It’s been a relatively busy week. Last Sunday Thomas has birthday party to attend, and on Monday he started his summer session of school. He has the same teachers from the past school year and several of the same kids. I was initially a little sad that none of the little boys that are also going to kindergarten are in his summer class, but then I remembered that most of them are six years old, so it’s understandable that they’d be in a higher functioning class. They’ve had an extra year of development in comparison to Thomas. And Thomas has a little more flexibility when it comes to kindergarten-if he needs another year before first grade he could take it whereas these other kids pretty much have to progress on schedule from now on or they’ll be two years behind.

Thomas also got his very first library card on Monday. It was a little nerve-racking because the librarian was very adamant that Thomas sign his library card and application form. While Thomas CAN write his name, he won’t always do it on request. He’s also decided that it’s funny to write all the letters on top of each other. So it took a bit to fill out the form, but ultimately we succeeded. He is also signed up for the summer reading program, and we are reading two chapters from Thorton Burgess books at bedtime each night.

On Tuesday Thomas had his six month dental check-up. He did well during the cleaning, barely squirming at all. Unfortunately the dental exam didn’t go as well. The dentist thinks he has three to four cavities; she’s unsure exactly how many since they haven’t been able to do x-rays on him. And she’s concerned about trying to fill them with only an local anesthesia. So the recommendation is that he go in for full sedation at a local hospital. Erik and I are not thrilled with that thought, but we’ve talked with his pediatrician (see Thursday below) and his teachers and that’s helped. It will probably be September before we could do anything anyways, so we’ve got time to decide if we’re going to have the surgery done.

Wednesday we picked up our “new” car. Erik took care of the insurance and parking permit on Thursday and Friday, and will need to do the title/registration stuff and the inspection this upcoming week.

Thursday Thomas had his five year check-up which included a brief eye exam. I was rather annoyed with the medical assistant who was trying to get him to read the eye chart. I’m standing there trying to make him stand up and keep on eye covered as he’s squirming around and she’s chiding me to make sure he’s only looking with one eye. Finally I had to just say that he’s autistic and that we were doing the best we could. She sheepishly said “oh” and we managed to finish the exam, but I really don’t think I should have to point out Thomas’ diagnosis at the doctor’s office. They had his chart right there. Anyways, he’s 45 lbs (78%) and 3 ft 9 3/4 inches (94%). He had four shots, and other than a brief pouting they didn’t slow him down at all.

Saturday we all went out for dinner at a local restaurant to celebrate Erik and my 7th anniversary which is today (July 12th). Erik is working today, so we need to go yesterday. However, we do have a babysitter for Wednesday night and we are going to go see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, so I guess that counts as our big anniversary date.