car has been fixed. Now that the compressor works again, it is making the engine work harder as well which means it is much noisier. We’ve been assured that the engine should be fine with the extra load. At some point the compressor will go out, but we’re going to try to use the air conditioner judicially, in the hopes of keeping it working as long as possible.

Erik met Thomas’ kindergarten teacher today. Her name is Ms. Gretchen and she got to see Thomas in action today – the silly, the serious, the smart, and the unsafe sides (he’s still prone to bolting). The family went to a playdate organized by the PTO at the school’s playground today, but attendance was low due to rain earlier in the day. Thomas slipped on a bridge and fell, but seems be fine.

Work continues to plug along. Summer is actually a busy time for me since all the offices have time to think about their files when the students aren’t around. We had a record number of accessions for July, and we were able to push through 25 linear feet of processing. That puts us on pace for 300 feet this fiscal year which is still a bit lower than my personal goal of 375 feet, but respectable none the less. (See, I told you there wasn’t much to report-I’m talking about linear feet!)

Other than that, we are starting to get ready for our vacation coming up in a few weeks.